Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3999 BC/ Day 1

IAM that IAM

He came to me vision’s and I disappeared into Creation and I sat next to him; this is what I saw;

I saw the outline of a beautiful woman in the mist who had no life. Her eyes were as dark as two lumps of coal. His hand moved across her face and gave her some of his water to quench her thirst.

He opened her eyes with his hands; they became like topaz.  Men had put her to sleep when she was born; blinding her to see her Father.  She had been asleep in the wilderness for 7 years and no one heard her cries. A day is like a thousand years in the present.

The Beautiful woman look into the eyes of Creation and saw Him. She saw Him once before many years ago; and she knew that was her Father.  She was naked and was not ashamed.

That is what I saw on the evening I arrived and in the morning of the First day.

I returned home and He was gone; He went back into the mist of His Creation.  I knew the Beautiful Woman had 7 more years to walk before she to would disappear into Creation like a mist rising into the heavens above her .  She returns to those that came before her. Beyond the lands of ancient Mesopotamia the land of the Gods who are like Dogs. To the mountains of Creation her Father.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

16 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3999 BC/ Day 1

  1. That is beautiful, (And she knew it was HER Father), It touches deep into my soul, these words. It brings tears to my eyes. Of longing and happiness. And, (to See Him), It is hard to describe what that means to me. Just beautiful.


    1. I wrote it directly at you and others that hears His voice. You knew your Father .I was there . It was something you said a couple days ago. Father gave me His words for you to hear and others around the world.


      1. I knew, I felt every word. I just finished reading all of them. And my heart is full. I feel peace, I feel every word. It is hard to describe. Thank you.


      2. Take faith and hope off the table you go back into eternity past the ancient Hebrews. The chosen ones the sons and daughters of the Father. I never decieved you. Your are returning back to the Garden of Eden to become one of us.


    1. I asked the Father a while back to teach me how to write in 4th person. I was there when you were born. You will take your rightful place on the Throne next to your Father. Your Husband will sit next to you.


  2. I am speechless, I am overwhelmed right now with feeling close to my Father. The need I have to hear Him say my name. Is just overwhelming.


    1. He brought me down into your darkness to bring you into the light. You will see his face n time. The old Sandra died along time ago. In the past. Welcome back home.


      1. That is exactly what it feels like, I feel uplifted, new, excited to learn more. I still have tears coming to my eyes just thinking about it. Good tears, happy, joyful, my spirit feels anew. I am overwhelmed in a good way. I haven’t heard welcome home in a long, long time. Thank you.


      2. Don’t thank me, Iam just a messenger who you let me into your temple. Thank your Father. Your his daughter. I just cared about you and your house. We don’t walk with the rest of the world we are strangers.

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      3. Your transforming into a beautiful woman in creation. I will see it in pictures and your words . Your husband will see heaven in your eyes.


      4. He often says he isn’t quite where I am yet, and you helped me get to another level I can’t describe to someone else. He often says, why can’t I hear Him.


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