Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3986 BC/ ” Barometric Pressures of a Lie “

After I wrote my post last night.  I got ill and I as I call it.  My health turned south.  My lungs shut down causing me to labour in my breathing.  I slept with my oxygen mask on to fed almost pure oxygen to my body.  I woke up about 3:30 in the morning gasping for air. I have a bronchial dialator I had to use to open up my airways. It takes a while to settle me down.

While I am waiting to settle down so I can go back to sleep. I got on my NORD site, my missile site to do some research.  I know my lungs are highly sensitive to changes in Barometric pressures changes in the atmosphere. So because of the clamour about climate control, I already know it is a lie. I wanted to see the temperature and precipitations rates and I picked a time in the past.  I started at 1000 AD and came to the present 2019.  They were outlined on a straight line and the variations in the temperature ( red line) and precipitation rates (green line) moved in conjunction with each other up or down below the straight line . I now how to read my own EKG and already know what the Dr. is going to tell me. If I hear something different I will question him on it.

I figured out the pattern of the cycles of weather , One thousand years it took me only 15 minutes to figure out what the graph was telling me without looking at all the words of explanation.  Every 5 years the weather cycles change when the temperature is rising the precipitation rates decline.  When they reach their peak they start downward cycle and go under the straight line.  When the line is going up that is the High Pressure systems in control they overpower the Low Pressure systems.  When they go down the Low Pressure systems are in control over the High Pressure systems.  There will be more rain and storms around the world.  In the spirit of the word the difference in strength between a man and a woman.  My Father is coming back soon for his sons and daughters that  hear his voice.  He will come back for His Daughter’s first.

Since about the 1990’s the High Pressure systems have been in control.  The temperatures have got hotter and the rains became scarce over the world.  It reached its peak in 2000 it went off the grid.  Now the Low Pressure systems are becoming more dominant.  The temperatures are falling worldwide and the rains are increasing, colder air.  The temperatures leveled off in 2005 for five years and they are dropping again 2010.  They will drop faster I saw this on the graph for 2015.  Once they drop below the bar graph a straight line. Then life will cease to exist.  You cannot change the Laws Of Nature.

If you were standing above the earth and the sun and you put a straight line between the North and South Pole the earth is at a tilt.  You have only 12 inches on either side of that line that will support life, 12 inches one foot.  If the tilt of the earth is towards the sun the earth gets hotter if it tilts to the west the earth gets colder.  We are talking a 24 inch variance from dead center.

The magnetic poles are shifting to the west and the tilt of the earth will follow. It will get colder.  The Low Pressure systems are becoming more dominant over the High Pressure systems.  You can see the Jet Stream dropping at least here in America are going further South.

The sun is like your heart it is a pulsating star.  It burns nuclear energy and it is decaying and it will die soon.  No different then you and me.  The last thing that dies on your body is your heart.  I don’t care if you been shot the other organs will shut down first and your heart is always the last things to go.  I watched enough people die to know this is true.

The energy of the sun peaked in the year 2000 thousand and it is decaying it is losing its energy.  This affects the gravitational fields that surround the earth and the moon.  The moon’s orbit is decaying a half inch a year. Man never did it influenced the climate.  You want to know why men lie you. Go look at the early parts of Ishmael.  What the Father told Abraham about his first born son and what he is going to inherit all the wealth of the world.  Then you travel back in time to the story of Noah, Father told you right there that he would not destroy the world next time with a flood.  It has both a physical reality and a spiritual application.  Water is cold.  The colder water gets it turns to ice nothing lives.  We have had mini ice ages in the last couple of hundred years this time it is going to be different.  You think fire can burn your skin.  I did maneuvers up near the Arctic circle many years ago.  It was 40 below during the daytime and 60 below at night. Cold will burn your skin black in matter of 6 minutes.  It is called frostbite.

When you lie to a child you are destroying their mind and their heart.  Then they become confused.  Their hearts become cold as ice and they are dying inside.

I was talking with a young lady off the grid on my email and we were talking about her life and where she came from and what she had been through as a young child.  I kicked myself in the butt because it came to me where her confusion was coming from.  She feels guilty and ashamed inside because of what the damn church preaches.  It was the woman’s fault that sin entered into the world.  So pious men ask yourself how in the hell did you get here?  You came from your mother’s womb.  Then you turn around and blame her.  The same thing you did in Genesis.  It was not my fault but hers.  Then you turn around and call your Father a lair.

