Where’s Alice?: Stepping Back

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Having jumped ahead to tell about ONE and ALL and EVERYTHING, it is probably necessary to step back and know a little more about ONE and what makes ONE worth knowing.

ONE was an interesting guy to know. In the Realm of God and gods, he was kind of “the guy” to know. He was always right. He was always good. He was always fair. That’s what his name stood for: Omnipotent Nice Equal. He understood his creation meant the right way by all existed. He never took the time to worry about what the right way was, he was only ever concerned with giving his time to “LOVE“. ONE felt LOVE was perfect in nature. He fell down at LOVE’s altar regularly. Truly LOVE made his world go around and he didn’t care what others thought. For ONE felt LOVE was made with all…

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  1. Thank you so much for reblogging this. I’m so excited how interested you are and how you’ve given your time to sharing me as I grow in the world of written expression. Thank you so much you old Rattlesnake. You really brighten my day from so far away!


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