Behavioral Modifications of Talents

 Words hypnotized Us with Sweet Melodies in our Ears

Aramaic Philosophy

Creator created the Heavens…..the First Wheel

Creator created Me in his image…..the Second Wheel

Creator created the Earth….the Third Wheel

Most of followers know that I was in Military at one point in my life.  Because my MOS was in Military Intelligence.  I was  trained in Behavioral Modification techniques related to Interrogation methods of combatants.  In addition, in its infancy I was trained in Forensic Analysis of Words relating to documents gathered.  To establish what makes a person tick, what their behavioral responses are by looking at their use of words spoken or otherwise.

In life we answer questions predicted on what words we have been fed.  We do not always question the authority of words in our lives.   My words are tactical in nature.  I do not like to lose my salvation to a lie.

To create your own Satan, an alternate reality, you need two ingredients;

  1. One, you have an assigned authority or you create an authority.
  2. Two, you create a storyline that sounds plausible.

Once you create a lie from a planet then you need to give the Lie a body, which is the definition of Satan, a lie.

Individual Control Words


Readings from a Pastor

In the New Testament, Jesus tells a parable about three men whose employer gives them>>money (talents)<<. Two of the men were diligent and invested the talents and received a great return. The third man was afraid and buried what he was given. The first two men were rewarded and praised for their diligence, while the third man was rebuked.

Pastor X put brackets around the word talent and sled the lie, money, next to it. This was done deliberately so the next time you’re in church and he asks for money you will feel guilty if you do not give him some money.  He will tie money to tithes a moral principle.  The god you serve likes money.  An you have millions that believe that.  The more money they give the more some god will bless them.   Believers are the body of satan foundations of a lie.

Parable from Matthew 25.

Khabouris Codex Aramaic Translation

LXVI. 25:14 FOR as a man who journeyed called his servants, and delivered to them his property:
25:15-a To one he gave …..

25:15-b …..five talents, and to another two, and to another one, each man according to his faculty; and forthwith went away.

King James

14 For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.

15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.

Points of Contention with Pastors X assertions between his comments aligned with the KC and KJV.

  1. The three men did not have an employer.  The only employer here is the pastor.
  2. A Roman talent is a literal translation but it is a figure of speech refers to Knowledge and Wisdom of a man that is his property.

A Roman talent was a measure of weight, 33 grams of silver.  It would be worth today somewhere north of 100 dollars.

..a man journeyed and delivered them their property… [KC]… he did not give them money.

…accordingly to his facility…[KC]  facility is your mind and your maturity, life experience ect.

Five talents are a man and his  use of Wisdom and understanding to help others.

Two talents are a man and his use of  Wisdom and understanding to help others.

One talent is a man who was given Wisdom and understanding who failed to help others.

1 Kings 4 : 29

Leningrad Codex Aramaic Translation

…..and·he-is-giving Elohim<<[mighty and strong]>> wisdom to Solomon and understanding to be much exceedingly and width of heart as sand as on the shore of the sea…….

King James

29 And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea-shore.

30 And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.

Millions believe in the body of lies that deceive you like a serpent.  In the case Pastor X and others like him that their gods want your money.  You give your money [tithes] ever Sunday and god will make you rich.  Governments give the same spill and increase your tax.s.  Pastor X it what is called generational sin a lie words that land in your basket.

King James Proverbs 16

16 How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

I would rather pan for wisdom and understanding in the waters then to pan for gold or silver everyone has that talent.

Aramaic Philosophy of Life

they did not have verb tenses for the future

“The past is your present”

Perform your own Exorcism:  Words that become like Gods that cause you to stumble into the darkness .

“Welcome to my World”

8 thoughts on “Behavioral Modifications of Talents

  1. I was working on the continuation of the Where’s Alice story. I’m not quite done with the post (it’s long at over 2,000 words). I’m hoping to get the time to share it later tonight. I mention this because in my writing of the piece it came to me that it was parable in nature. I hope you’ll be interested in reading it as I am curious to know your take on my play on words.


      1. Just got it up and posted. While typing it out I realized that I had jumped ahead in the story and therefore might have left things a little confusing. I am working on creating the details that will add to what was skipped in Jumping Ahead. The link is

        Hope you’ll get a chance to read it. Interestingly when I finished typing it up I realized I had used 2373 words. I share this because my birthday is 7/23 and 3 stands for the Holy Trinity in my minds. This combination of numbers gave me the feeling God was with me as I worked to piece this little puzzle together. Hope you enjoy!


      2. Can’t wait to read it. I speed read. I am going to write a blog this morning on institutionalize words and how they affect our lives. I picked up your words alternate realities. I write from what comes into my mind. I try to make young people think about their lives and self evaluate themselves. To better thier lives. I,m constantly evolving in that respect. I never second guess what I write. My Achilles heal is that I always don,t catch my grammatical sentence constructs. Commas and semicolons are my enemies.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I sincerely enjoy your take on my words. The special history you have with language makes your thoughts and opinions and interesting and fulfilling experiences. I look forward to when you’ll share your thoughts on what I write. I like seeing where my mind takes you. And I trust you understand I’m genuinely sensitive and so you wouldn’t lash out with your words to hurt me, even if for some reason you had a negative reception to my writing. I like our back and forth. I truly enjoy our interaction.


      4. I read your article it was great. I was going to comment on your use of a certain word that you used twice in two differnent expressions but the same word. I’m going to hold off commenting because I,m not sure how you percieve this particular word. If it comes up in your other writings I will pay particular attention to it. I won,t shed light on it at this time.
        If you notice my use of the words wheel on my blogs. Philosophically you are between Heaven and Earth when you write you are in your own world. Your audience is like a child anyone younger then you is a child. Because you have knowledge and understanding of life experiences your using your wisdom to teach others to look at like in another light. No different then teaching your own children. You have the power of life and death over children in this case what you write. You have followers you will never meet in other worlds that look up to you from the third wheel. None of us could have been born into the world without the Mom. She births creation in her children as it says the Mother of all Living things. The One that created you as a Woman in the womb.
        About a year ago my wife challenged me to write a book. I wrote a book in 90 days and had it published on my own. Just to see if I could do it and to learn the mechanics involved. Interesting journey. I made a little money on it.
        Theologically speaking I was not sent here to save the world but only a few. I see you went from I’m not a genius to ,” Who the hell told me that”. I reblogged your post with my other comments not these.

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      5. Well I thought to take your advice and hit the ground running. Why couldn’t I be a genius? Maybe I’m just a genius at what I’m a genius at which has little to do with anyone else or any other’s perception of geniusness. So I went to work sharing my particular brand of genius. Thank you for diving in so deeply into the world of my mind. It is fun having you digging around in there looking for the things and details and tricks and connects I’ve put in to find.


      6. When someone or whatever told you that you were not a genesis. You never stopped to ask, “Who the Hell are You”. Till a voice came to you and spoke to you softly and told you, You are a genius. I suspect your life will never be the same and overtime you will wean yourself from the medications when you feel strong enough. You will regain your identity as a Woman and then you will understand what life is all about. You will become a beautiful woman rivers of life that will flow from your heart. Those around you will see it in your eyes. It is not the flesh that makes one beautiful its the heart.


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