Create Lucifer in Two Steps

 Words hypnotized Us with Sweet Melodies in our Ears

Aramaic Philosophy

Creator created the Heavens…..the First Wheel

Creator created Me in his image…..the Second Wheel

Creator created the Earth….the Third Wheel

Most of followers know that I was in Military at one point in my life.  Because my MOS was in Military Intelligence.  I was  trained in Behavioral Modification techniques related to Interrogation methods of combatants.  In addition, in its infancy I was trained in Forensic Analysis of Words relating to documents gathered.  To establish what makes a person tick, what their behavioral responses are by looking at their use of words spoken or otherwise.

On occasions in my Military career I would be assigned to a Recon Plt.  A platoon would consist of about 15 people.  There was a running joke, which was true, upon engagement of the enemy.  You would have only 20 seconds to live.  You had two choices rely on what you’ve been taught or rely on your instincts.   In life we answer questions predicted on what we have been taught.  We do not question the authority of words in our lives.   Very rarely does a person use his instinct.

My responses to life are tactical in nature.  I don’t like to lose my life to a lie.

To create your own Lucifer, an alternate reality, you need two ingredients;

  1. One, you have an assigned authority or you create an authority.  I was a hard stripe Sergeant in the Recon Plt. one year that I commanded.  The men underneath me would not challenge my authority for fear of retribution.
  2.  Two, you create a storyline that sounds plausible.  Drawing from life itself.

Individual Control Words


def; Literary the planet Venus when it rises in the morning : also refers to Satan

Isa. 14 : 12 [LC]

12….how you fell! how you fell from heaven! son of dawn you were hacked down to the earth one defeating nations…

Since I’m a native Texan men underneath me ever so often.  Would ask me what I intended to do after I got out of the Army.  Was I going to have a cattle ranch?  Cattle being synonymous to Texas as is oil.  So I created a simple storyline. All I did was change one word from cattle to penguins and told them what they wanted to hear.  Here is the jest of the story;

I was going to get an acre of land in the Midland Odessa area of Texas.  I was going to raise penguins because there was more money in that endeavor then cattle.  Buy an acre of land put a house in the middle.  Acquire thousands of penguins to raise.  Every summer I would trail drive them to the rail yards two states away.  Ship them to the East Coast as a delicacy food in the restaurants for people to consume.

I told people what they wanted hear.  No one ever thought about it. They did not question my statements because of my authority simple as that.  If you want to know how hot the sun is.  Travel into the high desert regions of West Texas in the summertime and you will get an idea.

I was overseas when I created that storyline.  When I returned stateside, I was assigned to the 501st Military Intelligence Bn at Ft. Ord, California.  On day one in my new Bn, a soldier came up to me and asked me,” Are you the Sargent that is going to have a penguin ranch in Texas when you get out”.  Looking him straight in the eyes, “Yep”.

That is how you create a Lucifer in your spare time an alternate reality that is plausible in the eyes of the recipient.  And words travel through the air by word of mouth or other devices.  In this case my story traveled 9 thousand miles.

I read a report one time on Behavioral Modifications techniques from the Michigan Institute of Technology.  This was out in the mid 70’s.  You take a unknowing recipient and gather a group of people that came in contact with the person on a daily basis.  Simple have the control group not all at once but spread out over time.  Just tell the person that they looked ill.  In a short period of time that person would display symptoms of an illness.

I commanded an Infantry Plt. one year and my Plt. commander was a certain Lt.  It was one of those things he did not like me and I did not like him.  So I took what I knew and told the men underneath me to tell the Lt. on occasions that he looked sick.  Within a period of two weeks he started exhibiting a pseudo like illness.  Fortunately it scared me enough that I simply changed the words to, “You look good today are you feeling better”and repeated the process.  The matter cleared itself up in a short period of time.

When a child is told that they are a Manic Depressive long enough within an authority figure present.  Or if you tell a child long enough that they are stupid.  Over time that child will identify with those words and exhibit pseudo like symptoms of that alternate reality.

The same thing happens in theology when you take a sentence and add a word to it and give it a story line with an assigned authority or an assumed authority ie…

12….how you fell! how you fell from heaven! son of dawn you were hacked down to the earth one defeating nations… [LC]

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations [KJV]. O Lucifer between commas.  Lies weaken the family and destroy children.  Lucifer now has a body.  It is easy to do take a planet and have it come to life with lies by deliberately inserting words in this case. To change the storyline.

Today I created Lucifer in two easy steps tomorrow I will create Satan which by its own definition means a liar.  And watch the birth of Lucifer grow up into adulthood, Satan.

Aramaic Philosophy of Life

they did not have verb tenses for the future

“The past is your present”

Perform your own Exorcism:  Words that become like Gods that cause you to stumble into the darkness ie..I’m not a genius, take out one word not ,then read it, I’m a genius.

 Heal Yourself

“Welcome to my World”