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1…all this I give to heart of me and to to manifest all this which the righteous one and the wise ones services of them in hand of Elohim…….[LC]

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hand of Elohim

>>10000 BC.

When I write a blog on any subject. I have already looked at the ancient Hebrew pictographs that go back 10,000 yrs, line it up with ancient Hebrew text that goes back to about 5000 yrs and then line it with the King James. I use King James because the wording is simpler to understand. If when you are reading the King James and you see the words God, Lord, Jesus, strike out these words and put in IAm that IAm your acknowledging Creation. Strike out any word that has Holy in front of it. Creation is not holy he is reality the world you live in and everything that surrounds your world. This is the land that you live in that you see everyday when you open your eyes. Jesus has only one face, christianity gave him another face. They made him a deity to be worshipped.

From the ancient Sumerian religions to the Egyptians, to the Greeks to the Romans to the Roman Catholic Church. They all created one God, one Mother of all gods and the deities, to be worshipped. In christianity it is the Pope, Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus. You see this all the time in statues rock carvings on the sides of buildings. You have the King, the Mother holding the baby Jesus. You idolize the Pope you will never heal yourself through a man. Mainline christianity always tells you to end your prayer in the name of Jesus. Whatever ails you either illness, mental or otherwise. You are idolizing a man and a goddess and a deity. You will only understand what Jesus was saying by going back into the Old Testament to figure out why he said what he said. That is why on occasions I will tell you to stay out of the New Testament until you become stronger in the New Testament.

Abortions Two Faces

When I was in the Military I was trained to kill on a variety of weapon systems including explosives. The first time I shot a person. It shattered me emotionally for about two weeks. My mind recreated the events over and over and over, 24 hrs a day. Images in my mind where no one could see only me. When I accepted responsibility for my actions. I quit thinking about it and the images went away. I realized one thing about that event. I knew I could kill again without thinking. Till this day I am 65 yrs old. You threaten me or my family I will kill you and not lose sleep over it. The difference now is that I will give you time to stand down. If you advance on me then you are calling your own judgement. I warned you.

As a Father to a Daughter that has had an abortion. This is what I would tell her. We are children, general rule of thumb from the age of 4 to 30. We become adults when we accept responsibility for our actions and realize that we could kill again. My daughter had an abortion in 2014 and has shattered her emotionally for 5 yrs now. Since that time however she has given birth to two children, one daughter and one son.

In the day of the ancients as a guidepost when someone died they lamented for a period of one year. They had professional mourners, women that would perform that task. Then it was time to move on to the next event. Life is always in motion that circles us.

I watched my brothers die over the years and I watched my parents die over the years. Quite honestly I grieved until they were in the grave. A week at best because I knew that it was in the Laws of Nature all things die, I accepted that.

I would tell her from my life experience and I have been around serial killers you become desensitized to that act. If you don’t accept responsibility you will kill again and again and again.

You did not kill again because you became sensitive to your actions. That is the blessings of Creation the One who created you as the Second Witness a female. When you had your first baby. You became sensitive to life. Time to grieve is gone when you held that baby next to your bosom. Because in the back of your mind you knew you could do it again. You guarded against that thought.

I would tell her that someone’s thoughts taught her to have an abortion. It was not her fault. Man was born with a living soul:…man became a living soul….Woman was never given the soul of a Man. She was given the Spirit of Creation. Show me anywhere in the King James in Genesis where it says the woman had a soul. You will not find it.

Man’s soul of good and evil taught death to the Woman in the Garden east of Eden. Women’s spiritual nature lies in the Garden of Eden with the Creator who protects his Creation.

I would tell her count your lucky stars that when you became pregnant again. You had two choices, Creation or abortion. Your conscience was not sheared. You did not allow yourself to become desensitised to the act. Your chose Creation, IAm chose you while you were in the womb. IAm sent me to you.

Then I would tell her about the man that crippled himself for 38 yrs by the pool of Bethesda. Watching people yr after yr going into to the pool thinking they healed. Till one day a man came by and looked at him. You told him you had been grieving for 5 yrs. Hmmm , Get up and walk, quit grieving, you had you first baby. You are a Woman now who knows the Creator the First Witness. You are the Second Witness when you had his baby.

People around you will tell you to grieve for years even religion’s will do that. You grieved perhaps for a year or two until you had your first baby . Who told you to grieve longer then that? IAM your father, Who told you to grieve that long?

The great theologians will tell you that woman was made from the rib. You might as well as strike that word out. Ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictographs going back thousands of years did not have symbols for the rib bones. Their pictographs indicated outer extremities. The outside coverings of the human body. [refer back to the top]

Then after a while Grand Pa would tell you, I Love you . I stood with you during your birth pains and labour. You pooped me out. Let’s go get something to eat. You made the right choice. I like stuffed mushrooms, Texas ribeyes and Texas tea. That’s is ice tea in a large glass, chilled with a splash of rum.

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Grand pa, my baby needs my attention as does my husband.

Looks like you have your hands full. Get up from the table and go home. To the Garden where you came from.

Welcome to My World Creation

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