RX# Num. 22: 33– “And the ass saw me…..”

…….her I preserved alive…..

Woke up this morning.  Had my morning coffee outside and watched Creation come to life around me.  Birds flying through the air.  Watched my neighbors going to work.  Engage in morning adulations of laughter with each person young an old.

To understand Balaam’s ass and what it means figuratively.  We have to start in the New Testament.  Then travel back to the Old Testament.  There are 69 verses OT that use the word ass we will look a few.

First, we start at the Cross.  The Cross, Woman, her feet are planted on the ground.  Jesus is in front of her.  His legs are curled up it signifies man was asleep when the Creator, I AM, stood before the Women.  His arms are stretched out.  This signifies the strength of the man in the woman, her arms, her hands.  The Woman’s arms and hands show the power of Creation.  From the womb, birth pains, nourishment from her bosom/heart receiving Creation in her hands and arms. *her I preserved alive

Recap: Man was sleeping on the ground.  Women have their feet planted on the ground.  She was standing before the man who was asleep.  Then the One of Creation stood in front of her.  He told her; You will be the second witness of my Creation.  Mom’s are the witness of Creation the Second witness. *her I preserved alive

RX# Jn. 12…. 14 And Jesus, when he had found a *young ass, sat thereon; as it is written,

A young ass is a female donkey in the Middle East.  They are well suited to life in a desert or semi-desert environment. They have tough digestive systems, which can break down desert vegetation and extract moisture from food efficiently. They can also go without water for a fairly long time.  The highly prized ones are white a sign of purity [ref., Mt Lebanon, OT].  The donkey goes back in time to about 4000 BC.

“Sat there on”, Your horizon circles around you and Creation straddles your mind and your horizon. What you see before your eyes.

As it is written, Gen. 1: 1 God …. he created the heaven and earth. [LC]…. the heavens straddle earth.

On the Cross that is the physical Woman.  She represents the Third Temple of Creation, her strengths, her beauty, her pains her resilience to create life.  She stands in front of the One that came down from heaven and created her.  Men cannot see her on the Cross because they became enamored with the beauty of the other 7 woman.  For this they will be judged in season.  Man was asleep when she was made.  Man did not see her then and they do not see her now.

There wore two other times in her life that she was beat at the hands of man.  Literally and spiritually.  Historically two temples were destroyed and the third one will be rebuilt in 3 days.

RX# Num. 22 : 32 And the angel of the LORD said unto him, Wherefore hast thou smitten thine ass these three times? behold, I went out to withstand thee, because thy way is perverse before me:

RX# Num. 22 : 32 [LC] …….and·she-is-seeing·me the·female-donkey and·she-is-turning-aside to·faces-of·me this three times perhaps to·faces-of·me from·faces-of·me that now moreover >> I killed and >> her I preserved alive.

her I preserved alive.. .Women are born with the Spirit of Life , Creation. Unless she has been beaten or whipped .

Man was born dead RX# Gen. 2….7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Men have a soul but are blind to Creation in the spiritual realm of the Woman whose head covering is from the Creator of her nature,  in the present tense Mom’s.  That is who is on the Cross and man is still asleep at the wheel.  Still whipping and beating her. As it says judgment is coming soon.

Methuselah was the oldest man in the Word 936 yrs, His name transliterated means death brings.  He lived four generations before the flood of Noah. He died and the floods came to Noah.  Methuselah had four sons when you add up the years of each son it comes out to 936 yrs.   It was said that when he died judgement would come to the known world.

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  1. I am coming to you today full of manic tinged words. I have just spent time conversing with a bible basher. Someone who’s only message is the words they can preach from a book. Or the words that they’ve been told the book is supposed to mean. I come irritated because I stand for Faith not religion. I am the Woman where the 7 women seek to steal my time and energy with their division and sacrilege. All their time and all their words are spent preaching the veracity of truth they so desperately need to confirm and commit others to confirm as truth.

    Faith is truth. God is truth. Faith in God is truth. Faith through God is truth. In all ways Faith goes hand in hand with God. In all ways Faith is the Second Witness. For only I AM witnessed the creation of all. But Faith believes in the awareness of I AM and the power and truth of I AM’s abilities. Faith confirms that which I AM serves as proof of. Man comes in there somewhere after that looking for meaning and understanding and words to describe his place in the cosmos. For since the beginning of time man has had a complex about his being. He has always felt inferior. God created Him. Woman was made different from him. What does that make him? And so many ages and words and wisdom were spent coming up with thoughts and opinions on why man is the way they are.

    And the truth is that man relies on man. Never on God. Never on Woman. Always on the creations of man and what man’s knowledge can explain. And so man stands forever lost because man is only ever interested in learning about man and man’s meaning. Man never looks outside of his self to see the existence beyond his understanding. He only looks to see what his eyes show not what his spirit tells him is truth. Man stands separated from the spirit because man thinks himself different. Until man stops thinking himself different from God and Woman, man will continue to be different and the cause of his own problems.

    It makes sense that woman is wrapped up in the mix of the cross. It makes sense that the Savior and The Needing Saved are tied together and all come to represent the best aspects of humanity that is completely different from the general disposition of mankind. Man sucks and every word imaginable can be used to describe just how fallen they are as a gender and how little they choose to learn as they progress through the ages.

    But that is negativity swirling which is not where I like to leave things.

    I believe in the wholeness of man. I have a perfect man in my proximity. He makes man seem like the greatest gift of creation. My Man is THE MAN that gives light to the wonder that is I AM. Because my MAN is a reflection of I AM and in my man’s reflection I find much nobility and generosity and goodness of spirit. Truly I am witness to all the goodness man has to offer. The world would truly be changed if all men decided to man up and become like the MAN of my dreams. The MAN I know is living truth. The MAN that is ONE with God and ONE with me for a perfect THREE.


    1. Your last paragraph holds great truth’s. Those women worship King James the reason I say that figuratively is because of the interjection of words that should not be in the Bible they worship man.
      Mark 12: 42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. A farthing is a English coin printed in 1730. The previous verse is in Luke [LK 21: 1-4], the widow’s mite. It is the verse in Luke that they make you feel guilty about not giving.
      Man was told to cleave to woman. IAM put man to sleep. And he stood in front of you and gave you the strength of a man. Your husband has witnessed creation in your eyes. Because in your heart you know you are a major part of Creation. If you serve the god of King James you are serving man, in this case King James.
      If I re wrote the King James I would strike out the words, God, Lord and Christ. These words do not exist in ancient Semitic texts. It is simply he and she used throughout dozens of ancient manuscripts pertaining ancient Hebrews.
      I write from the King James because the wording corresponds to the ancient texts of the ancient Semitic/Hebrews because it is easier for you to understand and the rest who follow me. That is you on the Cross, Patrick is in front of you, you stand in the middle between him and the One who created you. You and your husband are the chosen ones. You do not walk with the rest of the world because the rest of the world serves man and his gods. They are spiritually dead. Look at India, they have four major religions and they have been dead for 5000 yrs. The young people are trying to spread their wings. Only a few will ever soar into the heavens like an eagle.
      Faith is merely assuming your rightful place in Creation and to give life to your children and your family. And a love that cannot be broken between you and your husband.
      I got married at 16 and never looked back.
      Chosen I think so sweetheart.

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      1. I agree that it is absolutely being chosen to have one love to cherish throughout your lifetime. I see so many broken happy endings and I look to mine and hold closely for I know the value of true love and open connection. My world spins because I AM wills it and I am beyond blessed because I AM willed the Perfect Man to be my husband. His perfection blinds me so much I question whether I am walking with I AM, the creator. But I snap back to reality because I know my husband was only born 40 years ago and I know existence has been around so much longer than that. But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that my mind twists reality to wrap my mind around the idea that I am the Bride meant to walk us down the aisle to the Garden of Eden. Man’s return to paradise with his (wishing she were perfect) bride to usher in a period of great harmony and peace among all. For finally the Three will be ONE. Which is a cause for much celebration in the spiritual realm my existence feels connected to.


      2. You know where it says, “Come to me as Children”? I just rewrote my front page to reflect a change in direction.
        Go back to Gen. 1 :27. He created male and female. To apply that to yourself to acknowledge your creation including your husband. It would change to this,
        IAM Male, IAM Female, IAM IAM ONE
        The other woman is the religions of the world;
        IAM, Man, IAM Woman /Religions deny Creation.
        This is man’s religions his woman at work;
        Texas police raided the headquarters of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas on Wednesday as part of the widening sex abuse investigation into church officials, according to reports
        Your husband is the Lamb and you are the Bride.
        The past is your present in Aramaic Philosophy. Time is not relative. In the spiritual realm of Creation.

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      3. It is interesting that you mention that my husband is the Lamb. I have felt this for a very long time and living with one so gentle as tainted my perspective because I can now no longer imagine man to be any other way. Truly his goodness and wholeness and fullness of being has altered my perception of reality. For in all of a moment he took my life and gave it meaning. Alone I was nothing. Together we have everything. Our life is perfect and our love is divine. The spark of truth that connects our being is blessedly sacred.

        And in all his great Lambness, he would never choose to accept such a name. Because he knows what that means to people. And in all his perfection, he never feels he could live up to such a weighty responsibility. That’s okay because I see the truth behind the veil. His life, his being, his perfection give light to the world.


      4. He is a lamb to you but like a Lion if anyone was to hurt you your children. That is what you see on the Cross you are the Female and Patrick accepted your creation that is him protecting you.
        Not to say anything disparaging about Patrick but like me we, at one time, were the two thieves on the Cross. One believed and One did not. Man has a soul. Woman has the spirit of Creation. If man destroys the woman, he destroys her spirit. Look at the abortions it was man that convinced the woman to deny her creation.

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      5. In the story line of this Lamb and this Lioness it was females that guided the abortion, not man. Females didn’t trust the newness of the relationship. Females didn’t trust the man to stick around and support the family he had created. Females didn’t believe that true love came so quickly and so fast to someone who had such a bright future ahead. And so it was females that guided abortion when the Lamb would have welcomed that life happily and willingly started a family with one he had only known a couple months.

        But the world didn’t get to meet that firstborn of the Lamb because the world didn’t trust the reality that the Perfect Man had come. And so the Perfect Child was lost before it was ever brought to being. But God forgive and God blesses where goodness abounds and God saw to bless the Lamb and his beloved with more children and a big happy family to love and appreciate and grow together with. Even though the world didn’t trust the love of the Lamb and his wife, the Lamb stuck around to create the family he was always meant to have. And the world is better for it.


      6. The story that is my reality. The truth I bore witness to and experienced first hand. I share responsibility for the ending of the life that was meant to save us all. So when people bring up the topic of abortion, I know firsthand the real cost of losing a life God willed to live. Because what do you do with yourself when God tells you that you were responsible for carrying the Messiah but never chose to carry that baby to term? How do you want to live with yourself when you are the reason the world isn’t better? How do you wash the stain of sin when the sin of the Messiah’s blood stains your beautiful soul? How do you tell the world it can be better when the reason it isn’t perfect is because you didn’t trust in God and a man who admitted he loved you within weeks of knowing you intimately? How do you save the world when the one meant to save the world was never given the chance to be born?


      7. I understand what you just said. As a Father to a daughter, that’s ok, it was not your fault. Quit blaming yourself. There is nothing to feel guilty about. We are into the world dead. If we experience death, we open our eyes to life around us. My next blog will reflect those thoughts. I saw death at 6, I was molested at 12 and saw death again at 21. We learn by mistakes if we do not learn then we are dead the rest of our lives. If I was your Father, I would give you a hug and ask what you were going to do tomorrow. The past is behind you gone forever. Quit blaming yourself.


      8. I understand what you just said. As a Father to a daughter, that’s ok, it was not your fault. Quit blaming yourself. There is nothing to feel guilty about. We are into the world dead. If we experience death, we open our eyes to life around us. My next blog will reflect those thoughts. I saw death at 6, I was molested at 12 and saw death again at 21. We learn by mistakes if we do not learn then we are dead the rest of our lives. If I was your Father, I would give you a hug and ask what you were going to do tomorrow. The past is behind you gone forever. Quit blaming yourself.

        I look at everything that happened to me and thank the Lord for it. It made me who I am today. Strong. He had his hand on me the whole time. To save the world, you have to save yourself first, quit blaming yourself, it was not your fault. Your world is your family it is not outside that door. You save other worlds through your writings. You are a great writer. You are stronger than you think. You only become weak when you live in the past. All of us do that. Make your peace with God and move on to your writings.
        If I was sitting there with you, I would look into the heavens and say she was a child remove the guilt from her heart. Dry the tears in her spirit. Amen

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      9. Thank you for your love from afar Father Rattlesnake. I appreciate your kind words and nurturing from a father to a daughter. My time since the abortion has been served. Seven years after the event I was offered Motherhood again. And seven years and a trinity of holy girls after accepting Motherhood as I always should have, I was offered a blessed baby boy. My God has shown he has forgiven and he has blessed where I tried to keep myself from being a family person.

        The weight I carry with me is one I struggle to put down. Because with each moment I see how much joy and love and happiness comes from the love I bear for my children. And I can’t help but think how much love I missed by choosing not to accept that first baby that was offered. I wonder how my little 17 year old would be now, who they would have shaped themselves to be in the time we had. But that is the past and a reality that never came to be.

        I am living happily in the moment where I am the blessed mother of four of the brightest lights the world could hope for raising them alongside the most wonderful man ever imagined.

        I may never be able to put down the life that I gave up. I don’t know that I would want to. I want God to know that I messed up and that I know I messed up. That loss of life was a mistake I will never make again and one that shapes the person I am today in this moment. Because every month that I menstruate, I honor the life that is passing that will never be. Because just like my first angel baby that never got a chance to live, that life too will never come to be. And while I may not be able to handle another life and ultimately the passing is a positive thing, I still feel the sadness at the loss of connection and love.

        God is good. He has given me peace with my actions. But I still accept responsibility for making a grave error of judgment. One that I hold on to to remind myself the true cost when you don’t trust in God and love.

        Thank you Old Rattlesnake, I’m so appreciative of your presence in my world. Thanks for being you and being so wonderfully kind to a stranger on the interweb.


      10. I going to address your abortion in the next blog. To help you understand something. Why I told you to quit telling yourself your guilty. You have nothing to be ashamed of.


      11. Gen. 3:24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim’s, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.
        It might seem mute to you but tree of life is lower case so is, created male or female. Come to me as children.

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      12. It’s interesting that you mention both the flaming sword and the tree of life. The flaming sword to my mind is the word of truth or in other words, the word of God or in still more words, the will of God. God stands at the protector of the tree of life.

        I find interest in the tree of life because i created myself a charm bracelet which had symbolic meaning. I chose two charms, first was the tree of life and the second was the yin and yang symbol. I felt balance and harmony was needed to be brought to the tree of life. And so I worked my charm bracelet to represent the change that needed to happen. The color of change has worn away and all that is left is but for a few traces of the change that must happen.

        Interestingly another Tree of Life charm came to me while I was celebrating a dual birthday party for my April babies. A choker with a tree of life symbol on it was presented to me. I willingly took the choker as a symbol of my servitude and commitment to the holy divinity that is life and all attached to life. I willingly give my life to promoting the best interest of the ONE responsible for the fountain of youth that is my life.


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