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who created me

Had my coffee this morning watched Creation come alive.  Following yesterday’s blog, Jewish Calendar.  The Messiah does not come until 2040.  Saying that I see all the time in christianity that Jesus came once.  Thats a lie your worshiping a false god.  Say all the prayers you want it falls on deaf ears.  You convince yourself like the pools of Bethesda that some miracle has happened.

I have a young couple that hears the word of their Father I am going to change their name to the Photographer’s.  Like the Creator did when Jacob an Hebrew changed the name to Israel. Father is separating the wheat from the chaff.  Like a cattle rancher would do seperating the finer stock from the fat ones so they become lean.

With that in mind.  If I am talking with the Photographer and she mentions she has a headache. Before I pray with her.  I am going to ask questions.  What caused you to have that headache? You wake up like that?  Something you ate? What do you think cause it?  The Photographer might come and narrow down my questions.  We are looking for the root cause.  Say it is just a headache and she did not take any aspirins.  Then I am going to ask what kind of aspirins did you take.  Because I am 30 thier senior.  I might tell what brand I take.  Once we are all in agreement then we pray.

If I just right off the top.  Well I am going to pray for you.  Then I violate the 10th commandment, ” Do not covet your neighbor’s wife”.  I am praying to a false god and will cause her and and her husband to stumble. Creation will burn me in judgement.

The Photographer mentioned her mom the other day.  She was worried about her because of the god she worships. Woman are under Grace. Your judgement is different . You open your eyes to Creation and hear his voice.  You turn your back then you call judgement down on  your own head.  You were deceived once.  You  were deceived twice your own judgement falls on your head.

Men we ask for Mercy we decieved Creation by deceiving the Woman.  If you hear the voice of Creation and turn your back.   Then you narrowed your options down like the 3 quantum states;

You either are going to burn in judgement until you finally go cold.

I prefer the third state, Liquid kind of reminds me of a vapor mist the 4th person in the fires of Nebuchadnezzar.

This is what you call praying to a false god.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has responded by claiming she “will pray for the president.”

hate waiting. Nowadays there seems to be queues everywhere. What are you waiting for God to do in your life? One thing I’ve learned is that waiting should not be a passive thing. When we’re waiting, we’re on the lookout, we have expectation. We speak what we are expecting from God. We act like it’s going to happen. We spend time making preparations. From a Pastor.

Wait all your life your going to miss Noah’s Ark .

So don’t say prayers for me unless you want to get to the root of the problem.  Then we are in agreement then the Creator will listen and pass judgement.  Your not willing to walk with me then you worship a false god.  I will ask you to leave my house.  I don’t want you to covet my wife with prayers of false gods.

Welcome to Creation

who created an

Old Texas Rattlesnake

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  1. Your write. When Moses went to the Mountain. He never said his name was god. He just said, Iam that Iam. I read the Jewish calendar 6000 thousand. The New Testament is a fabricated story. Blew me away like the winds from the East.


  2. I just looked at your front page. If I understand it correctly. When Moses was warning the Pharaoh that our Father would greater then his false gods. Two magicians that threw down their shepherd’s staffs. That represents ancient Mesopotamia and the Indus river valley. They turned into vipers. So when Moses gave his staff to Aaron. Aaron laid it on the ground gently and it turned into a giant Rattlesnake and swallowed the false gods up. Eygpt, a synonym would be America in the spiritual sense. ? Pharaoh would be like the ones that the shepherds who preach that Jesus came in the first century ? They all have staffs right? Only the chosen hear the words of the Father. So when you said that you were changing a name to the Photographer’s you were passing the shepherd’s staff to her husband if I understand right? Yep that is what I did.


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