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Rebuilding Your Temples

and Thighs


1…all this I give to heart of me and to to manifest all this which the  righteous one and the wise ones services of them in hand of Elohim…….[LC]

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hand of Elohim


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The check mark looking symbol is called a Gam or foot.


>>10000 BC.



The slanted straight line early 2000 BC is your leg.  Of course the other line going upwards is your foot.  You have two legs that meet at an apex and they are hinged like a door, our gait.

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The door the symbol in the middle means our legs are hinged and move back and forth.  There are only 23 symbols in the ancient Hebrew text that go back thousands of years.

So looking at your gam’s. You have two ankles, two calfs , two thighs and they meet in the center of Creation.  You have two hands, two arms and they two are hinged and meet in the middle of your shoulders.  [refer to top].  You also have two eyes refer to chart.  They sit between your Temples.  Remember where it said two temples one was created and one was made, male and female, both were destroyed by the hand of Man.

For a male between his shoulders and his hips the region houses his soul, good and evil.

For the female between her shoulders and her hips this region is her nature, Creation, houses the womb where Creation is born.

Jesus told you he would rebuild your temples in three days.  I just did it in 60 sec’s.  Depends how fast you eat the food before your eyes.

The thighs are the strongest muscle on the male and the female. They carry the weight bearing loads of your temple.  The  male toils at hard labour in the field as it is written.  The female bears the pain and labour of childbirth, babies.

And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.  His thigh was bruised.  “”it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel.” refer to gam.

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Top of your head the line in the middle goes across to pinpoint your eyes far left.  The only thing left to do because I know you want to say something.  You need a set of lips.  Look down the list find  the word Pey/ mouth  that is your lips




Image result for pey/mouth hebrew symbols


You look at the Nun the male carries the seed of good and evil.  The female carries the seed of Creation the Second Witness.

The next symbol is called the Bet, this is a tent floorplan. Family, house ect. refer to the chart.

If you look at the Tav, crossed sticks, they come to together in the heart.  Later as the alphabet evolved the heart would become known as the seat of your emotions.  We are like sticks

I wrote a blog talking about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on an ass.  You every ride a horse or a donkey your legs straddle just in front of the hips.  To clarify this a little bit.

You ever watched a woman carrying her baby.  They hold it with one arm and the babies legs straddle her hips.  There are only two places that baby is going to be before he walks on his own.  Near the  woman’s bosom[ heart located behind her bosom] our on her hips [ behind of which is her womb] .  The apex of creation is the birth canal which flows like water, life of the baby.

On a macro level you see same analogy in the cradle of religions,  Mesopotamia floodplains and the Indus river valley.  Creation is joined at the hip.  Both have narrow rivers that like a birth canal flow  into the Arabian Sea.  The only difference is when the Tigris and Euphrates join into a narrow river.  It flows into the Persian gulf and then on to the Arabian Sea.

The Indus river has two major rivers that flow into the Indus river. Life thrives along a birth canal.  So now you have from the head of one it goes into 4 rivers.  This is called a Waw, tent peg. Refer to the chart to clarify your image.  Your thoughts.

The only thing you have to figure out which head do you follow, Creation or the head of Man religions.  One is life and one is death.  Good and evil do not have foundational supports each one will be judged by your own hands.  The colonnades are built and they decay and new ones are built.

Creation straddles our horizons and reaches into the heavens to a single point above our heads.

Woman do not carry the weight of judgement a man.  She is judged by her emotions.  Creation grives at the loss of life but over time the memory of the dead is gone….for the memory of them is forgotten…Grieve for a time but I did not remember you had an abortion until you told me.  You crippled yourself get up and walk like it says arise.

Men however carry a heavier judgement because the whipped and beat the woman the Cross.  Jesus an idiomatic expression both literally and spiritually when men deny Creation.  They will kill you the Second Witness.  Men are like Lions they will kill other cubs and teach others how to kill.  That is why I do not fault anyone that has had an abortion.  You cross the line when you have multiple abortions.  Because as it is written you gave up the natural use of your body.

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