Behavioral Modification,”Lucifer”

 Words Hypnotizes Us with Sweet Melodies in our Ears

Aramaic Philosophy

Creator created the Heavens…..the First Wheel

Creator created Me in his image…..the Second Wheel

Creator created the Earth….the Third Wheel

Most of followers know that I was in Military at one point in my life.  Because my MOS was in Military Intelligence.  I was  trained in Behavioral Modification techniques related to Interrogation methods of combatants.  In addition, in its infancy I was trained in Forensic Analysis of Words relating to documents gathered.  To establish what makes a person tick, what their behavioral responses are by looking at their use of words spoken or otherwise.

In 1985 I was offered a job as a Military adviser to combat forces in another country.  I turned it down for various reasons the main one the American government would deny me if I got caught.  Rest assured governments , companies are well versed in Behavioral Techniques as well as the Church they all use control words to steer you around.  The KJV was deliberately mistranslated by design to convey a metaphysical aspirations of a god.  I serve the God of my Creation that revolves around me.

Control words are like demons that fly into our mind creating images.  Soul and Spirit.

Individual Control Words


def; Literary the planet Venus when it rises in the morning also refers to Satan

Isa. 14 : 12 [LC]

12….how you fell! how you fell from heaven! son of dawn you were hacked down to the earth one defeating nations…

Philosophically what this is saying the man who knew the truth of Creation turned around and created lies in his mind to defeat nations.  Nations is an idiomatic expression of families, ie…husband, wife and children, he subdues you with his wit and shines bright in your eyes.

Religious Control Words

Isa. 14 : 12 [KJV]

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

They deliberately inserted the word Lucifer into the narrative to convey some metaphysical aspiration of angelic evil being that flies between heaven and earth.  It is man’s mind that flies in that realm with imaginations of evil for power and control over families.

From insertion of Lucifer into the narrative then you get these statements from individuals as authoritative power.

It’s one thing to be forgiven of sin, however there is still a need for deliverance. God is a mighty Deliverer! You may feel afflicted, overwhelmed or burdened by the cares of life. God is working to bring you out of that difficult situation. It may not be in the way you thought, but you have to trust that God has your best interests at heart.

Only God knows the hour and the day, but the past hundred years have seen more Jews and Christians slaughtered than in all centuries since the flood.

One statement was written by a man and the other by a woman who  claims the authority as a man.

Individually you deliver yourself from the lies of man in this case, Isa. 14: 12 [KJV].  Then their god 4x will deliver you then waits hundreds of years for his children to be slaughtered before he comes back.  As a Father why would I let another man kill my children with lies? My God created me it is man’s hands that slaughter others.  Creation does not kill its own only man does.  A Lion in the wild will kill other cubs it is not God doing it.  He called the light man called the darkness.

I was watching a Monarch butterfly early this morning on the ground.  He was hurt and could not fly anymore and was struggling to survive.  Finally he quit moving and gave up his life.  That is what happens when we become institutionalized to lies, control words, Lucifer, when we as individuals lose our common sense.  Man tells the truth to someone then you get this comment;

Yes you do! Holy Moly, you struck a chord deep within me. You touched me from so far away. It is wonderful to have footprints following beside me and behind me and all around me as I make this journey to the end of everything I know. Thank you for being there to share and care and just be you. It is wonderful to experience and I’m so blessed to be part of something so beautiful.

Me I am just an Earthly father who cares about children enough to save them from the lies of other men.  I just advise children.

My Earthly father gave me freewill, my Father of my Creation gave me freewill.   It is up to you as an individual to choose what words control your life.

Aramaic Philosophy of Life

“The past is your present”

Perform your own Exorcism:  Words that become like Gods that cause you to stumble into the darkness.

 Heal Yourself

“Welcome to my World”

4 thoughts on “Behavioral Modification,”Lucifer”

  1. Lucifer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For the book of revelation, Jesus is also referred to as the morning star.


    1. The thing is revelations is not in the original Aramaic text. Its an add on in the Greek New Testament. No one seems to know who wrote it.


      1. No but the imagery and symbolism correlates. Many things can be interpreted in 2 (or more) ways. Light can illuminate and it can also blind. The sun gives light, it radiates. The effects of radiation can both give and take life. No matter how one may see themselves or other people, it isn’t necessarily the truth… instead, a version/representation of an aspect of what is true.


      2. Philosophically it corresponds to mans nature. In philosophy the sun is your husband, the moon is the woman and the stars are your children. Venus does not shine as bright as the sun or the moon. But it shines bright n the eyes of children.

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