Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3993 BC/ 7th Day

IAM that IAM

He came to me in visions like Jacob’s ladder, and showed me His hands; I sat next to Him and this is what I saw;

Everything was done and all work his Creation was finished.  Next to my Father was the Woman who I saw standing she was resting now.  I was standing next to her. I saw these things.

These are the 7 signs, 7 seasons, 7 days then you disappear into Creation like those before me like Jacob, Isaac, Abraham and the chosen ones, Enoch who disappeared.

It is the altars of men that unleash the dogs to fight over the body of Saturday and Sunday.  I watched from above and meet him in the air.

In the days of the Ancient they had no utterance of the days of the week.

I rested with the Father for a while and then he told me to go home and I left.

Time is eternal like a line going from here to there and I am in the middle of a great wheel.

This is what I saw on the evening and the morning of the 7th Day

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake