Interpretations Body, Soul and Spirit 3x

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the dude Habakkuk (3:17-18) who lamenting about the young people leaving the barns and the land around his world became devoid of life.  The Trees never grew to full height.

The Old Testament is very narrowly written it is talking to you.  It is not talking to a nation collectively as a whole like America who is a washed in strange gods.  Its narratives and words are for the individual like you and me.  Common people that lived in the lands of the Sumerians who taught the common person like me to serve the body of man to serve their God.  They taught me the correct ablations and prayer sacrifices to properly approach God, give my money and wealth to sustain the animal in the barn.

Habakkuk had no college education he was a common man like me.  Yet he heard the voice of the One that created him.

Interpretations, Body, Soul, Spirit 3xs


And God said, Let us make man in our image [KJV]

He gave me the body of a Man

So the One who gave me a body also has a body by the use of the word us.

He created Male and Female.

He gave the Female a body not the body of a man.  The One who created you as a Female made you and gave the strength of His soul and His Spirit.

…. and·he-is-saying Yahweh Elohim (Salvation, Mighty and Strength) not good to be of the human to alone of him I shall make for him helper to stand in front of him. [LC]

… And the *LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. [KJV]

The One who made you a Female you were already living and breathing.  He did not breathe into your nostrils.

… And the *LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

*LORD is a reference to Jesus who has not showed up yet. It points your eyes to the future which hasn’t come yet.  It is one thing mentor the words of a man named, Jesus but another to worship and say prayers to him i.e…

… Thank You for filling me with might and power to overcome the tough times, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.  Now you are in the present.

The One who created me gave me the body of a Man if I worship and adore another Man and become convinced that my Salvation lies in the body of another man then I commit lust in my heart.  I give up my soul and spirit to another man.  I mentor from the words of Jesus but I don’t worship him.  Jesus pointed my eyes back to the Old Testament where his strength came from in the,” Garden of Trees”, where the One who created you stands in front of you, “EDEN”, Peace of Mind.

The One who created me gave me the body of a man put in front of me the body of female.  We are to become one to see the One who created me and made her.

You change One’s nature you become an animal dead and that is how you will spend eternity.  Me and my wife will spend eternity in, Peace of Mind” not in the flesh for eternity.


 Words that we consume on a daily basis.   Words that come to us from the past to the present.  We hear them we see them we consume them.  We can only take the present to control what we might be in the future.

Words have in their own right a Body, Soul and Spirit.  That we consume and speak on a daily basis.  One of my favorite word’s is Mt. Lebanon in the Old Testament.  It is mentioned 71 times.

… Will a man leave the snow of Lebanon which cometh from the rock of the field? or shall the cold flowing waters that come from another place be forsaken? [KJV]

The word Mountain has a solid body it points to the One who created us.  It has a soul,” Snow”, represents purity.  It has its own spirit for us to consume on a daily basis.


The One who created us in his image has a Body a Soul, his Words and a Spirit.

We all have a Body, Soul and a Spirit who us his Nature, Body, Soul and Spirit.

If you feel you or overweight, feeling depressed, sickly you consumed to many words that do not give you back your life, change your diet consume words like Mt. Lebanon and things in your life will disappear.

The Old me was Manic Depressive, Combat PTSD, terminal Emphysema stage 4.  Massive amounts of medications 15 daily, oxygen tanks daily to supply 95% pure oxygen so I could function daily.

The New me I don’t use oxygen, I rarely use medications, I have Peace of Mind with the One who created me.

I gained knowledge and understanding of the words of the Old Testament.  If you stay in the New Testament you are fed words that feed your flesh.  They block your spirit from seeing the One behind the body of man.

Body of Man feeding your flesh.

….. the other day my phone died unexpectedly, because I had forgotten to plug it in to charge, and all the power was drained. Everyone goes through seasons in life that seem overwhelming; times when you’ve felt drained of strength and power……  especially at the *night times in your life. Don’t let the difficult times and difficult people….

*He called the darkness and you became codependent to your own darkness.

52 weeks out of the year we sit one day in the barns and get fed darkness.

It’s no wonder Habakkuk was lamenting you were not being fed proper nutrition.

I filed my Tax returns for last year in the wealthiest nation on earth.  My combine salary came out to 13,186 dollars.  The One who created me, gave my family shelter, a bed to sleep in and food on the table.  Gave me back my life when I left the barns and change my diet to foods that make me grow into eternity, “Peace and Quiet, Peace of Mind”.

