Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3993 BC

IAM that IAM

I have changed my front page down to narrow your eyes.  I have new follower today.  I have said this before to my Old Followers anyone younger than me, 65, is a child because you have not been taught how to read the word by the altars of man.

To my old followers and my new followers, I love you all with the love of a Father.  I care about all of you because My Father in heaven sent me to you.

Everything I write is structured including the timeline I am using, 3993 BC, has a meaning. I am counting down the days I have left live.  My Pulmonary Dr. told me Friday I am in the last stage of Emphysema 4.  He told me I have a year to live.

My Father tells me, “He knows the number of my days like the hairs on my head”.

I know I have lived in the genealogy of Time in the spiritual realm, 7 yrs and I have 3 and a half years to go before the Father gives me an Honorable Discharge. That would make me about 69 yrs old.

I served two branches of the Military Service, United States Air Force and United States Army, 1971 to 1984, two Honorable Discharges.  I figured I earned my First Honorable Discharge from My Father.  I am earning my last Discharge before my Father calls me home and I disappear in Creation like Enoch of Old.  When my Dr told me I was on my way out.  I simply ask my Father to give me one last combat mission 7 years.  I am challenging my Fathers Words.  He has never failed me yet.  That is what you saw Saturday the 7 days of the Woman’s Creation.  She was made first there is no way to get around that.

To my new followers, I am not a religion, I do not belong to any of the 7 major religions of the world created by man.  Stay out of the New Testament it has been plagiarized.  The Old Testament is pretty well intact.  My Father who created me and helped me to stand up as a Man.  Would have told me his name.  His name is not Lord or God pull those stones from your eyes.

I use the King James standard.  The reality of the King James bible.  The body of that bible comes from one source, The Roman Catholic Bible. The KJV is a watered-down version of their bible.  The Romans Catholic Bible was put together in one year. By a man who was tasked to put the Roman Catholic ideologies into it. His name was St Gerome.  The Gregorian calendar which we use today.  The Roman Catholic church took five years to create it.  It reflects their doctrines, their festivals and ablations and sacrifices and holidays which mainline christianity follows today.

If you have the desire to learn then let me know and I will give you my email address.  I will spend my time with you and teach you the images of the Word only in the Old Testament.  I already do that for a handful of young couples and young people.

If you have a question about a certain verse, interpret it and send it to me.  I will narrow your interpretation down further.

If you want to argue a doctrine.  I will argue to a point.  I will not however waste my time on frivolous pursuits from the imaginations from the altars. Like asking me if a pastor should have sex before his sermons or after.  I will slap your face to shame you as a man.  If you got to ask me that you have no idea who your Father is.  I will not waste my time on foolish children.

My blogs will become very narrow in focus to teach you faster how to read the Word.  If I am interpreting scripture, I will not list each scripture by the sentence.  I will interpret the image that is sitting there.  I will always list the book and vs I am talking about.  I write when my Father gives me the words.  To my followers I Love you my Father blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

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    1. Thank you that means alot to me. I saved lives on the Battlefields of Combat. Saving your life is the same thing a Father would protect his children and love them all just the same. You felt the Love of a Father when your spirit quickened. Ps.119:93

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  1. I would love to take our interactions to email. My email is exploringalura@gmail.com I’ll warn you I’m not the most technology capable. I don’t have a smart phone and I can’t always get on my computer at home because I’m so busy. And when I do I often forget to check my email because I’m too busy WordPressing. But that aside, I would love to start up a running conversation with you. I love the way you inspire my mind and would like to see where else your thoughts guide my own.


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