Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3988 BC/ ” Rivers of Gold “


From the head of One came four Rivers, His name was Adam when he disobeyed the Father when he placed man East of the Garden.  Adam  stood up as MAN and deceived the Woman and the Father.

11 The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

To interpret this scripture from the past to the present.  You have to identify each word highlighted in Blue from the right to the left.

Gold everybody knows what gold is.

Havilah is an acronym for a present day nation.

What nation buys the most gold and when do they buy it?

India during the festivals they have for their gods.  They are one of the poorest nations in the world.  The second one I alluded to is Mexico and South America.

They all buy gold to make their ornaments, ear rings, chains and the likes to worship their gods.

The Pison river is the Indus River.  If you look from above. The head of the river starts in the Himalayan mountains travels west and then flows south along the mountain range that separates modern day Pakistan and India.  Then it flows into the Arabian Gulf.

This area is called the Indus River Valley .  It dates back to about 5000 BC.  Looking from above it looks like a shepherd’s staff, someone who teaches. It also looks like a woman’s pelvic bone.  Women have two pelvic bones.

It was from this valley that 3 men came up with their gods, Buddha, Hindu and Jainism. Thoughts of Gods that flowed across the lands of India.  They have been poor for thousands of years. They spend more time worshipping their gods that they let the rest of the country the land go to hell.

Mexico and South America do the same thing for the last 800 yrs.  This is the gods of the Roman Catholic Church .  The same holds true for the countries of Asia and the islands in the South Pacific like the Phillipines.  You become poor when you worship false gods like Jesus.  He was not a god. He was not a god just a man like Ron that was brought down into your darkness.

There are some that will hear my words and some that will not.  When a lie binds you like a rope it is hard to breath.  And the fat Man who eats like a pig does not pay attention to your cries in the wilderness they want your gold your wealth your spirit.  My Father hears your cries in the wilderness.

Here is a link to the ancient Hebrew pictograph, 2500 BC.  Show me on there the Alpha and the Omega.  Show me the Trinity.  Show me pictograph that say Holy.


Show me anywhere on the Hebrew Dictionary 2500 BC. how you construct the words, Holy spirit, Holy Ghost, God, Jesus, Lord, the new city of Jerusalem, Zion ect.

The next blog looking from above is the Zagros Mountains, it starts along the Persian Gulf and travels 900 miles and then goes west into the Mediterranean sea.  This is the second, shepherd’s staff and the second pelvic bone.  Between the two pelvic bones is the womb where you birth the thought of One Father who created you, male or female.

In the darkness of your womb you birth the thought of One Father it comes out small like a son then it grows within you and becomes stronger.  A Woman goes through the labors pains of birthing that virgin thought causes her to cry as the guilt and shame is removed from her spirit and realizes the lies she has been fed.  Her husband had nothing to do with it. He just witness the rebirth of the Women to take her rightful place in the Garden of Eden.  The man was placed outside East of the Garden.  Then he formed his thoughts, 3 men , 3 religions, 3 countries that worship gold and false gods.

His name is not GOD, LORD, JESUS, and He sure is Heck not from Texas.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake