“Who Do I Serve” Poverty?

What are you going to do about Me.

The age of Progressive Enlightenment flowing across my World 


The Cause

Question 1: How does poverty cause harmful environmental effects?

The Effect

Answer: Poverty leads to desperation for survival, and causes poor people to harm the environment by degrading wildlife, species of fish, forests, soils, grasslands, and renewable energy resources at an ever-increasing rate. In places with large populations, the overall environmental impact is higher because of improper disposal and littering of waste in the environment, amongst other negative effects.

Absolutes of life experiences

First (for me) to answer that question I have to define my world that I live in.  Accordingly to the Eastern cannons of life.  My world extends to the horizon and circles around me a circle of 360 degrees with the heavens above me reaching down to enclose the horizon.  My eyes opened up to the world around me at age 6 when my younger brother died of a brain tumour.  From that point on life was in motion for me.

Yesterday I look around at my world and penned that poverty has been in my world for 59 yrs.  That is just one branch of the Tree.  Trees have many branches and they all come from one seed. This is both a Philosophical as well as a Religious statement.  Before I answer the question of the seed.  We have to add some branches to the Tree of Poverty to get a so called worldwide view.

Most people do not look at the seeds of Poverty and only assume they can correct it.  If that were the case then it would have been corrected in my world between my birth and death and that has not occurred.

Let’s add some branches of the tree and give it some leaves.

I live in a large city population around 3 hundred thousand along the Gulf of Mexico.  Fishing is regulated, hunting is regulated, garbage is regulated, everything around my world is regulated.  We have one University and a State college plus over 200 churches of varying denominations.

Within the group of people that live in poverty they all have two things in common,

1.  As long as the government takes care of them,

At last count theri are 195 countries in the world with various forms of governance some good some bad.  They all have one thing in common.

2. The churches in the city all tell you that their god will take care of you.

*I believe in a God that told me to take care of myself, strive to be better and he would guide me along my journey.  It is the god in the garden that created me and the world I was born in.  Any good Father would tell his children that.

All religions in the world say the same thing god will take care of them they all have one thing in common.

Somebody will take care of them and their lifestyles become normalized because they let themselves rely on someone else to give them the necessities of life, food , shelter and a bed to sleep in. The poor also get free health care through county assisted programs and state programs.

This idea that someone will take care of them, slithers through my world like a snake striking at everyone within its path.  It takes away the individual pride and civic duty to take care of himself or herself with the resources that are laid out on the table before them.  They give up on life letting life beat them down with impossibilities they become in phycology dead.  Let the dead bury the dead, I chose not to hang out with dead people.   This was the Philosophy of the ancient Hebrews take care of your own family before you take care of others.  With the resources of the God who created you gave you.  To use your mind to gain knowledge and wisdom to survive in the known world.  The known world for me is the world I see around me in 360 degrees circling the horizon; and heaven reaches down and touches the  horizon.

The young man who wrote his assertions for a utopian world took liberty and throughout the term renewable energy resources.  Since he opened the door a few comments on that.

In my world they have been building hundreds of windmills that supply electricity to only 2500 hundred homes on any given day.  This has been going on for around 10 yrs.  Millions of dollars spent on this idea and at the end of the day there are some facts you cannot get away from.   Windmills can create electricity but they cannot store it.  When the wind is not blowing they have to rely on other energy resources.  They cannot store energy; energy has its own matrix it has to be consumed or it dissipates into thin air.   To store energy you either have to have very large batteries or you have to generate it.  Economically it is cheaper to generate it.   So his assertions about renewable energy resources are nonsense when you start looking at some facts.  Everything in life comes with a price both monetary and spiritually.

Given you some branches to the tree of poverty.  I kept it a very narrow focus by virtue a tree has many leaves.  Mankind has multiple variables of his given nature and how he views the world around him. So  let’s look at some of the roots the idea that someone or a god will take care of me.

1.  As long as the government takes care of you.

This idea rooted itself back in time when man gathered into cities.  You had one man who controlled the economics and life of the people within their cities.  They fostered the idea I will take care of you to cover their accumulation of power and wealth.  Laws were enacted to govern life within the walls of their kingdoms.  They all had one thing in common keep the people illiterate to their ways.  This was done through the creations of gods and goddesses controlling education.  You never let society see your hands.  You never let the right hand know what your left hand is doing.  The is the earliest form of behavioral mechanics how to move people in, a city, a nation around like a herd of cattle.  Move them from this pasture to the next pasture to graze on new ideas of economic gains.  You do this by controlling education by taking away critical thinking and civic responsibility to oneself within the family.

The other way they controlled you was through the use of religions that they created;

2. The churches in my world all tell you that their god will take care of you. Here are some excerpts from the men of the cloth;

Life’s frustrations can lead to stress, depression and even despair.  Are you struggling with trying to make a dream come to pass? Are you frustrated in a relationship, trying to make someone else change or live right?

With Easter only being a few days away, it’s easy to listen in on the story where Jesus tells the disciples that soon He will be betrayed and suffer, be nailed to a cross and die, and after three days rise again, and think, “dumb disciples, why didn’t they ever get it? Why couldn’t they hear what He told them so plainly and not  just once but three times?”

The Notre Dame fire from a prophetic woman; titled ,”What the Holy Spirit told Me”,

As I saw the news yesterday, I sensed there was definitely something prophetic to this, whether a natural occurrence or a man-made fire, I believe it is still pointing to something. I sensed the Lord immediately said “Look up what the name means.” So I did…..

I have never suffered a food addiction or emotional eating disorder, but I have been surrounded by team members, friends and people I minister to who have struggled. Being a deliverance minister, I have seen the strongholds behind these addictions. I am not saying everything is caused by emotional eating or a demon; we do need to exercise self-control, and medical conditions and medications can lead to weight gain. If you knowingly have a problem and have not received the freedom you desire, why not consider there may be a spiritual root from which you need deliverance?

I could go on forever but the point is everything written is in the negative which feeds on your conscience till you get to the point someone take care of me.  This is one of the reasons I left the church years ago.  Their concept of god feed on your weakness not on your strengths.  Enough said on that subject.

The seed of the tree of poverty is man.  He created it through governments and religions.  When he stepped away from his nature as a father.  He decided to create life instead of accepting his life that was given to him.

The children in my world came out of the colleges and the churches with this profound enlightenment to end hungry and poverty in the world outside my world in the last generation.  These children are in the age group, 18 yrs to around 35 yrs old.  Some are highly educated they crusade on a pseudo morality issue they never look at the effect of their cause, the roots and the seed that planted that tree.  Governments and mans religions  all keep you illiterate to the Philosophies of life and man’s nature.  Mens governments and religions will kill you that is a fact.

You have get past 195 men to get your point across it will never happen.  Man will not let you they will not give up their power or wealth.  Concepts are noble but they are herculean to achieve.

I worship the God of my nature who created me as a father to my children.  It was when I stepped back in the Garden of Eden that I understood who I was and who I serve.





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