Pre Op Notes RX# Pool of Bethesda

I was jotting down some pre op notes in my head what I was going to write concerning the Pool Of Bathsheba in Jn. 5, 2- 5.  It follows on the heels of Lust the other Woman.

In the 14 or so years since I left the religions of the world.  I set a quest in my mind where it says in Word there are no more mysteries.   I narrowed my eyes to one Father that created all of us in his image.  In 3x’s, My Father had to have a Body, Soul and Spirit.  I went back to Genesis.  Sat looking at the Tree of life for many years.

Just for reflection if I took an evolutionary viewpoint.  Then I would have come from a Tuna. Because I like Tuna sandwiches.  My Father would have been a Tuna. I would have been in the image of my Father through paternal generations.

The Laws of Nature are strict mathematical structures that cannot be altered by the hands of man even with supercomputers.  It just cannot be done without disastrous results in all areas of life. I know the higher forms of mathematics this cannot be achieved.

The last comment from the blog Lust the Other Woman.  I made a reference to homosexuals and lesbian lifestyles.  The spiritual application of Lust has nothing to do with them.  They cannot create life they can only adopt life.  Even within those lifestyles the Laws of Nature are still in effect one is male and one is female. They cannot create life, the life they adopt will suffer because there is no balance of reality for the child.  Enough said.

  1. Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.
  2. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
  3. become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
  4. Physician, heal thyself: do also here in thy country.

I put four sentences before your eyes.  Take the time to read them in sequence.  Dwell on it for a minute what you just read then turn around and read them from number 4 to number 1 without stopping.  They all come from 3 Gospels.  Something should have struck your mind like a lightning bolt.

I am going to answer the questions starting with number 4 and work my way up to number one 1.  Words fell from heaven we pick up the words to ascend into the heavens.  That is what Jacob was telling me the other day.  Boots on the ground from the Father who created me.

4.The word, Physician heal thyself:  We are all told to be Doctors to heal ourselves with the words of our Father.  Be it terminal illness or mental illness like I once claimed. There two absolutes in life we are either taught or we learn from others. I had Emphysema stage 4.  I researched everything about it including the medicines they were given me.  The same with my mental illness, Manic Depressive/Combat PTSD.

I am a Father with two boys who are 49 and 48.  Every now and then they will come to me with there problems.  I will listen to them and reply back with life experience what I think they should do.

I did not focus on what ailed me but ask my Father what I could do.  I did not ask him to heal me and make lamentations all day long.  I moved on to other things.  In my silence answers would come to me.  Today my health is restored not perfect but I don’t take meds anymore or oxygen.  Years ago I could only lift about 10 pds today I can lift 50 pds without short breathing.  I can walk longer distances. Today.  You can sit by the pool for 38 yrs. or you can get up and do something. [JN.5: 8]

  1. I have been around sick children all my life. One thing I noticed about them is that they did not care if they were sick, they wanted something to play with.  Unless they were severely ill even then they did not think about their illness.  They thought about others.
  2. Reborn go back to Genesis and dwell in the Garden and look at the Tree of Life and ask the Father to explain it to you, simple as that. Become one with your Father.

It took me awhile to understand a philosophy that came out the ancient lands.  The past is your present there is no future.  The time the sun comes up it is already the past.

Genesis tells you this there is no future only eternity in the flesh or in the spirit.  By the time your eyes open in the present the future has already became your past.  When the moon is overhead a new day starts.  The Father did not kill me it was man who jabbed his spear into my heart.  Then I died and the sky turned black.  The sun was overhead.  The separation of light and darkness when it is overhead.  Your reborn everyday you open your eyes.  The question becomes do you do you spend the day in the flesh lamenting about what ails you; or you spend the day in the spirit creating life around you by looking at the Tree of Life. 1. There are no mysteries in the kingdom only the, Pools of Bethesda that cripple you.

You can cripple yourself everyday or sit in the Pools of Bathsheba waiting for the Father to heal you or send his son back.  No where in the Lord’s prayer does it say in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Correct me if I am wrong.  It tells you how to heal yourself.  Jesus never had a last name until the body of men gave him one to confound the sheep so they could be  sheared.

Your eternity is always in the present day never in the past or the future.  We only learn from the past.

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Garden of One Tree

The Father that Gave You Life