IAM Creation / Rx# Lk.11:4 “And forgive us our sins;”

“And forgive us our sins;”

I had two Giant events in my life growing up.  One at 6yrs old and another at 12 yrs old.   Both of them turned me into a walking scumbag for the next 17 yrs of my life.  They shattered me emotionally like hitting a pane of glass with a hammer.  Sharp shards of glass surrounded my head like a crown of thorns bleeding the life out of me every day, 365 days out of the year.

When my wife dragged my carcass into the religions of christianity that was one of the first things I heard, “Forgive us our Sins”.    I always ask why I should forgive someone that caused me to sin.  The answer was always the same, because to serve my god he tells you to do that.

I never accepted that answer.  Because it never answered the question, Why?  The one that shattered me emotionally his memory is long gone.  Why do I forgive someone that is already dead who destroyed me for 17 yrs.

“Forgive them for they no not what they do”, still did not answer the question, Why?

I asked the psych boys for the answer.  I read all their books they could not answer the question.

It was not until I went back in past that I found the answer to Why?

Contained in this one symbol called a Nun, seed; 2000 BC.

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The thought of Creation[NUN] was birthed in the mind of one person thousands of years ago going back to around 8000 BC at least.  It has traveled through time and space on the winds to land before your eyes. You reached down to pick up the thought to make your life better.

There are only two seeds in creation, one is King and one is Darkness.  I will elaborate in the Darkness.

There is a seed of life and  then there is a seed of Darkness.

When a Man [uppercase] shatters a child innocence male or female.  Female’s because of their emotional state get pulverized like an atom smasher. They will lament for decades because no one sits down and tells them, Why? I started asking myself where did that thought come from.  A man who has authority woke up one day and decided to molest me and others.  Now I had ask myself where did that thought that seed come from?

Simply someone molested him and he perpetuate the sin to others, he taught others to sin.  He gave up his authority in Creation.

When a young lady has an abortion.  She did not come up with that idea one day.  She woke up one morning and said I am going to abort my baby.

The thought of abortion grew from a seed and became a tree that spread leaves across America for the last 50 yrs.  You will never tame Abortion till you put a bridle in its mouth.

That is why we forgive.  It is simply as that.  We are born into Darkness right off the get go.  Mens authority teach others to sin, male or female.  We lose our innocence when strangers lay hands on us.

You can wait to be healed and spend your day wasting time lamenting or you can take the bull by the horns and wrestle your thoughts to the ground.

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