“Who Do I Serve” Lust?

Aramaic Philosophy

God created the Heavens…..the First Wheel

God created Me in his image…..the Second Wheel

God created the Earth….the Third Wheel

My known world extends 360 degrees around me like a wheel and below me and above me.  I only have control in the known world not with worlds I cannot see, governments etc.  My feet stand on the ground and my mind is between Heaven and Earth.

Absolutes of life experiences

Progressive Enlightenment flowing across my World 


“and not to consume it upon your lusts”

This paragraph below comes from a pastor who I told he had no idea what he was teaching.  He did not know or if he did he  did not want you to know.  That the Greek New Testament writers did not take the Hebraic idioms and translate them correctly into Greek idioms.   This is the same one who told me I was a stupid disciple because I could not read simple sentences from the New Testament so he hurled stones at me in a rant.

Don’t take my word for it, or anybodies for that matter. Come to the bible with sincere want for truth, and not to consume it upon your lusts, but that you may do true worship and obedience to God, with a repentant heart, and with reason and logic the spirit of God will teach.11 … in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Acts 17:11 (KJV)

same verse (KC)

17:11 for more noble* were those Jihudoyee who were there than those Jihudoyee who were in Thessalonika; and they heard from them the word daily with joy, while they[you] decided from the scriptures whether these things were so. *Or, free

May God have mercy on his children. Amen

*Footnote; idioms are used as an expression .  To convey a thought our feeling that does not come from the literal meanings of the word.  For example, His son turned out to be a ,”bad egg”.  Means he turned out to be a bad person.  Aramaic Idioms are used throughout the Greek, New Testament, King James Bible ex….[Mark 16:18]

18. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

They did not translate the Aramaic idiom into a Greek idioms.  The word snake refers to an “enemy”.  Like the serpent in the Garden who is the enemy of your world?  Man who deceived the women and children today in my world.

“They translated many Eastern idioms and metaphors literally, not knowing their true meaning. For instance, ‘You
shall handle snakes.’ They did not know that the word ‘snake’ refers to ‘an enemy

Idioms in books convey a meaning that cannot be gleaned from the literal text.  This why I say the New Testament, King James is dangerous place to travel through.  It is misinterpretations of Aramaic idioms and their meanings.  These mistranslations have cost the lives of many people both physically and spiritually.

…a sincere want and not to consume upon your lust……lust by its own definition is a sexual gratification a sexual attraction to someone else.  This sentence comes from a college educated child.  So he is saying don’t come to the Word looking for sexual gratification find that somewhere else.  Defies logic and reason, I have a passion to understand who I Am as a Man and what is my Nature.  I stand between Heaven and Earth.

that you may do true worship and obedience to God…..translated; come to my house once a week, sing about 3 songs, pass the plate around for *tithes for his counseling….tells you about your lusts and other problems in you life….every now and then he asks for more money to take care of another world…..sing some more songs then go home.   He never corrects the problems in my own world..Do this ablutions and sacrifices once a week for 56 weeks and you become spiritualized.

*tithes is an Aramaic idiom it has nothing to do with money.  It has to do with a feeling or thought to help someone in your known world.

Or you can look in Mark 5; there was a man of 38 yrs that never received healing from anybody.  Till the day a voice came to  him told him to get up and walk away from the temples of man.  He got up and started walking on his own ever since about 15 yrs ago.  I stand between the two wheels free of the chains of ablutions and sacrifices that are in the house of mans temples.

spirit of God will teach you…..that is the only thing he said correct…Neh. 9: 20 Thou gavest also thy *good spirit to instruct them, and withheldest not thy manna from their mouth, and gavest them water for their thirst.

*good spirit–the Greek New Testament changes  this to the “Holy Spirit”.

Jn. 14:26 But he, the *Paraclete, the Spirit of *Holiness, whom the Father sendeth in my name, he shall teach you everything, and he shall remind you of all that I have said to you. [ KC ]

*Paraclete from the Greeks means comforter

*Holiness in the Aramaic means goodness.

Job.16:2 I have heard many such things: miserable *comforters are ye all. [KJV]

Job 16: 3 Shall vain *words have an end? or what emboldeneth thee that thou answerest? [KJV]

*comforters Aramaic idioms refers to the words of men  because the word comforter is plural.

*words-of men

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto *Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. [KJV]

*Satan is an another Aramaic idiom for the words of men that come through the air between Earth and Heaven that torment you.

No man can teach you not even me.  However you find comfort in the words that you recieve. You decide from the scriptures.

17:11 for more *noble were those Jihudoyee who were there than those Jihudoyee who were in Thessalonika; and they heard from them the word daily with joy, while they[you] decided from the scriptures whether these things were so. *Or, free

May God have mercy on his children…….Muslims chant the same words and they all say Amen

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