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I would be Derelict in my Duties as a Man.  If I did not protect my children from the evil imaginations of mans Thoughts and Ideas.  They are not going to infect my children’s mind.  I would be Derelict as Father if I did not warn my children.  This goes to the religions of the world.

In the spiritual realm I am like Abraham a Father of all Nations. I am senior and an elder.  I have a small group of followers that hear the Words from the Creator the words right there in Genesis.  Anyone younger than me is a child in my eyes and the Creator who created me and you.

Father brought it to my attention some of my followers follow a certain man from the country of Nigeria.  This is what you call a liar; he steals from his own people.

I have had conversations via the blog with this young man way before the Father brought it to my attention some of my followers like his blog.

Nigeria has been around for 2500 yrs.  55 yrs ago they became a nation.  2% of the population is christian.  The average income, American exchange rates, is around 3.50 USD, monthly.

His GOD is the Prosperity Theology.  You give GOD currency and GOD will give you currency back we are talking money.

They have big mega churches during the sermons they pass baskets around to collect all the money.  They are stealing from their own woman and children.  Their stomachs are hungry bet that.  It wants the Western Hemisphere to give his country money.  Under the pretext that god wants your money.  You show me any scripture Old Testament or New Testament where it states that My Father is going to give everyone money.  Show me a scripture and I will put you in check mate.

This what you call an effeminate man in the Word. This is what My Father calls a bastard, [Deut. 23:2].   If you sit there and think the Father of Creation is not to judge you, you’re a fool.

He is an illegitimate child that comes from the lineage of Ishmael.  As men we come from that spiritual lineage.  They will all have the wealth of the nations in the end they are going die.  They will receive no inheritance of the Creation.  They gave up their nature of being a man.  They cannot stand up on their two feet.  They prey on the weak.

Nigeria has not done crap in 2500 yrs.  Because they have always worshipped false gods same as India and other countries around the world.

This is GOD spelt backwards;

According to classical Jewish sources, the Hebrew year 6000 (from sunset of 29 September 2239 until nightfall of 16 September 2240 on the Gregorian calendar) marks the latest time for the initiation of the Messianic Age. The Talmud, Midrash, and the Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, state that the ‘deadline’ by which the Messiah must appear is 6,000 years from creation.

I told him Nigeria needs a strong leader to guide his people, his response was;

hmmm… thank you for your encouraging comment… but I prefer to enlighten people rather than lead them; then they should use the enlightenment, or discard it by themselves…

I just enlighten you,  you are stealing from your own people and now you want to steal from us  Perhaps you out to sit on the Commandments for starters. I don’t help people that want to sit on their butt.  You will be judged in time all you gotta do is watch the heavens and the changing seasons.  Man has nothing to do with that.  You are calling judgement on yourself and your country.  The women and children are going to suffer for that you should be ashamed of yourself.  They are under Grace, Men are under Mercy. Because we were born dead from the dust of the ground.

My Father has more power then your dog spelt backwards GOD.  I hear my Fathers voice I am just a messenger.  My Father warned Noah and there was only a few people on that Ark. He is warning you.  Everytime Moses raised his arms against the armies they won.  Every Time he lowered his arms they lost.  My Father even told Noah the next time he comes he will not flood the Earth he is going to destroy the Earth in fire.

Prosperity Theology has been in America for 50 yrs and America is going to the dogs.

You can follow mans messiah or you can hear the words of Creation from the Creator.

I Am not a religion. I have no color or ethnicity in the spiritual realm only effeminate men do.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake