Douchebag Alert #1

On March 9, 2019 I started an email conversation with an Anonymous Douchebag (still don’t know his name). He continually sought to pry personal information from me while revealing nothing about who he was or why he was stealing such private matters for his own personal use. After sharing over 10,000 words of my own personal details and personality, he shared nothing of who he was but only ever focused on getting sexual information from me. The topic of conversation upset my husband and caused me to end the conversation on March 12, 2019.

On March 13, 2019, I openly shared a public warning announcement to the general public about Anonymous Douchebags and how they worked on the internet. See Douchebag Alert #1 along with my side of the story at Sharing Openly. My thought was to show how little the Anonymous Douchebag was willing to share while showing the plethora of myself I opened up about, revealing the honesty of my being.

After posting my warning, Anonymous Douchebag got upset with the truth that had been laid bare about him. In his world things were a problem. He wanted me to cover up the truth I had made known and fix the fallout that had happened. In response to his demands for removal and privacy, I posted a further update revealing his exact words he used to lure more info out of a soft mind at Douchebag Alert #1 Update. That day my stats blew up with views from India as had the previous day.

I lost my mind on March 17, 2019 and have been working on recovering since then. While away from my blog, I have had regular visits from India checking on my site and the Douchebag Alerts I had posted.

On April 13 2019, my site blew up with 28 views from India (and only India), 12 of them being on the 4 posts sharing the Anonymous Douchebag story. Also on April 13, I received notification that Brian1980 was now following my blog.

On April 21, 2019, I start posting again on my blog. My site is visited by India 3 different time with 3 posts that day.

On April 25, 2019, my site blows up with 25 views from India. Also, I received another notification that Brian 1980 is now following my blog.  I find this interesting because I remembered getting the notification of that following from before. It struck me as weird that I would get another follow from the same person.

On April 27, 2019, I received a notification that Brian1980 had reblogged one of my posts. Excited to interact with a follower I headed over to check out what was shared. Turns out Brian 1980 has a grievance against me. While sharing my post the only words that were mustered on the page that weren’t my own were “Fake people fake blogs. Beware . Sympathy seeking words .”

I laughed my ass off at that. Oh my good God in Heaven, All Mighty. I’m fake. My pictures. My stories. My overabundance of words has made somebody think to tell the world to beware of frauds. Well good. The world should be scared of fakes and liars and if my blog is something to be scared of then wholly shit, our world is fucked. I wondered what would make someone like Brian 1980 think I was a fraud and so I started looking at his posts.

Turns out there were only 7 posts in total on a blog that was coincidentally started on April 13, 2019. Two of the seven posts were warning about my blog. Three of the posts were about the clit. One was about consumerism and one about the Rio Grande. Nothing soul baring, nothing real, nothing but fake garbage to paint the illusion that someone real was hiding behind the blog.

I think you might notice from my tone who I think Brian 1980 really is. Or at least what Brian1980 represents to my world.

To my mind, Brian 1980 is nothing more than the offended Anonymous Douchebag reaching out to attack me again from anonymity. See Anonymous Douchebag’s old blog has been deleted. Seems New Anonymous Douchebag has picked up the name Brian.

Funny how anonymous people think they become known just because they call themselves a name.

So here’s where I think things stand:

I tried to connect with the world through open conversation and honest expression.

Anonymous Douchebag attempted to use my innocence and openness and honesty for his own personal pleasure.

I called attention the Anonymous Douchebag’s sleevery and shit got shook up.

My World, Anonymous Douchebag’s world, and everything between went around a loop.

Now that things have settled and the dust has cleared we are in a new time and place.

After the incident I forgot all about Anonymous Douchebag. I had my mind to control.

Anonymous Douchebag did not forget me and regularly reached out to find where I was.

When I finally came back to share myself again, Anonymous Douchebag attacked.

Anonymous Douchebag plotted and planned on how he could revenge his hurt.

Anonymous Douchebag was called a fake and fraud, now he would unleash the same.


At the end of my second Anonymous Douchebag alert I asked some questions. I’m going to bring them back up now.

What happens next?

Where does this story lead?

What will Anonymous Douchebag #1 do to fix the problem he clearly started?

Will Anonymous Douchebag #1 resort to evil behavior to control the woman he offended?

Will Anonymous Douchebag #1 accept responsibility for the choices he made to pursue a subject matter that made someone uncomfortable against their obvious protests against the nature of his requests?

Will Anonymous Douchebag #1 learn that he is the problem in the situation that needs solved and not lash out at the diagnosed and governmentally recognized insane woman who can’t control what comes out of her mind?

Will Anonymous Douchebag #1 make the choice to change his predatory behavior and become an upstanding member of society that innocent woman need not worry about?

Will Anonymous Douchebag #1 become a better person for the betterment of society?

Or will Anonymous Douchebag #1 stand behind his anonymity and continue being a douche?


I think after reading my post, the answer is there for you to decide yourself. Hope you enjoy figuring out the fakes and the frauds of the internet. They are real and they are ever seeking to hurt those who offend their nature. Beware. No one is safe.

And because I understand the darkness of the world, I seek to end with a prayer.

Please lend your love and grace to this situation. A man has attacked and offended. That same man was wounded in his rejection. That same man now seeks to aim revenge at a good hearted soul.

Dear Lord, please protect me from what I do not know exists. I am but one lost person in a midst of evil and chaos and can do nothing to stop an evil intentioned person from wreaking havoc in my life. Please protect me as you always have and keep me safe in your loving arms.

I trust your will. I trust your way. I trust you every day. You have always kept me safe. And you have always lead me true. Please know that I am there for you. I seek your praise. I seek your grace. I seek you above all else.

Please continue to hold me above the struggles of the petty and the plight of the weak. Please keep me safe from harm’s way in a world that only ever seeks to hurt instead of help. Please protect me as I cannot protect myself.

In your name I pray, Amen.

Much love and safety as you proceed through these dark times.