Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3991 BC/ Images of “mother”

Psalms 51: 1- 7

I was having my morning coffee outside resting and let my eyes disappear into Creation.  He came to me and brought the seeds of Dandelions into my mind. They each have a body and produce seeds.  When the breath of the Father blows across their face seeds travel on the winds and land in other worlds for all to see.  It is a rebirth of the Creator’s hands that made that little seed to produce life to sustain each after its own kind.

My wife brought to my attention the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”.  They have two soldiers that stand guard 24 hrs a day.  They never leave their posts in all the trials and tribulations that Life throws at them.  they never falter in their duties.  I have a deep personal reverence for the soldier’s that have fallen before me. I watched young men die in far away countries they never shirked their duties, they died with ,Honour, Courage and Dignity as a Man.  I watched my Uncle stand at the walls of the Alamo in impossible odds never left his post and his spirit still resides the hallowed walls.

My Father chose me to be a Combat Soldier in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm because He knew I would never leave my post.  As early as age 7.  I was fascinated with the Great battles of WW2. I put myself into the Combat Soldiers eyes and followed their footsteps through Europe, Italy and followed them into the Great battles of the Pacific.

My Father knew my heart. I would never leave my post no matter what life threw at me. A physical reality of my words.  I have been married 50 yrs.  My wife’s Father came to me one day when me and the wife were having problems.  He told me never to leave his daughter.  Her Father never spoke more then a couple hundred words to me in the 15 yrs that I knew him.  It used to annoy me.  Now I see the relevance of his words. He saw something in my spirit.  My Father knew my heart.  In 50yrs I never left her side except when duty called. Some of use are called to fight some of us are not.  Each of us has a talent to share with others.  We are all unique, different but we all have one thought, My Father created me, male or female.

Most of you read Ps. 51 : 1-7 my wife pointed me to these scriptures and told me to write about them.  I waited till He came to me and gave me his words.

Ps.51: 5….My sins were sharpened in darkness and in sin did my mother conceive me years ago. Most of you missed the word “mother” it is lower case. You seek the mind of your Father it is all right there in the 7 days of your creation. Heaven is lowercase, earth is lowercase and female is lowercase.  Daughters grow up in the spiritual dimensions of the thoughts of their Father to be mothers.

My Fathers name is simple Father.  He does not go by the name , Elohim, Yahweh, LORD,GOD or Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha or the other names that men assign to Him.  I simply know Him personally as Father.  He is not Holy/Ghost/Spirit those are compound words my Father is not of compound words. It is simply the purity of thought, One Father.

It is like watching the Dandelions face blowing in breath of my Father across their face and release their seeds, white as snow.  They drift in the winds for a time and then become planted in the ground and springs forth new life.

From the head of one came four rivers.  I wrote about these things a couple of blogs ago.

Gen 2: 11

11 The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

Pison is a real river in the present; Havilah is real nation in the present.  They worship gold in chains and trinkets and jewelry.  Yet they are the poorest nation amongst others in the world.

My Father will come to me and tell me when to reveal His words.  To those that hear his voice will search for the nation that lived in the past only thing different is they changed their names over thousands of years you know the nation it has a different name. The river has a different name.  They are both one and the same in the present tense.  When Moses came down to the people they all worshiped gold.  My Father is separating his children from the chaff.

A woman is not the same thing as a mother in the spiritual realm of Creation, 34 sentences.  Now I will rest till my Father wakes me up again to come down to you.

I never left my post for thousands of years, ” a thousand years is like a day”.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

19 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3991 BC/ Images of “mother”

  1. I just posted my thoughts for today. I used the name Holy Ghost. I asked my husband if that was the right term, he was not sure. I will change it.


    1. Your Father is not Holy. If you husband told you he was Holy. I would ask him what makes him think that. I would think he was nuts. No offense intended. Our Father is a being a thought. He is you, your husband, you will see him soon not in a physical reality but a spiritual reality. Moses saw him as others did in Genesis. He exists in the Quantum fields. Pure energy, I know what I see , he is like us. We are like him….”become like one of us”. I will see him soon. Like Enoch, I will disappear into Creation. Whoever wrote Genesis saw the Creator. I was there when you were born and when your current husband was born. Lowercase, male and female gen 1:27. Our Father is real as day and night. He has a body and weight and mass just like us.


      1. He said he wasn’t sure if that was the right term. And then I read your post. And I now understand. I had the term trinity in my head. What is the trinity?


  2. The Church made that term up to confuse the common person. To give their god some kind of magical powers. It is in layman’s terms BS. You’re body and spirit of you Father and you will become One. Men were placed outside the Garden of Eden. We are body, soul and spirit. We come together husband and wife and become one with the Father who is Body and Spirit. Simple math, 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 is a prime number becomes one. The word gives us a physical reality to understand the spiritual reality of the matter. You can see the body and spirit of the Father in his creation but you cannot see his soul its not there only men have a soul. A man loses his soul he gains his life through you and your belief in One Father. Your husband will see it in your eyes the last 3 days in particularly.


    1. Gen 25:26
      Esau was born before Jacob, who came out holding his brothers’ heel. It would appear that Jacob was trying to pull Esau back into the womb so that he could become the firstborn. The firstborn has the inheritance. Jacob is a Hebrew idiom for deceptive behavior. It is the firstborn that inheriting eternal life.
      Gentiles we except you [women] come from the lineage of Ishmael you can have all the wealth in the world but if you do not know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you inheritance nothin but eternal death. What it is showing is the Father’s mercy . He is giving men a chance to change their ways are they will call judgment down on their heads. Women are from the lineage of Sara they are under Grace.

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    1. You did not fail men failed you the church failed you. You are not guilty of anything. Men are the guilty ones the ones in the altars that lie upon lies and people literally die as well as spiritually. I know you are confused. I made a statement one time to you. You were going to wake and realize how much you have been lied. Me and the wife came to the same conclusion years ago.


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