Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3994 BC/ Day 6

IAM that IAM

He came to me in visions and showed me His hands; I sat next to Him and this is what I saw;

He told the Woman that was standing before my eyes.  I heard him tell her to subdue all manner of living things bring to forth his creation after its own kind the cattle and the vipers that creep along the ground

He told the Woman of his Creation.  I will make man in our image and he will cleave to you rule over all things.

So I saw him create the faces of man in his own image each after his own kind.  To subdue the dogs that roam the land and that devour their children.

He created male and female he created.

Have dominion over the worlds I have put you in.  My words are like a fruit tree that bears a seed each after its own kind yielding seed to you it will become meat to sustain your life while you are in the darkness.

I have given you every word to sustain your spirit that I put in your spirit.

This is the Woman that I saw before my eyes.  Her beauty her nakedness shone like the suns of the heavens.  There were none like it to be seen on earth.  She was framed by his words to represent His Creation.

He knew that I saw these things and it was good.  For there were three in the fires of Nebakanezer three were standing and one in the midst.  I knew that was me standing there with the Father, watching His Creation come to life.

I was watching in the labors and pains a baby girl being born in the rooms of Creation each after its own kind.

This is what I saw on the evening and the morning of the 6th Day

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake