“Who Do I Serve” Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah ?

Head East into the lands of your Fathers

Aramaic Philosophy

God created the Heavens…..the First Wheel

God created Me in his image…..the Second Wheel

God created the Earth….the Third Wheel

My known world extends 360 degrees around me like a wheel below me, around me, above me.  I only have control in the known world not with other worlds unless you are standing next to me in my  world.  My feet stand on the ground and my mind is between Heaven and Earth.  My heart is in the center of the beam at the apex.

Book of Daniel 2: 17

17 Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions:

The Hebrew names of Daniel’s friends were Hananiah (חֲנַנְיָה Ḥănanyāh), “Yah is gracious”, *Mishael (מִישָׁאֵל Mîšā’êl), “Who is what El is?” and Azariah (עֲזַרְיָה Ǎzaryāh), “”Yah has helped”

* What El is;  Be careful here on interpretation of the word El!  El is what you call a split word an Semitic idiomatic expression of the Nature of Creation and the Nature of man the god he serves.  The Cannities identified their god as El, “the supreme ruler” as did  other cultures with their gods and goddesses.

So what this sentence is saying,”Who is gracious and helps”?  Travel further down the sentences and you see a shift;

49 Then Daniel requested of the king, and he set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, over the affairs of the province of Babylon: but Daniel *sat in the gate of the *king.

Sat in the gate–idiomatic expression sat within eyesight of Nebuchadnezzar although in this verse king is lowercase and it assumes to the reader it is talking about Nebuchadnezzar, (Nevukhadnetzzar), the Hebrew form of the Akkadian name Nabu-kudurri-usur meaning “Nabu protect my eldest son”,

but by the king’s decree[Nebuchadnezzar ] they were assigned Chaldean names, so that Daniel became Belteshazzar (בֵּ֣לְטְשַׁאצַּ֗ר Belteshazzar), Hananiah became Shadrach (שַׁדְרַך Šaḏraḵ), Mishael became Meshach (מֵישַׁ֖ךְ Mêšaḵ) and Azariah became Abednego (עֲבֵ֣דנְג֑וֹ ‘Ǎḇêḏ-Nəḡō). Shadrach’s name is possibly derived from Shudur Aku “Command of Aku (the moon god)”, Meshach is probably a variation of Mi-sha-aku, meaning “Who is as Aku is?”, and Abednego is either “Slave of the god Nebo/Nabu” or a variation of Abednego, “Slave of the god Nergal.” The Chaldean names are related to the Hebrew names, but the name of a heathen god has replaced that of Yahweh.

It was a common practice to change the name of one god to another in the days of the ancients.

48 Then the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief of the governors over all the wise men of Babylon.

Isaiah 14: 12

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O *Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! *Lucifer is another idiomatic expression of man’s nature.  This is referring to Nebuchadnezzar a man, a king, who ruled Babylon.  If you would read further down you would see the word, Babylon.

22 For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD.

Now here where it gets tricky. The story goes in Daniel , three men were thrown into the fire [Judgement] and then there were four.  The question becomes who is the fourth person;

Greek Old Testament[KJV} reads;

25 He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the *Son of God.

Leningrad Old Testament reads;

…the appearance of him the fourth the fourth being like the* son of Elohim…

Appearance of him, mans image of the Creator and then you see* son lowercase.  Elohim in the Hebrew means , “mighty and strong.” We become the image of the Creator in the Laws of Nature that surround us like a wheel.

The Greek King James Old Testament pastors or whoever else will tell you that verse 25, points to a messianic prophecy of Jesus.  That is poppycock .  They will also tell you the Lucifer is some angelic being that roams around to torment you.  You only salvation is going to the pastor and understand his god.  An appearance of god in the face of a man is a lot different then the appearing as a god.

You ever taken an animal, cat or dog, and had them neutered ?  It changes their nature their identity.  In Daniel he and his companions never changed their nature.  The belief in the mighty and strong one the Creator that created them and the world they live in.  Man tried to change their Nature [ Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah] and tested their resolve by changing the name of their god.  Fire is always reflective of judgement of what you believe in change you belief to man.  As you see Nebuchadnezzar turned into an animal figuratively speaking. That is the little monsters that roam around your world seen and unseen like on the internet.

Lets connect the dots between the concept of Lucifer and Man.  Apply the words to the present that came from the past.

For illustration I going to reblog a post that I read from someone who I follow, her blog is titled , “Douchebag”.  A Douchebag in this case is some man[like Nebuchadnezzar} who wanted something from this young lady. He, became an animal when he neutered his belief in the God of his Creation.  Lucifer is this Douchebag and others like him that neutered their Nature, male or female and become like animals.  A Lion king roaming around the darkness of the internet looking for prey to devour.  Lions always go after the weakest.

If you believe in Lucifer then serve him and let him prey on your fears or you can handle the snake and step on his head.  This young lady decided to step on the head of the snake.  The Douchebag and bring him, “he called the darkness”, she called the “light” for judgment before the Creator of her Nature like a lioness in the wilderness of the internet.  Lioness kill 90 percent of the time and take care of their young, sheltering them from the kings of darkness.

Who Do I Serve?

Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah

or the Chaldean names of gods

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

You Judge Yourself

“Welcome to my World”

49 thoughts on ““Who Do I Serve” Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah ?

  1. I love your reference to a lioness. It floats my crazy that I was born on the cusp of Leo and Cancer. Being fully Leo born yet with the tastes of the water that flows through Cancer, I came to be. The gentle fluidity of my being rules the day and yet when provoked and attacked my whole becomes nothing short of a fiery passion fueled lioness.

    Lucifer in my story (Anonymous Douchebag) was all about his sexual nature. His sexual lust for woman was what pulled out his predatory nature and evil tendencies. He wanted what he wanted and he was willing to do whatever he wanted to get it.

    God did not matter to this man. His sexual desire and consequent rejection was everything that was fueling his behavior. There was no kindness, no consideration, no appreciation, for the prey he had targeted. He showed none of the good traits God’s people exhibit.

    But God is fun like that because God sets traps for the worst of us to fall into. That lonely Lucifer was hunting for his prey and fell upon one of God’s daggers. Pretty little lady with a sharp tongue waiting to plunge her truth into reality. Give her reason, give her darkness, she’ll shed light on all that you never chose to be and all that you have shown yourself to be. She wears the robe of righteousness inherent to all of her kind. She bows down in submission to One Greater than All. And in her submission, God grants much knowledge and wisdom to all looking to learn.

    Where you stand is your choice. Are you Lucifer? Are you redeemed Man? or Are you something better?

    God knows where your truth lies. Let Him know that you know where you stand. The time for Judgment is upon us. Prepare yourself for the test.


    1. I am a cancer myself 21, July, 1953. I wanted you to see that Luicifer is an idiomatic expression of men and thier evil intentions. She bows down to the Creator of her Nature. Not to the imaginations of the male child.

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      1. I love that you can see the meaning of the ancient language and even more that you look to understand what their minds were thinking back then rather than jumping to assume our present day minds relate to the words the same way as they did before.

        I like the thought of using the past truth to find the truth of the present day. As in seeing that Lucifer means hidden nature and using it to connect to a present day story of a man’s hidden nature seeking to harm a woman. I love tying the past to the present so we can shape a better future.


      2. Hmm, so very interesting you mention Venus. I am drawn to the planet Venus in my mind, often because it revolves around the concept of love for me. I almost feel as though Venus rules over the destiny of Love. Throughout history, the tale has been told all about how love hurts and love can be used against you for great pain.

        But that’s the past and this is the present in which we are talking about the future. I believe Lucifer/Venus/Love is going to come to an awakening and realize how fallen the situation has become.

        Change will come and things will better. Man will right the wrong he has become.


      3. That is the best way to live life, loving it!

        You have mentioned several time you are a Rattlesnake. Why does that animal have significant meaning to you? What about it relates to your way of being?

        I generally have negative meanings attached to snakes so why this snake in particular to be representative of you?


      4. I saw combat at a young age, death comes quickly. I held a young man n my arms as his life left him. He was calling for his mom. In the early 80,s I worked in one of the toughest prisons in America at the time. I saw the nakedness of mans evil. I don’t take threats lightly if you are trying to invade my space with no logical reason. I will fight ,I don’t like to lose. I know what it means to become institutionalize to a thought . You become what you believe. Case in point you want to be doctor let’s say, then you hang out with a doctor and listen to thier words. I interpret words that go way back n history. If your going to believe in something its prudent to know why.

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      5. I’m sorry to read this. I’m sorry life has been so hard for you. My mind is tired and so I want to come back to respond in a better time when my mind is more full of positivity and upliftment. I will talk to you in the morning, friend.

        Know that even though darkness has manifested so closely to your being, it is a remarkable quality of your being that you are able to shine light in the world and share the knowledge you’ve gained in your journey. I stand amazed at your courage and strength of character to endure.

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      6. Just got your message. Your life struggles test you mettle in the present. It reminds of a story I read a long time ago. After WW2 there was a hospital in Germany that took in a lot of babies to take care of. After a time they noticed a lot of babies for dying for no apparent reason. So upon closer examination they found that the babies were lacking human contact. They were not being held, they were not being talked to ect. Once they changed their program the babies received more attention they quit dying. The point being we have to have struggles in our life to define who we are or we die both spiritual and physically. I would be scared to death to win a million dollars because it takes away your mettle to survive. Makes sense?

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      7. I understand where you are coming from. And for me, your hard life has conditioned you to be hard spiritually and physically. You don’t shake hands unless you know the person. It’s survival verses salvation. As I type those words, I want to share that I don’t know you and I only have a glimpse of who you are from what I have imagined in my head based on the words and person you’ve shown yourself to be to me.

        From my readings, I feel a hardness. And feeling that hardness I feel confirmed by it in reading your short micro story about some of the hardness you’ve bore witness to. I could be way off base but in the interest of expressing my point, I’ll pretend I’ve hit the mark.

        Your life of hardness has conditioned to to feel like you need to survive. To fight to live.

        For me, I am also fighting to live. But rather than fighting the darkness that is the world, the battle is internal. I am fighting the will to want to live. I have no desire to be a part of this world. And so my mind is always trying to point out the reasons why I shouldn’t be alive. And there are so many. So many dark and negative reasons that weigh on me personally just taking a breath daily. I deeply desire release from this life in the most God given way possible.

        Fighting to be released from life has given me a unique perspective. I must search for the goodness and the light to give me strength to get through the day.. And that is where I have learned to lean on God to relieve me of my suffering. I have no trust in my ability to provide for myself. All that I have has been granted to me in God’s blessing and favor. My life is fortunate because I have a higher power guiding it.

        I’m not trying to survive anymore. I’m living to see how God has helped me. It’s a completely different approach to the day. I live on what has been provided for me and not a drop more. If I were blessed to receive a million dollars, I would see it as God’s giving me the ability to change people’s lives in a way I personally see fit. I would see it as God granting me the ability to exert his goodwill in my own personal flavor. While it would be hard to have a million dollars for all the work it would take to get rid of it soulfully beautifully, it would be so rewarding to work for God in that way.

        I feel like I’ve ranted and perhaps gone in too many directions. I’m feeling manic and a little frazzled after the emotional rollercoaster of a day I’ve had. I hope my words didn’t offend and I hope they made sense.

        I think I was trying to say perhaps your approach to life has created a hardness in you. That hardness has been cutting off the nutrients of softness that nurture the soul and lift the spirit. Your soul and spirit are like those dying infants. They’ve been deprived of good, nourishing treatment and consideration by a cold, hard, and cruel world.

        I guess I’m saying give a try to being soft. You might feel better for it if you learn how to do it in a way that works for you. But being soft is a choice to not be aggressive and after a hard life is that really a choice you think you could make?


      8. I am tempered but I don’t like to be lied to you. I am self educated on many fronts. I chose to educate myself. The softness that’s n my soul comes from my wife. In a Lion pack a Male Lion protects the pride. The lioness will hunt and feed her children teaching them how to survive life. I bring the predator into the light. To try and get you young people to think about you have been taught. I was born as a combat soldier at 18 and that instinct is still with me. Death comes n many shades a lie can kill a person as fast as a bullet. Just takes longer sometimes. I was told 6 yrs ago I have a terminal illness. I should have been dead 4 yrs ago. I like you refused to die at someone’s else’s hands. I researched my illness and realized they wore not quite correct in their diagnosis of my illness. We all have an inherent nature to believe something at first glance. We assume that the person in authority positions knows what they are talking about. It is up to the individual to see what rocks are causing them to stumble in life. My dad used to tell me I was stupid and I became what he told me. In the Military I was tested, my IQ was 165, they put me in, Military intelligence. I quit owning the word. Make sense.

