Mr Ihagh/ 2500 BC. / Oral Language/Sabbath

I am going to give you a challenge; this is a picture of what is called an Alpha; 2500 BC and I suspect it goes back farther;

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It is called the Ox head.  There are three thoughts contained within they are;

  1. Animal
  2. Earthly/Father
  3. Heaven

You are in a room full of people. How do you convey those thoughts without using today’s language structures.  No spoken speech. No written word.   What method would you use? Pose it to your followers, I would be curious to see everyone’s answer.  If you comment back please explain your answer.

Within the last couple of hours I received a couple of comments;

  1. A young man who wanted to spread the idea of common good around the world.  He was well educated had a wall full of degrees.  He told me so in so many words.   I told him common good has no foundational support.  It was an impossibility. He asked me why?
  2. Then I had a Lady, Sandra J, wrote me and asked the following question; “I do not know, curious to know the answer.”

To both I ask them How does a Mom talk to her baby in the first year?

  1. The young man responded; “Good point, and thanks for your approach. True. Child communication is very revealing!”
  2. Sandra J narrowed her answer, “Mostly sign language, and tones of the voice.both.

There is one thought I left out on purpose using the Ox head, God of Creation.  Using only your hands an tones you can explain the last thought..  12 hours have lapsed and Sandra J narrowed her focus to this comment:

I get it.. I see his hands and creation around me every day, from a blade of grass to the stars in the heavens. He knows every bird when it falls to the ground. My faith and trust is only for God. I hold nothing of this world as an idol. When God calls for me to come home. I am ready.

Now I will narrow Sandra J comments down to another thought.  You hear the sounds of Creation to the sounds of the birds, a blade of grass, stars in the heavens.  They all speak to her.

When a baby is born the first thing they feel is a pair of hands, grasping them.  I have never seen a Mom yet that did not pull that baby and put it on her chest.  The baby is looking up at Mom the first image he or she sees.  There are no spoken words.  The baby felt her hands and felt safe looking up at her.   The Second witness to this event is the Husband.  Until      Image result for yad/closed hands hebrew symbols recently the man was not allowed in the birthing room.  The Nurses would come out and tell the Husband he was a Father of a boy or girl.  He then was allowed to see both the Mom and the baby.  Now you have Mom and Dad witnessing the birth of Creation the baby, the Third witness of the hands of the God of Creation.  Because Dad is the head of the household and has the authority of a king he validates the God of Creation, looking at his wife and the arrival of a baby.

That is the Sabbath in the God of Creation, you have come to know him in Nature you see his hands, hear his voice. You take a rest from the thoughts of religions.  Creation is not a religion.

Now you are to use the same methods your hands to convey a thought using only an image.  The Ox head 2000 BC

Image result for alpha hebrew picture

Comments from Christianity;

One of the big arguments atheists sometimes use and Muslims frequently use to deny the divinity of Jesus is the claim that Jesus never claimed to be God. The argument, which is even found in the Quran, states that Jesus never came right out, point blank, and said, “I am God” therefore He must not be God.

This argument is ridiculous on two grounds. First, it is simply not true. We see very clearly Jesus saying in John 8:58, “I tell you the truth, before Abraham was even born, I AM.” When Moses was sent by God to go rescue the people of Israel, he asked God, “What is your name that I might tell them who sent me?” God responded, “I AM. Say this to the people, I AM has sent me to you.” This is the very name of God and Jesus point blank uses it as His own. It is found all over the Old Testament but except for in Exodus 3:14, when it is used, we find instead the word Lord all in caps. (see Genesis 2:4, Exodus 3:2, Leviticus 1:1 and about 6,500 other times)

Now you are going to run into a problem;  You only have an Ox head to explain the above comments of christianity.

Genesis goes back to around 6000 BC. thoughts of Creation them it flowed into the Hebrews where we are at today, the Ox head 2500 BC.  The city of Jerusalem has been inhabited for 3000 yrs BC.

Using Jerusalem as a guide post.

The earliest forms of Christianity date back to around 300 BC.  There were two churches you had the Eastern church and the Western church each with their own thoughts of God. They migrated into Rome with thier thoughts of god around the the First century BC.  One hundred years before Jesus showed up.

Rome was founded around 732 BC and gained power around the 2nd Century BC.  Rome had their own thoughts of god that came from the Greeks.

Now you have to ask a question a valid question;  What year did the thought of Jesus becoming a God come from?  It was not from the First Century AD.

It was from the Third Century AD, the Council of Nicea.  When Christianity started to solidify their power over the states and the people.


Now using hand motions and body language you have to tell people that never heard of god, You have to explain it 6500 times as the person states.

My Wife and Sandra J share the same thoughts;

I get it.. I see his hands and creation around me every day, from a blade of grass to the stars in the heavens. He knows every bird when it falls to the ground. My faith and trust is only for God. I hold nothing of this world as an idol. When God calls for me to come home. I am ready.

Me and Sandra J’s husband give authority to that thought. We as Men validate that thought between our families leaves no room for error. There is only the God of  Creation.  I have never met Sandra or her husband probably never will.

to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

When you stand before the God of Creation he already knows you mind, your thoughts.  Then he is going to ask you to open your palms and see if there are any wounds.

save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast

Image result for kaph hebrew meaning
Open Palm 2000 BC

He is going to look at your palms and see if you have the marks and thoughts of Creation or the nails and thoughts of man’s religion’s.  Creation calls you into the light, man calls you into the darkness.

 Welcome to My World Creation

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2 thoughts on “Mr Ihagh/ 2500 BC. / Oral Language/Sabbath

  1. The shape of the hand, the lines and mounts of the palms, the length of the fingers, the state of the cuticles and nails. The soft or calloused skin; clean, or dirty, or stained.
    Are these the hands of one who has worked with them, or one who has been silver-spoon-fed? Are they stained with blood, or tar? Are they stiff and crooked with arthritis?
    With hands held out, we can help to hold each other up and/or out. Hold on, grip, shake, agree, wave, open palms to halt or receive.
    By the works of our hands. By what we have done and can show we have done. A demonstration of that which is our works here on earth.
    Silver-spoon-fed are only slippery words spoken and said, remembered not by our actions, only as vague memories in the head. We can say whatever we want, but when the time comes, the judge at the end will know exactly what and how much we had done.


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