Tx. Rattlesnake in the House/ Poor/Orphaned/Widowed

I  kneel before the Creator not Men who serve Creation

I was up a little late last night past my bedtime.  I was looking at the emails that came across my ph.  One caught my eye.  It was a new follower her moniker was Shy215.  I knew it was a young lady.  Men do not use the word shy.  We are like bull’s in a china cabinet.   So I opened it up to see her profile.

She had only a little paragraph explaining who she was.  It spoke volumes to me.  She is a single mom with a baby living in another world far from me. So I started dwelling on the problem.  I asked myself what I could say in a few words that would strike her heart like lightening.

The answer came to me this morning when I woke up.

I would tell her to go back into the first 34 sentences of Her creation and sit there awhile. Stop when she gets to when the Creator rested on the 7th day.

I am going to teach her about Creation and how uniquely she was created.  I would tell her the next time she looks in the mirror to look at the outline of her ears put the images together they form a heart.  In between the h and the t is the word ear.  Just sit awhile and listen to me.  If you do not understand something don’t be shy215 ask me.

The poor the orphan the widow

I walk through a lot of buildings and they all spoke those three words.  They always told me it would take money to correct the situation. It doesn’t take any money.  Shy215, she’s poor, her baby does not have a father and she does not have a husband.

So I am going to teach her Creation through the eyes of my photographer and husband Sandra J. — https://intothelightadventures.com/

I envision this couple like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  They are in some kind of spacecraft screaming through space to their next adventure. Cracks me up.  They save worlds through images that everyone enjoys.

Her eyes and her touch creates the spirit of creation through her words.  That’s the talent God of Creation gave her.  She does not hide it. Like I told Sandra J this morning you are a Mom you will always be a Mom till the day you close your eyes and go home into eternity.  Perhaps there I will get to meet her and her husband. I look forward to that.

This is what it means that the Old bulls teach the young bulls.  Moms teach the daughters that the Creator send to them.  Men we teach the sons how to be a bull in the china cabinet.

Together we save the spiritual lives of children.

That’s is what I would tell shy215.

Because we care about you simple as that. 

Feel free to  comment;

I serve the Creator and I see his hands in Creation. 

An Old Texas Rattlesnake

3 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake in the House/ Poor/Orphaned/Widowed

  1. That is an insightful perspective, I hope what I see through the lens of my camera can bring a smile and laughter to any one who views them.


    1. I sent you an email. We are the adults who haven’t lost their comman sense. We lie to children they become part of the lie. When you run across the battles in the Old Testament, 3000 died. It a reflection of what lies do in your. You kill children by use of our authority. I don’t lie I know exactly what Iam saying. Spiritual death in a child is like watching my Father die of dementia. Took 5 yrs for him to die.


      1. I sent a message back last night, We both read your email and had a very good conversation over the subject. I appreciate the help you are sending our way in understanding our Creator’s words. I have been taught wrong most of my life. But I am a willing student who needs the truth to grow more in the Word. Thank you so much.


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