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      9. Ah see I’m speaking to a mind on the higher end of the intelligence line. When I speak of being soft, I speak from a place of un-super intelligence. My own IQ is only in the 120s so while smart I’m no genius.

        And I thank God for that. Smarter people have it harder. They are aware of more. They understand more. More comes into who they are as people. It is difficult being smart. And with you sitting almost 40 smart points ahead of me, I wouldn’t begin to know how to make your mind as soft as I was thinking.

        My husband is also way smarter than I am. While not having taken an official IQ test, he stands as the most intelligent person I think I will ever meet. His intelligence makes him harder than I would hope. But that’s why I understand that you can’t change perspective. It’s individual to the person.

        I guess I don’t wish to change the perception but rather soften that sharpness of intelligence. Seeing so much allows you to not be as soft as those who don’t see so much. I wish for that softness for all. It makes life sweeter.


      10. That’s really nice. I kind of believe in the saying “Hurt people hurt people.” In the same sense, I believe hurt people will be hurt by people. They are fragile and possibly broken and therefore sensitive to outside words and thoughts. Those outside opinions hurt them and so they are willing to lash out and hurt back.

        That you say you are too old for those kind of things is nice. Some people no matter the age never outgrow their need to hurt others. I’m happy to hear you’ve overcome that particular hurdle in life.


      11. I don’t deal opinions but look for facts. I used your comments to point out a fact. I was 18 when my IQ was tested at 165 with no college. It was common sense when I answered thier questions. My point to you or any young person out there never stop learning. I don’t know where you live but it is safe to assume your world is different then mine to some degree.


      12. Age has a way of tempering a rattlesnake with life experience. Since I know your age. When I was working a tough state prison. I saw the rawness of human nature. There were some that did crimes that would turn my stomach.. However I started notice a pattern. At around age 40 very few inmates would make a conscious choice to turn from their ways and look for a better life. 40 is a median age in a person’s life, male or female. I watch your words and your thoughts and it gives me an insight into how you think. I am going to pull the last two sentences in the first paragraph in my next blog,” Behavioral Modification”

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      13. I’m quite interested to see where your mind is going. My day has been busy and I haven’t had the chance to read Parallel Dimensions yet. I’m looking forward to it because that is totally up my alley. I can’t wait to get into your posts. I so enjoy where your life experiences has lead your mind.


      14. Thank you. Well wishes with your doctor. I don’t have the highest opinion of our medical industry. I hope you find yourself in capable hands able to help with the problem you are facing and not just another highly paid whitecoat.


      15. I’m on the other end of it. Rather than search through crappy doctors I just stick with the couple I’ve found that don’t rub me the wrong way. I’m not looking for great these days. Just looking to get by. The doctors and people treating my illness are doing as good as they can given the limited resources they are dealing with. My family doctor is a joke. I don’t ever go unless my husband makes me. And even then I usually only walk out with a prescription for an over the counter pain reliever which tells you I only go when I’m in excruciating discomfort. And I can’t count on my doctor to relieve that.


      16. Sure. I love to share what I’m battling. I am Bipolar Type 1 which means that I battle psychosis. Bipolar seems to be different for each person, my particular brand of it is always tainted with mania and thus psychosis. My mind is always thinking of God (obsessing and praying and hoping and loving all at the same time). My psychosis is God related. When I had my initial breakdown I had an out of the body experience where I felt God take me from my body and place me upon His throne. So my mind really gets out there and feels quite close with the Big Guy Upstairs. In fact the grandiose thoughts that are common to bipolar have me thinking/feeling (all the time) that I am the Chosen One of God and that I have come to bring world peace in the most peaceful way possible. So yeah, I’ve got that crazy going on all the time to contend with.

        My days are battling having that level of insanity and trying to raise normal children who aren’t out of their mind or lost in the reality that is my mind and maintaining a stable and committed relationship with my husband who my illness attempts to pull me away from.

        Bipolar is a Bitch.


      17. No I don’t think I am. I eat. But it’s interesting that you ask that. The years of my bipolar have been filled with starvation. The event that started my spiral into psychosis was when I took a pill Adipex to lose weight because I was 100 pounds overweight. In 90 days I lost 45 pounds but it was basically because my appetite was suppressed to zero. I starved myself down. Life was in the midst of turmoil and we couldn’t afford food for us, just enough for the children. So I continued to starve. When I lost my mind on May 9, 2014 I weighed 130 pounds, down from 260. Getting over the breakdown was hard and made getting food even harder because my husband had to leave his job to care for me. So I starved. I didn’t start eating regularly until the second quarter of 2016 and that’s when life kind of leveled out and normalized a bit. Since then I’ve been eating and have put on weight back up to 200 lbs. That may be medicine related not eating related. Because honestly I don’t like to eat. I have to force myself to eat the food I’m beyond blessed to be afforded. But I hate the concept of food. It bugs me to my core that people starve and I’m among those that get to eat. I don’t think it’s fair and I prefer to starve as opposed to being one of the well-fed not considering the plight of the foodless. I guess I may have inadvertently taken a vow of starvation. I eat enough to sustain me for my family and little else. Enough to keep my medicine down and when my belly really needs something which is very infrequently. Mostly I just drink a half coffee, half milk concoction to fill my belly.


      18. It was an interesting event. After midnight of that day I returned home from what I refer to as my Walk of Faith. I returned joyously to my family who I had abandoned for a whole week. My husband and I spent a lovely evening together. In the morning we woke to go about the day as usual. We had great fortune in that Grandma came and took the younger two for the day while the oldest was at school. It freed my husband and I to take a wonderful trip driving around, learning to trust his instincts. It lead us to a church. This beautiful little church where a kind man welcomed us in to show us around the church that had been decorated for a Mother’s Day celebration later that evening. We were invited to bring our whole family. I was out of my mind at this point and felt like the whole of heaven had been invited to join the day celebrating me, a divine mother of existence. So I was batty before I ever got home. But home we made it. Before going in I noticed a raven outside our front door and felt that was a bad omen. I walked in anyways.

        Craziness broke out and my illness changed me into a different person. I lashed out at my husband and told him how he was never to lay his hands on me or he would lose me. He thought I was going to kill him. It was a dark moment. But there was no threat on his life in my mind, just the threat of losing me forever. Something came through me when that happened. I wasn’t talking, something was talking through me.

        After that is when the out of body experience happened. I lost it. Reality took on a different feel. I could touch it and it felt cotton like. There was substance to what I was seeing that went beyond what was really there. There was more.

        It was in that more that God took my being from my body. I knew my body was there but I was only vaguely attached to it. He sat me down and he showed me everything. I don’t have words other than it was the end of time and I was watching it all happen. There were scrolls that were opened, there were judgments that were rendered. There was a loud raucous of animals and a constant ticking of the clock. It happened in all of a moment and yet it what I saw took an eternity to come to be. I watched history unravel and reform itself in front of my eyes. What came before, came again, and now comes to be.

        After my viewing I remember noticing a bumble bee had died in my sink and to me that represented that Deborah the Judge of Zion had sacrificed herself to bring the end of time to now. She gave her being to bring about a better tomorrow. And in her last moments she saw fit to judge all worthy of salvation for all were lost in the quest to find the meaning of life. She felt none that were lost deserved to be held accountable for their ignorance.

        With her judgement I started yelling out the window that the Anti Christ had come and that I needed Hope to save me.

        Unfortunately that got the paramedics called because Hope happened to be a child living across the street a couple houses down. I was taken to the hospital and my husband carted to jail.

