What’s My Purpose in Life

“What’s Your Purpose in Life”, and age-old question that each of us tries to answer throughout our lives. In the cycle of life that whirls around us like a wheel from the time the Sun rises to the time the Sunsets.  We only have two absolutes to work with to answer that question;

  • Birth and Death an absolute that cannot be changed.
  • Male and Female an absolute that cannot be changed

These are two absolutes that exist within our spirits that made us who we are.  If you try to alter the absolutes. All one is doing, is trying to create life, by changing the Laws of absolutes.  We all create an alternative reality that shines brightly in our eyes, like the moon at night, to displace the darkness that engulfs us all. To give our lives meaning.  We run to and fro from one event to the next event in our lives picking up colorful jewels to hide our hurts.  That overtime lose their luster.  Then we look for other jewels to mask our hurts from prior events.  So others cannot see.  We create a pseudo reality from the colorful jewels we clothe ourselves with.

There is another absolute that arises;

  • We are all born into government’s and religions.

The four major religions of the World,

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Buddha
  • Hindu
  • And other religions that are not noted here.

Religions of the world have a commonality that flows through each one like a thread.  In order to serve their god you have to serve the serpent.  He will instruct you on how to reach your destiny.   Your Purpose in Life.

Then they lay out their stones on the tables before you like jewels that become opulent in your eyes and take on their own life within you.

In Christianity you see colorful jewels that shine on the table like rubies before your eyes;

  1. Unity-
  2. Diversity

Then you get this question from a man: “What does the Bible say about unity amid diversity”?

Then you get comments like this: “Unity has almost become a cliché word people use when either trying to calm everyone down after troubled times or get others to agree with one’s agenda”.  Control words.

“We have to understand that unity is not just a relational issue, but a Gospel issue. It is not just about us finding ways to relate to one another, but that our unity has eternal implications.”

Then you get the rest of the story;

Common evangelistic and missionary goals can enable people to experience unity beyond their nationalities. This needs to start in local congregations. Most churches now have people from a wide variety of national backgrounds. Some churches affirm their unity in the midst of diversity by displaying flags of all of the nations represented in their congregation in their gatherings. Some invite people to bring food that is representative of the different countries. Many churches are now involved in mission trips to Latin American countries to win people to their church gives members an opportunity to get acquainted with people from other countries. Someone said: “When you personalize, you demythologize.” In other words, when we get to know people personally, we get rid of the myths related to that group. In addition to what the churches are doing, it is very encouraging to see the various fellowships coming together and forming a network of leaders that is in an excellent position to relate to the Executive Committee’s Convention Advancement Council.  People are experiencing a new sense of unity as they seek to become more involved in the work of the Southern Convention.

I used this statement to illustrate a point.  I redacted portions of the last statement on purpose.  All religions have one agenda,” to get one to agree to one’s agenda.   All of man’s religions do this. It is servitude to the religion. There is no freedom in religion but only slavery to man’s religions.

So your left struggling for life because of the hurts within you.

This professor Emeritus of Theology never cared about your hurts inside of you and he never told you about the rock that sits in the middle of the table.

To answer the question, What is my Purpose in Life”.

I walked back one year to the Garden of Trees and sat in silence for many years.  Became celibate to man’s religions. Then he came to me one day and spoke to me;

I am the One that created you, I gave you my life, my breath within you. I gave you words within you to raise yourself from the dead to become like one of us.

I am the One who gave you hands to use your talents to create life around you.

Then He left;

The One who created me in the Garden of Trees will not destroy me.  I heard his voice in silence in my heart.   It is the serpent, man’s religions that blocks your path.  Between who you are and where you are going.

I do not deny the One who created me and now use my talents to create life in others, words using my hands to raise them from the dead.

Some will see the light some won’t that is just a fact of life.  Cut out the middle man, the serpent that blocks your eyes to the One that created you.  That will only happen when your desire to live overrides what man told you on how to live your life.

Welcome to the My Word

Garden of Trees

That gave you Life