Some of my uncles when I was growing up in Texas raised bulls.  I remember them telling me don’t step in the Bull Shit in the pastures.

I kicked my own butt because I wasn’t focus enough.  That is why I wrote what I wrote last night, “Stop the Presses”.  That young lady I am referring to is 57 yrs old and there are other young ladies around the world that have become ingrained with that one thought.  They die everyday in their spirits 24/7 .  How many women die everyday because of that one lie millions.  In their spiritual realm. You want to know how they die watch any TV program and the men are always killing the women and children.  So in my Father’s and my Eyes.  We are both pissed off. It takes my Father a little longer to get mad.  He separating the wheat from the chaff.  My Father is coming back sooner then you think and He is pissed.  Look at the heavens and you will see him coming down from the clouds.  Clouds are made of cold water vapours.  They come from Low Pressure systems.

If the Father left it up to me, I would be like a Marine, Kill them all and let their god sort them out.

I put a facebook link that came before my wives at 3:30 in the morning when I could not sleep.  She found this on her facebook site.   It speaks volumes to me as it will to you.


The other links you  should have on your computer.


Ancient Hebrew Alphabet: 2500 BC.


You want to see where christianity came up with the idea of the alpha and the omega open the alphabet link I provided; look at the aleph and the tav. Then look at the last symbol the Ghah a rope.  Lies by men bind you like a rope.  My Father has no end and neither do I.  I had a beginning but no end because I cut the ropes that bound my  spirit the lies of Ishmael and Cain. And the  man who called himself A-DAM.  You can,t see the Garden of Eden , the Tree of Life because A-DAM blinds your eyes with lies.  You are dying at the hands of men.  I am dying at the Hands of My Father when He gives me an Honorable Discharge.

You want to play church stay there and die that is your choice. A_DAM man is the name of your Pastor sometimes in the Word it is referred to as Pharaoh.  I went back to My Father as a male child , 40 yrs old and heard His Words. When I say that I sit with Him in the Heavens you can take that to the bank.


In case you forgot  here is a picture of my Father;




Here is a picture of me;





Ron died along time ago in  another world.  He calls me a Son now.

No one knows where I am buried it is gone from memory


My name is not GOD, LORD, JESUS, and I sure is as Heck not from Texas.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

16 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3986 BC/ ” Barometric Pressures of a Lie “

  1. Oh goodness. I find myself positively in love with the A-DAM concept of using the word. Oh goodness gracious how true that rings. Men put up a spiritual and soulful DAM that stops the trickle of God into their mind. Without God in their mind, they think themselves God and therefore Godly and they go about acting in the worst of ways, feeling entitled and justified, and “right” to do so. In man’s eyes, God = ego.

    And until ego=me and “God”(insert name that doesn’t offend knowing we both are talking about the same ONE) = Spiritual and Soulful TRUTH then MAN will remain ever out of balance with The WILL of I AM.


  2. The other point I forgot that came to my mind as I was reading this was your reference to The Alpha and The Omega. For me I choose to use these terms. Not because I feel they are accurate portrayals of The ONE I Love Above but rather because of the common understanding that has come to be represented by the names. The Alpha to my mind doesn’t represent as the beginning of God but rather the Beginning of Life as we live it. So The Alpha represents the Beginning of Reality, not God. God was before The Alpha. God brought The Alpha to be. The Alpha was the beginning of Time as we can understand it. Therefore The Omega does not represent the end of the ONE Above but similarly as The Omega it marks The End of TIME as we can understand it. After The Omega comes another existence beyond our understanding.

    I agree completely that God does not end. Our ability to understand God only goes back so far and our ability to continue understanding HIM in this kind of body will only last for so long. What comes next will be another journey for another kind of time.


      1. True. A-dam gave him a name. And then many A-dam’s born after the first A-dam went on creating many names to refer to HIM. Even worse, all those A-dams think themselves superior in their knowledge and worthy of telling others what they should call HIM. It’s sickening really. A-dam’s never break down their dam and get on with being an open flowing river of HIS understanding. Always giving time to bickering over names, never busy giving their energy toward working on understanding HIM and being like him in reality. Always words and names, never truth of being.


