Rattlesnake in the House/ Distortions of Reality/Ripples Across Time

I was having a conversation with a young man last night.  He has a blog site called,” The Law of Creation”.  His name is Mr. Sagar, he wrote a blog and in it I narrowed my eyes on one thought that he put out there.   It was in his mind that he would like to put the idea of common good across the world so that the world could come to some kind utopian relief.

I know the young man is going to read this blog.  In the thousands of words that I will write this morning in no way, Mr. Sagar am I casting dispersions on you.

I come from a long line of combat warriors.  All the way to the Alamo my great, great, great, great uncle was a native Texan one of six that died in the battle.  It runs in my veins and scientifically this would be called RNA expressions.  It is in a narrow sense a thought that is in my DNA gene pool.  It is passed down the generations of my ancestors to me and it passed on to my two sons.

I am a good chess player.  So Mr. Sager, represents a King, he moved his Queen on the Chess board, “common good” a couple of spaces.  So I countered moved an moved my Knight up two spaces and one space over.  I put his Queen in Check.

I put myself back in time, 2500 BC.  I asked him how you are going to give a foundational support to Common good.  There are too many variables when dealing with 7 billion people in the world.

I threw out this question?  You are in a room full of people that do not understand English.  You cannot speak to them.  You cannot use written material? What method would you use to communicate with them your thought?

Somewhere along our conversations I was waiting for him to ask me how. Which he did in a roundabout way.

I told how does a Mom talk to her baby for the first year?  When the baby has no clue what you are saying.  You use hand gestures, facial expressions, you hold the baby close your chest so he or she can hear your heartbeat.  That is the first thing a baby hears in the womb.  The mom’s heartbeat.

It is my dying wish that the last thing I hear is my wife’s heartbeat.  Then I will depart and go home in peace and quiet and rest.

I posed the same question on my blog site.  How do you communicate 3 thoughts using a picture of a “Ox’s head” in a roomful of people who do not understand you?  What methods would you use?

I waited to see if anyone would ask how you would do that?

I had one young Lady, Sandra J, respond.  “I am curious how would you do that?

I gave her the same answer.  You had babies.  That baby had no clue what you are talking about.  How did you communicate with that baby?

She answered back correctly.  Touch, facial expressions, and vocal tones.  When the baby’s brains and vocal cords strengthen.  Then he or she will start to mimic back what that hear like dada and your pointing to your husband.  They see an image and you identified that image, dada evolves to Daddy.

That is how we all learn we are taught and we mimic back what we learn.  Sandra J without realizing it.  Does the same thing.  She takes an image of Nature, post it on her blog and then identifies the image with her thoughts.   She gives the image a foundation to stand on.

Mr. Sager is close to the mark.  He uses he Laws of Creation.  I use the Laws of Nature we are on the same plane of thought.  Except the only difference is I lean towards the absolutes of mathematical computations.

Mr. Sager on his title page uses the word,” imagination”.  I would change that word to images.  I will use an analogy.  Mr. Sagar writes, Common good for me is to help people by opening the door for them.  I am being a little silly here for a reason.  So I look at that statement.  I saw you use the word imagination.

Now I am going to move my Queen and Checkmate your King.  You lost control of your thought.

I can walk around town and ask 30 strangers.  What does common good means to you?  You are going to get 30 different answers.  If you look at those thoughts statically there will exist a concentric thought that will identify all 30 people.  A thought that would unify all 30 people.  You put their imaginations in checkmate.

Our brain is like a supercomputer but we statically we only use 15 percent.  I never liked those odds.

Within the KJV there are 3 concentric thoughts that flow in the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

  • Time…. he created
  • Reality…. Male or Female
  • Human Nature….good or evil

I am only going to address Time which is an Absolute law.   This encompasses the 4 dimensions of Relativity.  Time and Space are compressed to a single point. I already know that the Big Bang theory never happened.

I know that if it happened there would be higher particulate concentrations of iron oxide around the earth and in space and it is not there.  It is like firing off a shotgun.  You are going to get high concentrations of gunpowder on your hand.  Something else happen. I kind of know what happen it concerns Thermodynamics of Heat and Cold.  How they take 3 different forms.