Habakkuk had no college education he was a common man like me.  Yet he and I heard the voice of the One that created us.

Some will see the light some won’t that is just a fact of life.  Cut out the body of man, the serpent that blocks your eyes to the One that created you.  That will only happen when your desire to live overrides what the body of a  man told you on how to live your life.

Welcome to the My Word

Garden of Trees

The One that gave you Life

5 thoughts on “Interpretations Body, Soul and Spirit 3x

  1. You know it’s interesting. As I read this, I come to the end about how little you live on. Over here in Ohio, my family is doing much of the same. Because of my illness, my husband has to be home around the clock to care for me. Doing so means he is unable to work many hours to support the family. So in a way, our family is in poverty (by the general populations standard).

    But oh how joyously rich our lives are. We have so many free moments to be together. Because our time is not tied to a corporation or meaningless job. We are free to be together as we need, which is all the time.

    Now it could be said that in our copious amounts of free time we are not going out to eat, taking vacations, traveling, visiting places, or buying new things. We have very little money and the cash usually goes to buying things that we have been needing to buy for months but couldn’t afford up until the point that we can’t avoid not buying them anymore. Things like clothes and shoes and tires for the car and an alignment and other things that shouldn’t be avoided but all cost money and so must be when you just don’t have it.

    I could be sad that I’m not doing all kinds of things but I’m not. My mind is positively refreshed at the realization that I am living a blissfully happy existence. I am with my definition of The Perfect Family all the time. While we don’t have “much” by society’s standards what we do have is more than enough to make us happy. We have a comfortable sized home (while no yard or copious amounts of space still has space enough for storage). We have plenty of food to eat (while not the fancy expensive or always the first choice still there’s food in the belly). We have multiple computers to access the internet and a wide variety of enjoyment producing games (while not the newest are still good games). We have a TV that is connected to Netflix and sometimes Hulu (while not cable TV still an abundant choice of content). We have a vehicle that fits our family and gets us where we need to go (while not in the best shape or in safe condition still it runs and runs well enough to go). And we have a cellphone (while not a smart phone still gives us communication with the outside world).

    So much we have and yet so poor people would call us when they find we live on less that $27,000 for a growing family of six people. Yet my small earnings tell me that people truly don’t know how cheap you can live happily and how truly expensive their inability to feel fulfilled really is.


    1. I just read your words and I became emotional in the context as a Father watching his own child growing up. My oldest son is 49 yrs. old the youngest 48 yrs. old. I am going to witness your words on a blog this morning. I am not going to mention your name.
      I like you have a rich life. Me and my wife combined salary 13,186 dollars. We live in a 2-yr. old apartment unit, drive around in a 2014 Buick Enclave with all the whistles a and bells. Being an old Texas Rattlesnake we eat Rib-Eyes all the time and we like baby back ribs and stuffed mushrooms. Vacations for me and the wife in the present. Its is when I have to travel to San Antonio, Tx to the VA hospital for medical procedures. We get to stay in the Fisher house it is like a hotel. I do not have to pay for it and they feed us with a variety of foods. I am reimbursed for travel. I will be leaving Sunday for Audrey Murphy hospital for follow up post op on my stents they put in me.
      I have penned close to a million words in the last two yrs. Ever so often conversations come up. Why do you do it? To save a life even if it is only one.
      That is why I do it. To save one life from destroying themselves. Have a great weekend with your husband and your family. Every morning you wake up you are reborn in the present. You have a choice to live the day 12 hours of light creating life. Or you can lament about where you came from and live it in the flesh, 12 hrs. creating your own darkness or you can live it creating life from your heart in those around you. You do not need scripture to create life because it is in your nature. I am made you a female.

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      1. I am so glad I AM made me female. I am so blessed to wear the form I do. So much pleasure and satisfaction and connection to the divine comes innately in the form I wear. My inner being is blessed to be called female.

        This weekend has been exceptional. I wake every day looking to find the details of the moment that properly express how blessed I feel to be granted the life I lead. I feel like a living miracle and I make my every moment about being a miracle to those I come in contact with. If even one life is brightened by my way of being in a day, then I feel I will have worked hard in the day and achieved much success. And even if the only being lighted by my being in a day is myself, still I stand beyond blessed to be so fortunate and favored to received such a positive perception of life and being.

        Much love in your travels today. I hope you find yourself safe and well at the end of your journeys.


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