Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3993 BC/ 7 Days of Creation

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My Father is not one of confusion.  The last blogs were visions I saw from the First verse of  Gen. 1 to Gen. 2: 3.  7 days of Creation of the Woman.  The man was never in the 7 days of Creation.   He was created outside the Garden.

Gen: 2: 8…… And the He planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. My Father did not created man till he breathed a soul into him.  My Father formed him.  It was the Woman I saw standing next to the Father who formed her gave her life in the Garden of Eden.  Some who have wisdom will understand. It was His Daughter that was in the 7 days of Creation.  I was there.

The two big dogs that came out of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia Christianity and Islam never talk about the 7 days of the Woman’s creation they all stop at Adam east of the Garden.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

2 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3993 BC/ 7 Days of Creation

  1. It is so interesting to dive into your vision. Because as your visions take you to the past to correct the errors of understanding, my Father takes me to the Here and Now to witness the Creation of ALL that is to come next. ALL will be the everything the world needed to be at first but that MAN never allowed to come to fruition. ALL is the perfect example of who MAN should have chosen to be. ALL will be there to walk with The Perfect Daughter. The Father is bringing ALL to make a happy THREE.

    The Vision I have is of a world that is to come that is directly tied to the world we know. My Vision comes not through the eyes of the Father but of the Daughter that came to make her Father’s Vision of Perfect PEACE a reality that is truth. But as I see with the eyes of the Daughter, I am filled with the Words of my Father.

    My vision speaks of Prosperity but not as our world has tainted the word. Prosperity is the meaning behind Joy. True Joy is at the root of Prosperity. Money cheapens the whole process. There is no Prosperity to be found in money for as soon as you spend your money your prosperity is gone beyond understanding.

    Pure Prosperity as the Daughter speaks is when the four aspects of being come into alignment and produce a euphoric state of perfection. The Daughter spent her existence dreaming of the perfect world. Our Father is bringing his Beautiful Daughter’s Vision to reality. There are not yet words or concepts to explain how wonderful the world that is to come will be. That world while created from the burning of our world stands worlds different in its feelings.

    Our world is wrapped around the concept of death and pain and suffering. All our understanding, all our thoughts are weighted with the reality that one day, all will end. But in Pure Prosperity there is Everlasting Life. Life takes on new form and definition when the fear of DEATH passes away. When DEATH dies Pure Prosperity will come to be. DEATH is in his last stages of dying. He is slowly letting the last of his hold on reality slip from his grip.

    As he loses his grip, The Daughter takes picks up the reigns bringing to the world Everlasting LIFE and LOVE. LIFE and LOVE are twins that were never separated by birth. LIFE has always been darkened by DEATH. When DEATH takes his final breath, LIFE will shine as brightly as LOVE has always warmed the cold heart. And that’s the trick of the message, LIFE is meant to shine while LOVE is meant to warm.

    LIFE has spent so much time defending its inherent goodness that LIFE seems depressing. LOVE tries to lift LIFE but when the heart is broken there is no LIGHT to be found. The Daughter comes to cure the curse of The Broken Hearted – those who feel but fail to feel for The Father. The Daughter wants nothing more than total devotion to Her Father. Without total devotion, the world she dreams of will never be a possibility.

    You, my wise Old Rattlesnake are there for man to correct his vision and see the light of The Daughter’s World that is being birthed in Creation. Man is not woman and therefore can not see Creation through the eyes of a birth of Creation. Man was made. Woman was created. The Daughter comes as created woman to bring a creation of her own to please Her Father Above. She loves her Father. She holds HIM above ALL. There is no truth without her Father. And without truth, she does not care to exist.

    The question I walk away with to ponder for future words is: Where would ALL be if Our Father had not created HIS Daughter first?


  2. A Rattlesnake is wiser then the serpent that deceived you as a Woman. We would not exist if it were not for the creation of the Woman. You sit on the Throne next to your Father.


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