      2. Yet when placed at the beginning of the sentence both Father and father look the same. And so I put little faith in the little father that looks the same of the big Father. My faith lies not with the father’s of the world nor the Father the fathers of the world profess to know. If their Father were so great, why did he not create people who knew how to act better?


  3. Correcting a sentence I messed up on. “Therefore The Omega does not represent the end of the ONE Above but similarly as The Alpha* it marks The End of TIME as we can understand it.” *corrected


    1. The alphea is your birth, there is no end. There is no end. I left the Hebrew alphabet on my blogs now open it up and look towards the bottom for the TAV.


      1. Sorry I don’t follow the words of the Hebrews any more than I follow the words of other men. Man created their own languages and theories and rules and excuses. Each man to their own. And each man far removed from the Creator responsible for their existence. Each one preaching their own message. Each one telling others how they are wrong. Never one caring to stop what man has been doing for time immortal and start being what man was always meant to be.

        So in a sense there is no end. Man will not end his behavior until ONE comes and puts man properly into his place. Man is murderers, thieves, and rapists. Man takes and they steals and they plunder. Vile excuses for life, always with an excuse for why man is worthy of acting so horribly. Never a reason to give up man’s poor behavior.

        But I have faith in the ONE above man, and I trust MAN will come to an end. So regardless of what man’s alphabet says, there will be an end.

        But that’s just how I believe and how my faith has manifested and how The ONE Above has spoken with me. My words are my truth. I’m not an egotistical turd that goes around telling people what they believe is wrong and that my truth is right by all. That’s man’s trade.

        I’m here to guide people to common decency and respect and love. Not preach the validity of a corrupt translation of an ancient language as a person born ages after its creation and centuries past when it stop being a common language to the modern people. I don’t pretend to understand a time before me because I’m not lost in my ego. I try to stay centered and grounded in the here and now where I am being guided to a better understand of the ONE Above. And in my understanding I would never be so bold to tell another human how their mind interprets the divine. That is just so grossly egotistical and man-like.


      2. I am not a Hebrew nor am I not a Jew. I go back further then that. There is a vast difference between a Hebrew and a Israelite. You can see the name change in Gen.32;
        27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob.

        28 And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.


      3. I’m sorry but to put this gently but I’m not concerned if you were Hebrew or Israelite or what other man made label you have devised to refer to yourself as. I have one that I know as truth. You are man. And therefore no matter the intelligence you self promote or the languages you profess to understand, all your ego is your knowledge. You prop yourself up with the words of the past created by men of the past who were not any worthier obviously due to their inability to rise above and truly teach men to curb their violent and offensive behavior. The men of the past have no more validity with their words than the men of the present have with the truth of their being. I see man. I see man dominate every life on the planet and call himself superior. And still here I see man giving words to say how his bloodline somehow matters more than others. Typical man being a man.

        Men who are of God (or whatever label you feel is appropriate) don’t need to tell others they are better. They don’t need to tell other people they are wrong.

        Men of God are better and act better. People who tell others what to think stand as worse, the worst of the worst. Because they are so busy telling others what to think and to feel, they never go about the business of actually being about the God they profess to know so much about.


      4. I am not the one the one that deceived you. Made you ashamed of who you are. Gods did that. Men did that years ago not me not your Father.


      5. No of course you are not that. I never thought to give you so much power over my reality. I’m not that insane to attribute my past to a total stranger nor to think that any one man would be capable of so much destruction of perspective. I speak of the community that man (and every man guilty of not being Men of God) has created.

        I am a product of a man made world. A world of abundance created on the backs of warring nations. Men make money off war and then men promote themselves as superior in knowledge for knowing how to war.

        Men of God don’t war. Men of God know that killing is wrong for every reason. Men of God act better because they are truly in touch with the ONE that is better than ALL. And even more, Men of God submit themselves to knowing less than they think they know and realizing how truly little they comprehend on the grand scale of things, thereby relying on trust and intuition to guide their being rather than only focusing on their superior intelligence.

        Men made the concept of IQ. Men then use IQ to rank men against one another. Men then use IQ to tell people how much better they are with a number. Another number men use to taut their betterness is money. How much money equals how much power a man has in this world. And man is always tauting the superiority of his numbers.

        I’m not looking to debate who or what or what is right, I’m hoping to discuss the divine love of the one above. But I’m starting to question if that’s what your page is about anymore. I was drawn in for one reason but suddenly your writing has taken a different spin. And if I’m honest, your writing sounds so eerily similar to my own personal very real, still very vivid in my mind, manic ravings when I feel I was possessed by something dark.

        My ego got in the way of seeing how the darkness had gripped my mind. The possession took hold of my words and started making me tell people I knew better, that I was some special being of Creation. That I was made special with a special purpose to create something big. My possession had quite the ego and thought it to write all about all that it knew.

        I was drawing runes and symbols all over mirrors and creating patterns and connections to create the reality I was to make. I got grandiose and my words left this world. I started telling others how wrong they were. How they didn’t understand anything and then I started pointing to all my runes and symbols as proof of the understanding they don’t have and just needed me to make clear. I was so lost in my ego I couldn’t see what I was saying.

        The tone of your posts and the emotions your words bring to my spirit is quite interesting. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t spiritually possessed by something beyond your understanding. Because right now your understanding is that you know everything and you need to tell everyone all about everything. The possession plays on that type of ego. I was there, with their will influencing my own. My ego was stroked liked a fiddle the whole time pulling me further in my behavior from one worthy of HIS LOVE.

        But you brought up unconditional love in another post as a lie of the rich man. I don’t believe in the rich man nor do I believe any “truth” promoted by the likes of man. But your statement made me wonder,

        What exactly is the Father you know so much about like? What does HE stand for? What is HE about? What standard does HE hold for behavior? Why did HE create existence? What was HIS purpose for TIME? Why is TIME different for so many?

        The God I hold Above ALL knows these things. You say you’re getting visions. What info is your Father spilling about who HE is in your sessions together? How does HE appear to you? What ways are you different when HIS presence is with you? (This I ask because every time HE enters my existence and I become aware of HIS being, my being is permanently altered and my life moves in a different direction as though HE comes as a roadblock when I’m heading off my path.)

        I’m just curious what HE is saying to you that would make your ego grow so much. My Father seeks devotion and submission of self. How is spending your time talking all about how you are superior is at all promoting the Father you profess to know all about. Does your Father think you the Holy Son and therefore you are something divinely special to existence and you now need to tell everyone just how special you are? Tell them all about you rather than HIM?

        The possession left me feeling an odd connection to what I refer to as The Dark One. The Dark One knew me inside and out and brought out my darkest colors. One of which was my ego. I was always telling how I was so great. Why do you feel the need to tell about the languages you’re in knowledge of and the IQ that was assigned to your mind?

        How does any of that matter at all in the spiritual realm where they are bodyless and therefore unable to communicate as we do in our earthly bodies?

        How does IQ directly translate to knowledge of the spiritual realm? How does bloodline dictate you have a superior way of being?

        My questions start really spinning because you, my Old Rattlesnakes have triggered my mania in the most interesting way. I want to know more where your mind is at right now. I want to understand what is driving the content of your words. Who are you in touch with? I ask because the passion behind your voice has a different flavor than the passion I feel for my Father (of LOVE) and your passion reminds me of the flavor of the Dark One when he was with me.

        I want to tell you that I do not at all seek to attack or offend you or provoke you in any way. If my words have come out offensive, please reread them as I intended which was with an insane curiosity to understand your mind’s pattern of thinking right now. I want to get in tune with your wavelength, run parallel to your thoughts. Not attack, not ruffle feather, not hurt or insult in any way. I just want to know you.

        I hope that comes across as we discuss further.


  4. I will never deceive a woman. I am not who you think I am. I do not walk with world. I left 14 yrs ago. I go past beyond the Hebrews. There are Hebrew alive today whose DNA does not match any other ethnic group in the world. They live North west of Jerusalem. I teach from the Hebrew thoughts of 2500 BC. I walk in there shoes and see the world through their eyes.


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