Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3982 BC/ ” Sitrep “

Last week sometime before Friday night.  I put out my hand and told ya,ll you want to learn more about the Word let me know.  Send me your email and I will walk with you.  I had two young ladies show up at my door one was the older Sister, Susan that is her given name now.  The younger sister Kim wanted to learn also.  So I let them into my house.

Susan is reborn now into the hands of the Father were 3 days and 3 nights; She has been grieving for 3 days now.  Tomorrow she will rest.  So for Susan these are words from your Father;

8 Keep Susan as the apple of the eye, hide Susan under the shadow of thy wings,

9 From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.

10 They are inclosed in their own fat: with their mouth they speak proudly.

11 They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth;

Susan and to the other young ladies always watch the eyes and you will see a person spirit. Susan is reading everything that was stolen from her in the past.  Her beauty is returning outwardly an inwardly and spiritually.  She is not ashamed of her nakedness.

Kim on the other hand yesterday left the unnatural use of her body.  She wanted me to show her the mysteries of the universe and beyond.  She started talking to me like I was a step child.  I warned her several times to cut her angry.  I told her in one email, you want to play with the Rattlesnake then put your Big Boy pants on.  Because I am fixen to put my fangs in your butt. A couple of emails later she or he was getting all riled up.  She did not see that I was mimicking her words back to her the curse words and other adjectives.  That pissed her off more but she kept her tired going.  I knew it was only a matter of time I was going to strike her. I was coiled and ready.  I warned three time to stand down.

She knew I was a Vietnam Vet.  So she decided to throw out that I was a baby killer. A baby killer? I told her straight to her face.  I am not the one that killed their own baby.  You killed your own baby with your own hands.  I don,t kill children I killed men that were trying kill me.  Way before your feet hit the ground. I told her you are going to kill yourself with your own hands and your family.  You do not need my help for that.

I don’t cast my pearls before pigs.

She told me I was arrogant.  That is the wrong word, I am bold because I know my Father, I am his Son because I reside with him far above the Earth. She wrote this post this morning;

I made a mistake. I tried to speak to someone who made their blog all about God. And I got fucked over for it. Apparently I have been condemned to death by an Old vietnam veteran who knows so much truth he can’t even take the time to explain it in any other way but the simple words he has chosen that makes no semblance of sense. He’s got a message. He’ll give you words. Then he’ll expect you to accept those words as God-given truth that was meant to enlighten your mind and “save you”. He does not bear well under the weight of questioning.

Fucking Truth Professors. Ugh. They are all an entitled bunch of bloated airbags. They have many words to speak about how they know better but then they never find the words that teach others how to be better. Hypocrites. Do as I say without knowing exactly what I say. And never ask questions.

This is what you get when you server the 7 gods of religion that presses down on you from the atmosphere like gravity.  So I can say god damn because that is your father.  I never told her I worshiped a god.

Her benevolent husband agreed with her assertions.  He is a man that lusts after other men.  His wife who claims the authority of a man.

Iam Son of my Father he is not a god.  He is the Creator of my life and my world.

On my front page you see an image of Genesis your Creation 7 days. You read the physical image and I gave you a spiritual.  There are five other images beyond those two. The fourth image has to do with the fires of Nebukkanez the shadow of the fourth person.

The two woman over last weekend that tried to steal the living.  That is Kim the handmaiden, Hager who birthed a Son named Ishmael who inhiertents nothing.  I did not come for the dead I came for the living.

Bold since Friday I started counting down my own death, started 4000 BC. today  I am at 3982 BC. I picked 4000 BC for  reasons.

  1. It is 500 yrs before the first written record of the Sumerian religions.
  2. It is 300 yrs before the Jewish Calendar 6000.
  3. It is 1500 yrs before the ancient Semitic/Hebrew Calendar.
  4. I came across a cuneiform script that points to the fires of Nebukkanez.

You want to walk with me I will but I will not talk about god.  You want to talk about god stay in your church’s your theo colleges and sing praise to a dead person.  Your god does not have to raise the dead.

If you ever run across a lady by the name of Susan ask her what it means to be raised from the dead.  It might open your eyes.  She was born Monday mourning.  Kim went back into the ground as a lump of coal for a season perhaps never to rise again.

If I was concerned about followers then I would play church and we would curse the day away.


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In case you forgot  here is a picture of my Father;




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Ron died along time ago in  another world.  He calls me a Son now.

No one knows where I am buried it is gone from memory


My name is not GOD, LORD, JESUS, and I sure is as Heck not from Texas.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake