Armies of Thoughts When Men come unto Men

I had some nice comments over the weekend from a young couple.  I answered them on what I call the sidebar.  I did not answer them in the open on my blogs that I posted.  This young couple is close to 60 age does not matter but I am 65 they are younger then me.  They asked  me a question what Bible would I recommend.  I was answering their questions on my phone.  Now that I am on my NORAD site my home computer.  I can answer that question in a little more detail because they indicated they have a computer.

Here is what I use;

  1. KJV—- open it up and tab, KJV standard
  2. Strong’s Concordance hard copy
  3. Common sense

They also made the comment that some of the words I use they do not quite understand.  I reflected on what they said.

Everybody has heard of the word talent.  Man tells that talent means give your money to him. Talent has two meanings; English Dictionary

  1. natural aptitude or skill
  2. a former weight and unit of currency

God of Creation gave me a passion to teach the Old Testament but I had to do my part.  I walked 14 yrs in the lands of the Old Testament/wilderness.  When they asked John where he came from,  He answered in this fashion; He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.  Point your eyes back to Moses. When he asked Creation what his name was he heard only IAMIAM.  Then he asked who shall I say sent me.  Creation answered I am sent you.

There are two trains of thoughts that run throughout the Old Testament;

  1. God’s thoughts of Creation–in the first 34 sentences/Gen. chp. 1 & 2
  2. Man Creation of thoughts about God— the 35th sentence on to Malachi.

Thoughts create images in the minds of people.  It is a literal word or statement that conveys a thought.  Case in point; (1) We have all heard of the story of Moses parting the Red Sea.  (2) The Hebrews all crossed safely but Pharaoh and his armies did not fair out to good.

Before I answer numbers 1 and 2 in the above paragraph that is italicized  and the two trains of thoughts 1 and 2.  I have to define what the word temple means both literally and figuratively;

(1) Temple the flat part of either side of the head between the forehead and the ear.

(2) Man will tell you this; a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.

(1) Your Temple is your body covered by your flesh.  Refer to blog Thighs for body parts of the Temple.  Between your shoulders and your hips this is called a trunk like a tree.  Using a Strong’s concordance look up the words , stomach, nose, ears, tongue, heart , stomach, intestines, bowels and kidneys.  This will finish framing the rest of your Temple with Words.

Back to my paragraph italicized in purple number (2).

Pharaoh is one Man’s thoughts about god.  Armies are men that come unto the thoughts of another man in this case Pharaoh.  In Christianity it is about one billion adherents they claim Divine Authority, in Islam it is about 1. 8 billion adherents, they claim Divine Authority, in Buddha it is about 535 million adherents they claim Divine Authority, in Hinduism about 900 million adherents and they claim Divine Authority.  So armies of thoughts can be small or large.  Judaism about 14 million as far as I know they do not claim Divine Authority.

Number (1) Moses parted the Red Sea;  The word sea or the words water always means the spirit of life.  The bottom of the well lies water.  You go through darkness to see the light of Creation.  Red always means your blood that courses through your veins.  You lose your blood you give up you life.  Moses raised his arms into the heavens Creation.  He saw the hands of Creation saving a small group of ancient Hebrews.  Moses had one single thought, God of Creation who sustained him.

There is a difference between Judaism and a Hebrew and a Chosen One.

I going to replay a comment over the weekend from the Temples of Sandra J;

I get it.. I see his hands and creation around me every day, from a blade of grass to the *stars in the heavens. He knows every bird when it falls to the ground. My faith and trust is only for God. I hold nothing of this world as an idol. When God calls for me to come home. I am ready.

*stars are a figurative expression for children. As I said before anyone younger then Sandra is a child.  So If I was younger and came across that statement in the wilderness.  I think I would pause for a minute and ask questions. How did you arrive at that statement.  I know she is not crazy she understands the word hands.  I would sit and listen for awhile.  I would tell others about her . Go listen to her.  She also has a talent that she shares.  She creates life from her hands in others through the awesome pictures of Nature.  She does not hide what the God of Creation gave her.  Her  husband like me we sit in the room like an old rattlesnake to make sure no strangers thoughts enter into their house.  Thier Temples.

Crown of Thorns

A crown sit around your temples.  Men’s thoughts that come unto to you become sharp in you mind and bleed the life out of you and they nail your hands to the thoughts of other men.  There is no purity of thought only thoughts of what god might or might not be.  Demons are the thoughts of other men that you cast out of your mind.

Typical Crown of Thorns

(1) Sometimes we feel like a period of our life is coming to a close, and we decide we’re going to throw in the towel. Pastor Ray Patrick encourages us not to close doors too quickly, because sometimes God wants to surprise us with something more.

Over my years in church and having been the subject of much gossip, I have concluded that one of the tactics the devil employs is the negativity of other dream killers.

He wants you to go to a church building.  I am sorry I already have a Temple.

(2) [A] God is a big fan of metaphors. He built them into His world in all kinds of ways, and then He points to them throughout Scripture, all to help us understand who He is, who we are, and what our role is in creation. The metaphor God uses throughout the Bible more than any other might surprise you: trees.

[B] On the very first page of Genesis, God places the father and mother of the human race in a garden filled with trees, all of which—save one—He gives them for food. We all know how the disobedience of Adam and Eve in eating the fruit from that tree cost them Paradise.

[A]  All I saw is their God is some kind of sports fan or clown.  Trees are figurative expressions of people young and old alike throughout the Word.

[B] We were not fathers and mothers in the first 34 sentences of Gen.  #27; he created male and female.  Lower case means children.  We wore children before we became adults.  We return as children to be reborn.

Chap 2 Gen.  4th verse on.  Adam disobeyed Creation. Look at Gen 2: 23—And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.  She did not have a name till Adam deceived her.  Then Adam named her Eve.

I am sorry but the Woman’s judgement is not the same measure of weight as a man.  There is nowhere in Word is there a judgement against woman instead it gives her three choices become like Queen Deborah and look in the Book of Esther for the other two options.

Man on the other hand is like sitting on a cactus bush here in Texas.  You are going to be pulling thorns out of your butt for hours.  Gives new meaning to intestines and bowels and things like that OT.   Measure of weight.  I took off  my Crown of Thorns from my Temple.  Because I got tired of pulling thorns out of my butt, man’s thoughts.  Replace my Crown with one thought God of Creation.

Follow me or follow Sandra J and her husband.  We are not in it for the money.  But I suspect her husband like me got tired of pulling thorns from our butt.  I wore a Crown of Thorns when I was a scumbag.  I help to create life to those that hear my voice.


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25 thoughts on “Armies of Thoughts When Men come unto Men

  1. I do like your writing. I am busy today but I had to stop to read your words. I saved the Bible listed above to my bookmarks. I will add it to my husbands computer also. He was researching the other day on what Bible to buy. He said, “Look at this”, he came across a page with multiple Bibles listed and they were all marked as Free. Everyone he clicked on took him to The Latter Day Saints Bible purchase. I will be using the one you listed above during my Bible studies. Thank you.


  2. Oh and yes, He did get tired of pulling thorns from his butt. He is very good about using the proper word with the correct meaning to that word in his communication. Words had meaning in the Bible. I love to hear him talk, he has a passion for correct communication and he does it so well.
    I am not quite there. I need to slow down and think before I speak. I am like a pet dog who is in training for , let’s say anything, and a squirrel runs by. I follow the squirrel. I don’t want to miss anything around me.


    1. Sandra once you start to understand what it is your reading. You will see things and realize like me. Whoever wrote the Bible, the words come from the Creator. Not to blow my horn. I have an 165 IQ. I cannot duplicate the same depth of thoughts.

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      1. I can tell by your writing. God gives everyone a special gift. My husband as well as you have this gift of words, remembering and learning at a different level. I takes me a little longer. But, I am so much farther today than I was just a few years ago in knowing the Word of God. I am not sure what my purpose is on earth yet. God had some people wait until late in life to know what he wanted them to do. Maybe it is my photography, sharing all the creations of Gods work through photo’s. I do enjoy that.


      2. Took a nap. Your purpose in life is to create life . With people that cross your path. You create life in others when they see your pictures. You create life by what you say to others. If I met you on the street. I make people laugh. Get me on a role could be there for hours. I never tell anyone what I believe unless they open the door. A lot of the words I use in a sentence come from the scriptures. I use scriptures only for teaching when I list them . Otherwise my words come from the Word. You separate yourself from the world around you. You and your husband are in your own world. Look at Heb. 11: 3. It is a little tricky to understand. Then read the rest. I am going to elaborate on verse 3 later tonight and post it.

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      3. You serve the Creator. You create life like a baby from your womb. You create life in others. That is your purpose. My purpose is to judge mans creations. You are pleasing the God of Creation. “I see his hands in a blade of grass”, Your eyes are starting to open like a baby and looking at the hands that made you, female. No need to second guess yourself that is when you get in trouble. Your husbands eyes are starting to open. You and him are sitting right there in Gen.1: 27 listening to his voice. I heard his voice 14 yrs. You eyes open you will see more things than I can reveal. But I will see it in your words. Every now and then I might nudge you back on the narrow path. Before I was a scumbag I was 27 yrs old. I had a dream of Jerusalem, I made to the gates with my wife. A couple days later she saw a vision along the same lines.

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      4. I feel that, God is letting me see more and more, on His time frame not mine. I have always had the need to be out doors, to be surrounded by everything God has made. My husband says I see things different than even himself. I am so in awe of the beauty around us like the grass that comes from the earth and feeds animals. I was struggling with the second part of Hebrews 11:3. I understand faith, but that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen. We just went over it and my husband explained it for me and I do see now. I love it when my eyes are opened. Thanks again for your help.


      5. I am writing that out on a blog right now. It trick me a couple of years ago. I will teach you how to break that down into small parts. Men create things from what they see around them. We are talking using your words Idols. Don’t second guess yourself if God of Creation is worried about you. Spiritually he sent me to you and your husband.
        Heb.13 : 2–Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. The Creators word not mine. I just know what it says. I know you use the word God as long as you know that you mean the Creator. Your purpose in life is to create life and your husband helps you and you help him. We as men judge the creation of those that serve creation. Who think that the Creator serves them. That thought comes from the ancient Sumerians. Still follows us today. You birthed the thought of the Creator in your mind in your hear in your womb like the so called virgin Mary. You birthed that thought somewhere along you travels. You are just having labor pains right now. Not to worry. Your husband is standing next to you. I suspect your making him toil. I’m just watching from above. Give you a nudge ever now and then.

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      6. Creator, yes. He is the Creator. What is the origin of the word God. The Old Testament uses two words for God: Elohim and Yahweh. I have never heard Yahweh until last year.


      7. Elohim is mighty and Strong/ Yahweh means Salvation. The origin of the word god comes from Gen. 6. 3500 BC. the first written religion who created gods were the ancient Sumerians. They created over 3000 gods and goddesses. The male gods were called Blue eyes. They eyes on statues were colored blue. They told the common person like me you. That the gods would take care of us as long as we served them. They came up elaborate religious abulation’s and sacrifices to basically take the wealth of the people. The priests in the temples would hire basically prostitutes to take care of the temple. Each city had its own temple and its own ruler. They would have the women besides meeting the needs of the priest. Wash the statues about once a week. This reinforced in the mind that the gods were real. The Romans 1st Century, would take their statutes of their goddesses down to the public bath house to wash them. The statues were basically half naked. You have seen the those statues before.
        You will notice a change in the use of scriptures. I will copy the scripture but I will not use the word god or lord in it. If I do then I am reinforcing a young person’s idea of what they been taught about who god is.
        I am writing a blog this morning addressing it to a single mom that became a new follower. I will answer your question a little sharper, “What is my purpose in Life”. You never stop being a Mom. The creator who created you he went a step further he made you what you are, Mother of all living things”. {Gen}
        I am going to give the young lady your site to follow. She may never communicate with you. But she will understand creation from your pictures. Your job is to create life my job is to save lives. For you take the word hope out of your vocabulary. It makes a person second guess their decision. In combat you second guess your decision it will cost you your life. This should help understand why the Jewish people do not use the word god. Took me awhile to figure it out until I started to dwell on it.


      8. That helps me to understand better. My husband mentioned that this morning about Jewish people refuse to use the word god. I am reading Samuel right now, it is hard to understand why Israel rejected the Lord, and wanted a king, when He was right there in front of them. Samuel 8:1-7.


      9. Sandra there are only two books in the Old Testament that the word god is not in it. The book of Esther and the book of Songs of Songs. I would prefer you read there. Look in Judges at Deborah. Israel by its own name means, contending with the angels. Angels are words nothing more but they are words for the Creator. People like to be taken care of. In the spiritual realm it is easier to see a statue of a god then it is to see the Creator. You can only see the hand of the Creator in his creation. You made a comment that you are a little slow at things that is a good thing. The reality is the church keeps you illiterate on purpose. I had an offer a couple of years ago to become an associate pastor of a church. I have no college in that area. I told them I would under one condition that I teach. They asked me what I taught. The same things I teach you and others. They told me I could not do that because the common person would not understand. In Texas we call that cow poop. I am very acute with what I teach because I hold your spiritual life in my hands. If I guide you wrong the Judgement is going to be on my head. The Creator will burn me so to speak. I always talk in the spiritual realm of the word unless I am talking history. You have always been taught in the flesh you have never been taught the spiritual realm of word. I live and breath the Old Testament from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep. I read about 90 blogs and emails a day. Some I answer some I don,t. Take the word hope out of your vocabulary it makes you second guess your faith. Our minds are like a computer use the delete button and assembly a new vocabulary of words. Next time you look in the mirror look at the outline of your ears and put them together it forms a heart. In between the h an the t is ear. Intelligent design I think so. What you see what you hear all goes to your heart.


      10. Thank you so much, it is so true that they don’t want to teach the truth. Thinking we won’t understand. Jesus taught in parables and they didn’t understand until they were ready. Right? And I am ready, I need to know the truth and not the sugar coating. I read revelation, but no one will teach it. I remember the first time I tried to read the Bible, I did not get it at all. It was hard to read. And now, my eyes are being opened to understand more and more every time I read the Word. It is so exciting.


      11. Pick out a scripture tell me what you think it means. Define the words that stump you. Revelation is one of those books that should not be there. It is good nonetheless. No one knows who wrote it. Frankly I do not care. Go to chapter 17. This is talking about the 7 great religions of the world. Chapters 1 and 2 tell you the same thing the 7 Churches in a different form.


      12. We were discussing this one last night. Proverbs 11:30. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: and hee that winneth soules, is wise. We were reading from the NLT where it states, The seeds of good deeds become a tree of life; a wise person wins friends. This upsets my husband, that we have been taught wrong, that we will win friends instead of winneth soules. What does that mean? He also had me write down Matthew 21, about faith. But I can’t remember his question about it.


      13. Then you understand the word worlds. You and your husband our a world unto ourselves, we save those around us. Next time you look a Noah,s they bordered male and female each after its own kind.
        And the Creator created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: It is talking about mankind, some of us our big some are small some are spirited each after their own kind. A fowl is a person that saw the light of creation and the Creator. He or she turned from the darkness in their lives.

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      14. I got hung up on what my purpose was. Like Abraham can I save one, can I save 2. If you and your husband are the only one I save. So be it. I saved your life so you could save others who worship creation. I kneel before the Creator. The God of Creation. That gave me everything to sustain my life for eternity long after my eyes close. He chose you . I only interpret words so you can see his hands and hear his voice in creation that surrounds you. That’s your purpose to create life in others. It flows from your heart.


  3. As I was reading through this I was moved to think about your reference to the metaphors that is trees. When I was last in the psych ward about two months ago in one of the group sessions we were asked “What in nature speaks of resiliency?”

    The very first thought that came to my mind was TREES. And so I started drawing what a tree represented to me. The first part I drew were the outside lines that represented the TRUNK which connected down to the ROOTS. I was then moved to begin adding LEAVES and BRANCHES that created the crown of the tree. And as I drew I was moved to label each part that the tree stands for.

    The LEAVES and BRANCHES bend and allow Bad Times to pass through. The Leaves and Branches come together to represent FLEXIBILITY. The ROOTS dig in the foundation of being alive and provide STABILITY. The TRUNK is the Core of ALL and connects the Stability of the ROOTS with the FLEXIBILITY of the crown standing as representation of STRENGTH. Together STABILITY + FLEXIBILITY + STRENGTH = RESILIENCY.

    I feel that you might connect with my representation and interpretation of the metaphor that persists as trees and could perhaps have much insight into what the Crown represents in relation to thoughts and beliefs, while the Trunk stands representing the Core of the Who we choose to be, and the Roots being the beginnings and befores that all happened to make each tree possible.

    I haven’t been able to WordPress much the past couple days. I’m happy to have found your little word treat waiting for me to stumble across. I so enjoy seeing where your mind is at.


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