Reborn New Day From the Past

Woke up this morning.  Had my morning coffee outside and watched Creation come to life around me.  Birds flying through the air.  Watched my neighbors going to work.  Engage in morning adulations of laughter with each person young an old.

It was time for me to go to work.  As I say Boots on the Ground.  I traveled back to the time of Creation between the Religions of Mesopotamia Valley and the Religions of the Indus River Valley, 6000 BC.  I look through the eyes of the ancients how they expressed creation through symbols.  They did not have an alphabet only symbols. to express their thoughts.  They saw Creation in Geometric patterns, circles, triangles, straight lines, curved domes, rectangles and box shapes.

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This symbol in the ancient Semitic language means “man with arms raised”.  Creation always uses three prime numbers, 2,3 and 7.  These are numbers when divided by itself becomes one.  Three become one, male, female and Creation.  Now in the eyes of the ancients the horizon circled around them and they knew that you could walk to the horizon and it would continue on never coming to a end. Their world around them was a circle sometimes you will see the word wheel.  It was a wheel surrounding them. Creation swirled around them on a straight line East or West.  They watched the movement of the Sun and the Moon and the planets.  They knew that the circle had a radius and you stood in the middle of the circle. The ancient Semitic/Hebrew knew that a circle has 360 degrees and it was divided by 60 degrees.   The symbol for the radius of a circle is pie.  Pi starts with the number 3.141…… In the present scientist have calculated that pi goes to quadrillion numbers never repeating itself and it still goes on into eternity.  This gives me a foundational support for the belief in eternity,  Iam that Iam,of my Creation, was is and will be forever in the spiritual realm of thought.

Faith as a mustard seed.  A mustard seed is a molecular structure circular in shape.  Faith has two states to it.  One we simply believe in Creation or Two we deny Creation.  You have only one choice, 2 being a prime number divided by itself becomes One.  In the spiritual realm we are born spiritually dead we are born into sin.  Death has two quantum fields to it.  Either you come to life in Creation or you return the coldness of the womb where we came from.  The difference between life and death.  You will spend eternity in one state or the other.

Thermodynamics of Heat and Cold, RX.# the 7 churches of Revelation.  Either your hot or cold there is no middle ground.  However man becomes the go between you and Creation and blinds you. It would look like this , Woman, Man then Creation.   Creation dictates Man, Woman and Creation that is an absolute Law of Nature.

7 is a prime number divided becomes One.  Creation in the Laws of Nature is absolute.  You try to change the states and you will judge yourself by your own hands.  Man created 7 beautiful Women the 7 religions of the world that man created.  It will all be destroyed in its time.  Everything has a season.

A beautiful woman in Creation is referred to as comely.  Her beauty ages with time, knowledge and understanding.  She does have to show off her beauty to gain attention.  She does not show off to the world her figure, short skirts, her bosom, painted faces tight leggings ect.  Her beauty radiates from her heart, her bosom,her hands embracing all around her.  She does not seek attention. She returns to her Creator as a female child.

Woman was made RX# Gen: 2: 21 [LC]….and·he-is-taking one from angular organs of him…… King James will lie to you and tell you that it was a rib taken from man.  Woman was already alive, Gen.1:27, she was given the strength of a man.  What is a man’s strength? It is his hands.  Ancient picture graph will tell you the rest of the story.  The woman was not asleep when the One who created you as a female He stood in front of You.  Mans was asleep as it is written.

Image result for arm hebrew symbolShe has the strength of man his hands to embrace all to her bosom and heart to give life to all that she touches the hands of I am that I am.  She has the Crown of Authority the angels that surround her. [KJV/NT]

The woman is the embodiment of the body of the Creator.  She recognized the I AM that I Am before the male child opened his eyes to the world around him and saw her nakedness, her Creation the One who stood in front of her. The One of Creation stood in front of man but he denied his creation and decided to create over time another woman that would rival the one that stood in front of him.  He tried to create a woman that was more beautiful then the woman that stood in front of him.

The Mom today has 2 quantum states, One Creation or Two deny Creation.  Either way 2 is a prime number and becomes one choice for eternity.

To move a mountain is simply deny one and accept the other ONE.

I made a comment yesterday that Gen goes back to 6000 BC.  To confirm a truth you have to have two witnesses.  Then there is One.

I took it upon myself to learn cuneiform script which goes back to 6000 BC.  Upon my travels I came across a cuneiform script that was dated back to 6000 BC.  It a pictograph telling a story  of a group of people that revolted against the slavery of man.  It had male and female symbols.  This occurred in the Zagros mountains. They came out of the wilderness between the Mesopotamian river valleys and the Indus river valleys.   This is what cuneiform script looks like. It is a staff with a triangle on top.

Image result for cuneiform symbols

This is how I know that Creation started between the two river valleys and did not come out of Africa. 6000 BC.  Lucy was just another women they say nothing but bones she was dead on arrival.

Thoughts fulfill the requirements of the 4th Law of Relativity where it states time and space become stationary.

The rest of the Story is Balaams Ass RX# Numbers 21- 39. Read ahead of me and within those chapters your looking for one sentence, one image .  It has a spiritual connotation to Creation to the rebuilding your Temple.  There is a difference between a donkey and a Ass. You will find the same narrative when Jesus rode on the back of an Ass coming into Jerusalem. He however did not beat it with a rod.

Balaams Ass

Pure Glory

Instead of letting the circumstances walk on top of you, it is time to walk on top of them. Dwelling on and rehearsing the past and the problems? Instead of rehearsing the problems, you need to start rehearsing God’s promises.

Stop talking to God about all your problems. Instead, talk to your problems, about your God!

Response;  I gave authority to Manic Depressive over my life at one time.  So I am going to tell Manic Depressive who became a god in my life.  If you don,t stop bullying me my god is going to come and fix your wagon.  That is so lame to tell a child that malarkey.  I thought we wore to heal ourselves and cast the demons out?

Pastor Ray Patrick Daily BS.

As a Mother Comforts us So God will comfort You

“As a mother comforts her child, so God will comfort us, who live on in our mother’s absence on this earth; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem,” says the Lord our God. (Adaptation of Isaiah 66:13 for those whose mothers were with us in spirit but not physically present this Mother’s Day). Amen!

My Response;

You deny Creation and tell the young ladies out there that there is a Mother God.  That is paganism, Roman Paganism.  You deny Creation I Am that I am. You came unto another woman and tell others to go to bed with her.  Mothers absence is a lie.  It sounds like you are talking about the virgin Mary.   Creations response to your lies; Deuteronomy 23;

2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

You are an illegitimate child of Creation.  I am That I Am never told me his name was LORD, Christ or God.  Man told me that. A man called King James.

A prophet is someone who interprets the past.  A charlatan interprets the future.  Jesus was a prophet who interpreted the past.  Am I a prophet ? You decide, me I just interpret the past to make it appear before your eyes in the present. Jesus did tell me that I would go on to do more then him. That is his words not mine.

Welcome to My World


I Am that I Am