Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3994 BC/ Recap 1st Day

IAM that IAM


Gen. 1:2… And the earth was without form, and void [;] …

When you are reading scripture pause your thoughts when you come across semi colons, commas and conjunctions.

If the inspired word was talking about the physical earth then it would have been uppercase, Earth but it is not.  It is meaning something else.

So the next word is form.  Is a body shape it is a structure to witness my Creation.  If I was the Creator, I would create a witness of my Creation.  I would create the body of the Woman and she would represent the beauty the splendor the richness of my Creation.  I now have a beautiful Woman standing next to me.  She is void of life.  So like DNA I am going to transfer my spirit unto her in what is called RNA expressions.  She will become one of many daughters to populate my Creation.

The dogs of the altar will tell you that Adam and Eve were standing in the Garden of Eden.

You sit any theologian across the table from me.  I will checkmate him or her I do not care what their degree is or what it is in.

I will let them voice their opinions the whole while I am staring at their eyes listening to their diatribe trying to sway my thought of Creation.

Three things are going to happen. I am going to stop him and ask one simple question.  How you every deceived the Woman?  I am watching their eyes quiver before they even answer.  They will deflect my question and they will say no because their god called them into the ministry.

While watching their eyes I will become more direct, You are going to sit and tell me you never deceived a Woman?  Usually they confess up and then they tell they do not do that anymore because they became a man of their god. Now their eyes are not quivering they are telling me the truth.

Then I am going to tell them how I know the Woman was in the Garden of Eden.  A Woman can only birth one baby at a time, boy or girl.  We are talking the spiritual realm of Creation the Laws of Nature.  After the 7th day call it day 8, My Father placed the man East of Eden away from His Daughter would grow up to Be a Woman.  Man was created from the dirt; dirt has no spirit.  The 7 days of Creation was the daughter of my Father who as it says made Her into a Woman.

My Father created the face of a man gave him a form, he was void……and then placed him East of Eden …. then He made him from the dirt and breathed life into his worthless soul.

That is the Woman I saw in visions standing in front of me next to the Father.

Then I am going to tell you that you’re are a damn fool.  You never picked up a dictionary and defined form, created and made. Then I am going to tell you your father is a liar.

I don’t worship or pray to My Father.  I stand up as a Man who hears His voice.  My earthly father never made me kneel before him.  Altars make you kneel before them from the pews.  Islam is good at it 5 times a day.  He helped me stand up on my own two feet.  For that I love him and his Creation that sustains me.  Why would my Creator my Father want me to worship him or pray to him.  Only man seeks attention and they blind the children as to their nature with lies and deceit.

What happens when you serve a false god.  About a week ago down here on the border.  There was an Mexican illegal that came on this lady’s property somewhere in the McAllen area I believe.  She went to see who was on her property.  The young man for whatever reasons stabbed her 30 times.  She was 75 yrs old.

This is the gods of Mexico and elsewhere;

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Spanish: [ˈnwestra seˈɲora ðe la ˈsanta ˈmweɾte]) (Spanish for Our Lady of Holy Death), often shortened to Santa Muerte, is a female deity or folk saint in Mexican and Mexican American folk Catholicism.

I would like to take that Ladies blood and throw in the face of the Pope and the faces of mainline Christianity.  They have shrines little temples along the border for our Lady of Holy Death, Then most of these men have the image of the virgin mary tattooed on their backs.

You men of the altars have blood on your hands.  This is why I can call you a bastard your teaching the children Holy Death  sort of like Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.  My Father is angry as I and He will judge in the seasons to come look at the sky it is changing.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

2 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3994 BC/ Recap 1st Day

  1. It is always such a wonderful experience feeling where your words take my mind. As I read through the thing that stuck out and started creating more thoughts was Holy Death.

    I hope I can explain what happened. As I read of the Lady of Holy Death I had an understanding of a woman who carried the weight of a truth that couldn’t be changed. She was sad for her truth came with great loss. She, The Lady of Holy Death, comes bringing the tidings of The One Death That Will Matter Most.

    The One Death that will matter more than any that has come before is the Holy Death of the Father of Creation. He is the Alpha. The Beginning. He is the Omega. The End. Everything began with The Alpha. Everything will end with The Omega. She, The Lady of Holy Death comes bringing that sad news that the time of the Death of The Omega is upon us. To my mind The Omega actually represents “The End of The Alpha that always was”.

    She comes ready to guide the world through the Valley of Death the world will become when The Father’s Perfect LIGHT passes from LIFE to Something Different. There will be a time where neither The Alpha nor The Omega will be present. The Lady of Holy Death was created to withstand the weight of an existence without The Creator.

    The Lady of Holy Death was created to bring The Alpha back to LIFE and The Omega back from the darkness of DEATH. She is only meant to be a temporary place holder when The Father is not there to fill our hearts. She is meant to evoke strong emotions and even stronger passion and desire for The Father.

    The Lady of Holy Death is meant to wander the wilderness in darkness until she finds the LIGHT of the Universe. When she finds the LIGHT, The Alpha will be awakened and The Omega will become The Future We Have ALL Hoped For.

    Before the death of The Omega, The Future always stood outside of understanding. For the future had not yet come to be or to take shape. When The Omega passes on to Something Different, The Future will become what we once knew as The Present Moment.

    When the Future comes to be, the Pure Prosperity The Daughter dreamed of will finally be. The Lady of Holy Death was created to bring The Alpha to the beginning of The Future and change The Omega from meaning The End to meaning Happy Forever.


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