Surgical Strikes RX# Jn.5:2; Rev.17:9– Pools of Bethesda

Pools of Bethesda

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. Rx 17:9

When I was in the Military because of the nature of my job.  I was sent to FT. Polk, La for-jungle training for Infantry troops going into Southeast Asia.  One of the training exercise’s me and my Platoon were helloed twenty miles into the swamps.

We wore only given an aerial topography map no compass.  We had a day and a half to get back to post.  Our sense of direction came from the east west movement of the sun and whatever landmarks we could find in the swamps to guide our travel.  Unless someone got severely hurt, we had a radio freq. for Medi Vac, even then we would have to find a clearing in the swamps for the helo to sit down.  To remove the injured soldier to the base hospital.

It was my job to train and instruct my troops on how to navigate the swamps using their instincts, with few landmarks, not visible to eye using the movement of the sun to guide them.  We wore 20 miles north northeast of the base that is the only information they had and a day’s ration and water.

If you are not taught how navigate the terrain in the Old Testament and the New Testament you will become lost in the jungle of words.  You have to narrow your focus and use your instinct to guide you.

The other day I showed the Shepherd’s staff in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.  I let it sit there in your mind for a while.  There is a second Shepherd’s staff, the Indus river that flows out of the Himalayan mountains and turns and flows between Pakistan and India empties into the Arabian Gulf.  This area is called the Indus River Valley.  This area dates back to about 5000 BC.  These two Sheppard Staffs and the rivers they encompass are the Cradles of Religion.  Between these two regions came the 7 great religions of the world.

From Ancient Mesopotamia came 3 with their women;

  • Islam with the goddesses Allat
  • Judaism with the goddesses Asherah
  • Christianity with the goddess Ishtar other names/ Asherah/ Virgin Mary

From the Indus Valley came 4 with their women

  • Hinduism with the goddess Parati, she is trinitarian in nature
  • Buddhism with the goddess Tara
  • Jainism with the goddess Padmavathi
  • Taoism with the goddess Guānyīn


Image result for zagros mountains map


Indus River Valley Civilization Map From Pasarelapr 5

Both Sheppard staffs are bordered by deserts to the south of the river valleys. The Euphrates and the Tigris river narrow to one river,  Shatt al Arab and it empties into the the Persian Gulf which flows into the Arabian sea.  The Brahmaputra and the Ganges rivers flow into the Indus river and it travels into the Arabian sea.  Between the two Shepherd’s staff east to west is the womb of man’s religion the wilderness.  If you conceptualize the two Shepherd’s staff narrowing to a point , their like the birth canal of a woman.  Rivers and seas are idiomatic expressions of life.  Water supplies all life, our body, soul and spirit.

To answer Rx# 17:9:The seven heads are seven mountains are the 7 religions of the world that were created by the sons of the woman. Mountains are expressions of a man’s mind.  The highest point on your body, male or female.

These 7 religions were all born in a Cradle.   Cradle, an infant’s bed mounted on *rockers.

Jn.5:3 In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the *moving of the water.

This is what they tell you in Christianity that the holy spirit came across you.  The other religions have the same euphemisms used in the other 6 religions.

All religions are like the sheep markets they bring you into the barns to shear you bring your sins never raising you in spirit from your tomb.  They roll a stone in front of you and keep you in darkness.

All babies come from a two women. Between the two Shepherd’s staffs in the wilderness.

Between the two Shepherd’s staff in the wilderness are two women.  One is created by the God of Creation, he MADE the Woman Gen 2: 18:2…..I will make him an help meet for him.   To bear witness of his creation.  The other woman[on which the woman sitteth ]that sits on the mountain she gave birth to 7 religions that became Kings in their own land.  This is all in the spiritual realm, [mind which hath wisdom ].

You only have two women in the wilderness in the darkness of the womb of Creation.  In the Old Testament the second woman is like Hagar.  She was an Egyptian slave she was a stranger to Creation.  She enslaved Abraham’s lust with her beauty and he came unto her.  You see this in Genesis;3: 4 And the serpent said unto the woman.  The other woman is Sara who was chosen.

The image of a man denied the woman that stood in front of him [LC]. When God took the rib the woman he made, she stood in front of the man.  The Woman was between man and God.

The image of man created his own woman by denying his creation.  He deceived what God made for him.  They both became naked and the man and the woman clothed themselves with fig leaves as aprons.

fig leaves as aprons; figs means “,Peace and Prosperity“, aprons is what is called a split expression;  The Ark of the Covenant was a wooden boxed plated with gold;  the golden calf the people made when Moses came down from the mountain, was a wooden structure plated with gold.  These things are fleeting they all vanished into the history books.

The 7 religions of man all showcase their women, trophy wives, beautiful goddesses, created  in statutes, made of rock, brass or marble, voluptuous figures.

Pools of Bethesda you can enter the waters awaiting in season;

Jn. 5:3 In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.

JN.5: 4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

It was the image of a man that fell out of Creation.  Angel is an expression of the nature of man. Good or Evil.  You go into religions impotent and you come out impotent there is no life.  You cannot create life within your spirit.

The God of Creation separated the two women; God called the light like Sara; and he called the darkness like Hagar while you were still in the womb. Between the two shepherd’s staffs the Cradles of Religions.

So if I was your Father and you have crippled yourself for 38 yrs lamenting about your problems.  I would tell you get off your butt and do something create life. [Jn.5:8]. All you are doing is creating your own darkness.

Came across an old script I will share with you;  There are 3 Gods and there is only One, there I stand.

Every morning you wake up you are reborn to create life or to create your own darkness.  Beware of strangers you might be entertaining angels, Heb. 13:2

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

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