        In the hospital I was overwhelmed with the other people who were living in alternate realities than my own. I met the man that caused the earthquakes I experienced in my vision. He knew he had caused them and laughed when the doctors told him he was epileptic. I met a woman who spent her lifetime never seeing the sun. She spent her life in darkness so she could provide the calm needed when the lights were dimmed in my vision. Her sacrifice enabled the end times to continue when all lost their mind in fear and terror at unending darkness. And then I met the one who knew no mother. Her pain, her loss, her suffering came to represent all that the world never knew as man cruelly took hold of reality. And in her arms I held her, I comforted her because she was the reason I had come. She was the reason whatever was inside of me was awoken. Her prayers had been answered in the sweetest of ways because I, the eternal mother, was there in living color to wrap my arms around her sobbing frame. She knew me. She knew herself as a wild pony that had yet to find her true name. Her journey had just begun.

        My journey had too. For I, or whatever is working through me, is looking to teach the true meaning of love. The true value of family. And just how far God will go to save all of humanity, right down to the very first and very last asshole.


      19. Yes. We are in the process of zeroing in on my meds. I was zombified for two years by an old mix of meds. I dropped all of them and picked up a single one that was supposed to help. But I didn’t take it at a high enough dose to give all the benefits I needed which led to my breakdown. I’m on Letuda which I feel helps me deal with my illness but still allows me to feel like myself. I have the creativity and freedom of thought that I wasn’t given on my old meds. I have added two anti-anxiety meds to the mix because anxiety is a huge thing I deal with. It is so difficult being inside my head I just can’t deal with it. The anti-anxiety meds works as a pill I can pop when I feel like my mind is going to pop. It’s more placebo that anything because I don’t ever feel different after taking them. But the feeling of being able to take something that’s supposed to help is nice. May not work, but it’s comforting knowing it’s supposed to. Gives me an illusion of having a handle on my mind.

        I need meds. Going freebase with my illness takes me to extreme places that aren’t healthy for anyone. Myself or those around me.


      20. Oh they do have side effects. Major ones. Terrifies me to death taking the meds I’m on but the other option is to not take meds and that is just worse. So in between a rock and a hard place, I need help with my illness. The only help on this planet comes at the cost of life-threatening side effects. Unmedicated I am a life-threatening side effect of my illness. So I lean towards the side that might kill me or make me majorly sick but keeps me well enough to be with my family regularly. The other choice is to go off meds and lose my sanity and family and everything that means anything to me. I’ll take my poison with a dose of hope that God won’t let me die trying to be sane for my family. If he lets me die because I was doing the responsible thing and trying to treat my illness, I’ll just serve as a stark reminder of how far the mental health industry has to go before they truly understand the depth of the mind and how little effect their pills truly have.


      21. I had Manic depression with PTSD combat related. They put me n the hospital one year and I racked up a 150k bill for the year. If your taking Latuda for over a year it will lose its effectiveness. Change to a similar medication.


      22. I’m not likely to try changing Letuda anytime soon. I’ve been on it less than a year and I am absolutely in love with the person I get to be on it. I’m going to ride this medicine out until it is absolutely necessary to change. I love being me too much on this stuff to risk going to something different. I feel like I’ve finally found myself.


      23. Morning just posted this blog;Behavioral Modifications of Bipolar Type 1. If I do not a holy mollie. I will have to rewrite the whole thing (:. Your friend from another world.

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      24. Just finished reading it. I’m so thankful you took the time to pen this. It really hits home and even more gives a sense of the world out there caring about little old me. I’m jumping over to the post to share more specific thoughts related to my reading of it. Thank you for being a part of my reality. I do so enjoy the time spent connecting with you.


      25. Yes you do! Holy Moly, you struck a chord deep within me. You touched me from so far away. It is wonderful to have footprints following beside me and behind me and all around me as I make this journey to the end of everything I know. Thank you for being there to share and care and just be you. It is wonderful to experience and I’m so blessed to be part of something so beautiful.


  2. Just got your message. Your life struggles test you mettle in the present. It reminds of a story I read a long time ago. After WW2 there was a hospital in Germany that took in a lot of babies to take care of. After a time they noticed a lot of babies for dying for no apparent reason. So upon closer examination they found that the babies were lacking human contact. They were not being held, they were not being talked to ect. Once they changed their program the babies received more attention they quit dying. The point being we have to have struggles in our life to define who we are or we die both spiritual and physically. I would be scared to death to win a million dollars because it takes away your mettle to survive. Makes sense?


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