One of the Laws of Thermodynamics is that you cannot create something out of nothing.  Only things which are seen were created by something unseen.  [Heb.11:3]

Time has mass and weight to it that involves Quantum fields in two states;

  • Gravitational fields/ decay
  • Magnetic fields/decay

Time surrounds us 24/7 if you distort time you distort reality.  How we perceive things.  How we react to situations and events.

Time has no birth or death in strict mathematical equations.  It is alluded to by the word eternity

If you look at the numerical value of PI on the positive side, 3.141………It stretches into eternity.  If you take an put an negative value to Pi, 3.141…. that would stretch into the past.  You are not using basic math principles each number is unique never repeats itself.

Time is a straight line never beginning never ending.  How do you distort time?

There are three major calendars in that came out of the past.  I will travel backwards in time to the first calendar;

  1. Gregorian calendar, Pope Gregory XIII, 1582 AD took five years to compensate the ebb and flow of the cycles of the seasons that occur every year, 365 days. He also melded the Roman Catholic doctrines in to fit the calendar, Ascension, Resurrection etc.
  2. Julian calendar…. Julius Caesar ,46 BC… it is a complicated lunar calendar. What he did was took out 12 months.  It would look like this, 1BC/1AD.  In mathematics it would look like this 1, 0, 1.  Then ever so many years you would have a year that was 455 days. then the year would return to 365 days.
  3. Lunisolar calendar goes back to 3500 BC. All ancient cultures used this concept.
  4. The negative value of Pi goes back further then 3500 BC.

All these calendars were trying to account for the leap years.  I kept it very narrow,

Time is an Absolute in the Laws of Creation.  You are not going to change it is impossible.

To give you an idea of birth and death rates in the cosmos just using the Sun and the Earth.

The orbit around the Sun is calculated at 365.2….  During that year the nuclear fusions of energy burning in the sun gains momentum and then resides.  This causes the earth to speed up sometimes and to slow down throughout the year. When you see the energy of the sun pulsating it is dying and taking the earth with it. When the sun reaches the end it will have one last gasp of air.  We all die.  When that happens could be tomorrow could be today, I do not know but I know it is going to happen.

If you ever watched a flare stack at a refinery when they burn off waste products from oil.  It will shoot off a blast of energy and light up the night then it ebbs and then it repeats itself.  That is the same process in the sun.

Stars in outer space when they die, they shoot out a burst of energy called gamma rays.  We are shielded from these rays right now.  It has to do with magnetic fields that wrap around the earth. I bring this up because they are shifting.

The magnetic fields are shifting to the west off of true north.  With gravity in play and magnetic fields this is pushing the jet streams further south.  This is why you see the weather patterns changing they are getting colder.

I haven’t touched on it but the vacuum of space that wraps around the earth is getting colder.  In relation the moons orbit is pulling away from the earth.

I answered the questions of Time as an Absolute, Reality of Time for us as male or female. All in the first 34 sentences of Creation.  So for me I know there is another door, reality, to go through when I close my eyes.

I know the King James is a minefield of Jewish mysticism and Roman mysticism blended together.  I have known after the 34th sentence you get into human nature there is an Absolute thread there also.  You have to look for it.  I came across a sentence the other day,” some will see death and some will not”.  It puzzled me for awhile so I dwelt on it.

I went and look at a blog that a pastor wrote, it went something like this, We are like little birds and God will spoon-fed us his spirituality just open our mouths”.

I wrote back these words; Are you talking to children or our you talking to Adults. The Bible has a word for people like you; A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

I doubt I will not get a response back.  I put him in checkmate.  Then it came to me. Some will see death and some will not.

Time has no death or beginning.  In the elusive halls of Christianity they coined the term the Alpha and the Omega.  That is another way of saying birth and death.  You travel back in time to around 2500 BC. The Hebrews never talked about birth and death.  They knew that Death was an Absolute.  They knew that Time was an Absolute. How they knew is the same way I figured it out.

I was puzzled watching mankind run around with his head cut off over the last two years, screaming we are killing the earth. Over 43 percent of Americans believe we are killing the atmosphere.  This comes from the institutions of higher learning plus the other social causes out there. They teach death

Then we are surrounded by death on the TV and Movies and the Social Medias.  They are all teaching you how to die.

Then you got religion, 24/7 an once a week for 52 weeks teaching you how to die.  They all teach death.

I commented on another blog yesterday.  I was amazed how grown men could run around telling people that Satan an Lucifer were some kind of god running around pissing me off every now and then.  Use any good dictionary and look at the definition it means liar. Blows me away.

Before I finish my thoughts, I will return to Mr. Sagar, he has a passion to better life for all.

I live in town of 300k. Take a sampling of 1000 people and ask them what they think common good means to them.  Somewhere in those comments is an unifying thought.  Then you build a body around that thought. Post it on your blog sites and gauge the comments.

So Mr. Sagar, I won the first round of chess.  Let’s clear the board and play another round.  Move your Queen.  So I can see if I move my knight.

I love challenges we both learn something new.  You might put me in checkmate on your first move.

We are on the same plane of thought you want to enhance life and I want to take your life into the heavens.

For those that follow me it is all about Pi….positive and negative, 3. 141….no number repeats itself to the quadrillion place and onward.  So if you take a negative 1 and a positive one and add them together you vanish into the Absolutes of Time.

You distort reality for a person when all you tell them about is death.  Then you’re a like a chicken with its head cut off.  The chicken’s body does not want to die.  It runs around for awhile and then dies.

America will die because all they know is death.  They are never told the Absolutes of Time and the Reality of Life.

For Sandra J and her husband;

Thermodynamics of Heat and Cold they each have the same mass and weight.  When heat  loses its energy it forms another state cold.  Cold has its own energy.  From this juncture it will go into one of three states

  • back to Heat energy
  • stay in a Cold state and get colder
  • Or turn into a liquid state

A liquid state is water your spirit is life.  Blood is always your soul. So the next time you add a negative one to a positive one your not here, your gone.  It has nothing to do with the doctrine of the rapture in Revelations that one is a lie.  Your flesh is still here but your spirit is elsewhere.

Absolutes of Time there is no death. Intelligent design even Steven Hawkins knew this.  Someone told one time that even Steven Hawkins didn’t believe in god.  I do not either.  I believe in the Creator of Intelligent design who create me, Gen.1:27.  He believed in the same thing.

Feel free to comment;

Intelligent Design

Created An

 Old Texas Rattlesnake

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  1. Wow, is an understatement. I have read this 3 times now. And I sit here trying to think of what I could respond with. First, I saw a squirrel run by multiple times. :).
    But, my mind went to another subject. You talked about time, math and a touch of science. I have listened to Kent Hovind a couple times who debates evolutionist/scientist. He is a creationist, and says that time cannot be measured. You can’t measure how far the sun is from earth. He also talks about the age of the earth. My mother passed away last year. One of our last conversation we were talking about Heaven and Jesus, and she mentioned about the earth being billions of years old. I did not say anything more about that to her. I should probably send this in an email. What are your thoughts.


    1. According to classical Jewish sources, the Hebrew year 6000 (from sunset of 29 September 2239 until nightfall of 16 September 2240 on the Gregorian calendar) marks the latest time for the initiation of the Messianic Age. The Talmud, Midrash,and the Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, state that the ‘deadline’ by which the  must appear is 6,000 years from creation. According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BC. The current (2018/2019) Hebrew year is 5779.

      The belief that the seventh millennium will correspond to the Messianic Age is founded upon a universalized application of the concept of Shabbat—the 7th day of the week—the sanctified ‘day of rest’.
      Jesus was never here in the first century.


      1. We learned two years ago that the earth is not billions of years old. But I did not want to tell my mother that. She was a Catholic and I could not argue anything with her about the church.


      2. The earth is not as old as you think it is. You are not going to .What I just sent I am going to post it on a blog in a few minutes.


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