Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3986 BC/ ” Unconditional Love ? “

Unconditional Love and Agape Love are Lies of the Rich Man at the Altar.

For those with a Strong’s Concordance look those two words up.  They are not there.

The early christian church the precursor to the Roman Catholic church added those words to spiritualize your mind.  Like the words of Lucifer and Satan.  I blows me away does anyone know what a dictionary look up the words.  It means a liar or a group of liars.

Any Good liar will tell you that the New Testament was written from the Greek language.  That is true then the word Agape and unconditional would have appeared before your eyes.  Ask your rich man where they came from.

About 6 months ago, 2019,  a 23 yr old man decided he was going to spread the good word about Jesus as the deity who taught Agape love and spread the good word.

There is an island the coast of India which is forbidden for any outsider to go to. On the island lives a group of indigenous people that are cannibalistic in nature.  He circumvented the law and hires a boat to get him to the Island.  He was taught that his god and jesus would protect him.  They shot him full of arrows within 15 minutes of landing.  Then it took the state 3 days to remove his body.

That is what happens when you worship a false god a false deity named Christ.  I would like to take that young man’s blood and throw it in the face man who taught him this crap.

Jesus was the last man the last prophet of the Hebrew lineage. It will tell you this in the Word if you look for it.  There are no more prophets.  Jesus was a man I verified this outside the realm of the church in historical records.  There is a manuscript they do not want you to read.

Two there is a group of people I believe they are north west of Jerusalem.  They have lived in the area for thousands of years.  They come from the ancient Hebrews.  Their DNA does not correspond to any ethnic group including the Israelites.

The ancient Mayans also had DNA that does not correspond to the Chilean people.  They found a mummified person in the mountains and took DNA samples. The Roman Catholic Church with the Spaniards wipe them out in the mid 1400’s, in Chile.  I read the ancient manuscripts on that, “Memoirs of a General”.

Jesus was here or never here? You decide.


Ancient Hebrew Alphabet: 2500 BC.


In case you forgot  here is a picture of my Father;




Here is a picture of me;



Ron died along time ago in  another world.  He calls me a Son now.

No one knows where I am buried it is gone from memory


My name is not GOD, LORD, JESUS, and I sure is as Heck not from Texas.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake