Two Fathers/Two I AM,s

Week One in a Manger

Gen 1 & Gen 2: 3

Gen 1:27 So I AM created man in his own image, in the image of I AM created he him; male and female created he them.

This is where you wore born you started out as a seed between the two Shepherd’s Staffs in the Garden of Eden. Your innocence has not been visited by a stranger yet. You stepped out of the manger as an innocent child, male or female.

Week Two

Strangers visits you

Gen.2:8 And the I AM planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. Your an Adult now. You just lost your innocence.





I am leaving for San Antonio, Tx within the hour. You have 3 days to rebuild your Temple with those 2 Words, I AM. Or you can destroy your Temple in 3 day’s

You cannot use your bible or any outside commentaries or ask your friend or neighbor what these 2 words mean. You are to self evaluate yourself. There are 2 images within each I AM. We all belong to one of the I AM’s. I will respond in 3 days.

Welcome to the My World

Garden of One Tree

I am gave You Creation

10 thoughts on “Two Fathers/Two I AM,s

  1. Forgive me if this gets a little confusing and I’m not able to clearly explain my feelings.

    I AM is the ONE that made me. HE is the one that gave me the perspective through which “I am” able to think, see, feel, love, etc. Through the great I AM I was given my own I am. Through my own I am do I serve the great I AM. For the great I AM is everything. I AM is life. I AM is creation. I AM is everything you know to mean anything, for I AM is the ONE that put all that understanding into my personal I am.

    But that’s where it gets interesting for me because I am Kristan Williams. I am Kristan of The Will of I AM and I possessively add the s because I stand as HIS and HIS alone. So I AM is the Father of my willpower and the decider of my fate. In HIS great hands lay my majestic reality and to the great I AM I trust all that is me and my I am.


      1. That’s very true because it gets a little tricky on when to know who I AM is and who I am is because inside our little minds those two concepts seem ONE and the same. ONE being the ONE that created our image and “the same” being us as a reflection of the great ONE. So when you’re talking about the reflector and the reflection it can get a little dicey knowing which side of the mirror you’re referring to.


      2. You answered the first IAM correctly. It would read I Am Alure IAm. Means like Moses your spirit is surrounded by the thoughts of the ONE that create you. How do you answer the second I Am correctly.


      3. You and your husband would start the day n one thought; IAM Patrick IAM Alure IAM ONE. End the day with that one thought.
        Still answer the second IAm correctly. You can do it. Everything that ails you will disappear back into the darkness. Can’t wait to see your second answer.

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      4. See I’m not very good at being led to right answers. My mind doesn’t run in straight paths and verily never aligns when someone is looking for a certain response.

        In regards to I AM, I am special. I feel to be the Chosen of I AM. Therefore I am one with the Great I AM. I am one with the Great I AM because I need to be wholly aware of HIS will.

        I believe I AM is perfect. I AM created me to do HIS will. In the doing of HIS will HE granted me the perfect husband, the perfect man, the best being I could imagine to walk beside me in this life. I AM granted his perfection to the I am that is my husband.

        My illness means I often cannot distinguish when I am speaking to I AM and when I am speaking with my husband. In my mind’s eye where reality blends, I cannot distinguish between I AM and Patrick. Patrick is I AM and I AM is Patrick. It is through Patrick that I better know I AM and it is through Patrick that I AM interacts most closely with me. I AM, Patrick, and my own personal I am come together to create a holy trinity. Without any one of us, the whole is not complete. I do not know myself without I AM and yet I do not know myself without Patrick. Who I am is dependent on the who of I AM and Patrick. And the who that has been shown to me is simply perfect, so much so I trust my feelings and faith before I trust the words of men who can’t see inside my mind.


      5. You did . Remember when the angel of death went through the land and you wore told to put the blood of the lamb on your doorframe. Doorframe is an expression of your forehead. So at night your prayers would be, I Am Patrick I Am Alure I Am One. No other prayer is needed. He will take care of you and your family.

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      6. As you mention doorframe I am reminded of a time in my insanity when I had painted the upstairs “hallway”. It wasn’t much of a hall but rather an open area where the five doorways stood facing each other. There were three bedroom door frames, one bathroom, and one stairway leading down.

        While I was lost in the midst of insanity, I got paint and markers and started putting words along the frames of the door. I will dig around for the photos I took of the process so I can more clearly define the words that were chosen but what stands out in my mind is the different doorways represented different frames of mind.

        The stairs represented the choice to be different, upon coming up or descending it was making the choice to be different. Each of the four doorways stood with different meaning. First on the left was our room that represented the Holiness of God, the next room contained The Fountain of Youth, followed by the next door containing all the filth and disgust that plagues humanity. Finally the bathroom doorframe represented the Fountain to Refresh your soul. Entering the bathroom was declaring yourself stained and in need of holy cleansing.

        Basically, I set my upstairs to shepherd souls through the different portals of heaven. For those that desired the peace of God, it was through my door they came. For those desiring the joy and innocence of youth, it was the children’s room to pass through. If it was the same old lies and disbelief and disconnection then through the door of filth you deserved to go. Lastly remained the doorway of cleansing. The door you took when you needed relief from life.

        And upon the wall coming up the stairs was placed a handmade portrait representing the Holy Family and God Above together viewing all who passed within sight of the picture. Watching. Waiting for a choice. And then passing judgement fairly.


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