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The age of Progressive Enlightenment flowing across my World 

Just finished up a series, “Who Am I”.  Extants taken from the Oldest version of the Old Testament, reflecting on Gen.1: 1 to sentence 31.  It involves one simple idea, family, as being the center of your world and how you as a man regulate your family.  The idea of a family unit dates back thousands of years before man started congregating into built temples and cities.  Born into the world with your nature, male or female, all you see is one father one mother when you open your eyes up for the first time.  Families are the cohesive glue that binds societies together with a structure of absolutes of values.

One might argue with me and tell me that their real dad left them at a young age which may be true.  But it is also true that another man stepped into the picture.  Another young person might tell me that their mom left them at a young age which perhaps is true but it is also true that another woman stepped into the picture.

So how does a young person determine what is an absolute value and what is not.  Mark Twain said it best you gather all the facts then you can shuffle them.  The key word here, facts, you gather all the facts.  You gather facts by  your life experiences which are either good or bad.  To be able to conceive structures of absolute values in your life.  You become celibate to the noise of others around you in your world.  The noise coming to you out of the air from other worlds.  This requires an amount of introspection with a dose of common sense.

Absolutes of values are birthed in the cognitive areas of our mind.  Tempered by evolving facts that are forged in the fires of life within us. They have their own life cycles they are born always in motion never resting.  Gathering new facts to replace old facts making them stronger.  The difference between absolutes an humans they have no death they survive for thousands of years.  They live through eternity.  The Family unit is one of those absolutes you tinker with that an add new facts into the structure you destroy the value of life.

Time is another one of those absolutes but it is also malleable in the Theories of Relativity.  Time is dimensional through a process called,” time dilation”.  Simply put when two objects are traveling towards each other at a rate of speed the closer they get to each other time slows down and becomes to a standstill when they meet each other then accelerates away.

Simply analogy; Your traveling down a two lane road at a set speed.  You have another car traveling towards you. Your eyes tell you that the car is accelerating towards you at a high rate of speed.  When the object is beside you time stands still for split second and then accelerates away.

Everything in life is constrained by cause and effect bound in the Laws of our Nature.  So help you understand absolutes as they pertain to you by using life experiences using myself as a backstop.  Taking from from one of the blogs that came across my eyes this morning.  This is a young man that wrote this for your reflections.


The Cause

Question 1: How does poverty cause harmful environmental effects?

The Effect

Answer: Poverty leads to desperation for survival, and causes poor people to harm the environment by degrading wildlife, species of fish, forests, soils, grasslands, and renewable energy resources at an ever-increasing rate. In places with large populations, the overall environmental impact is higher because of improper disposal and littering of waste in the environment, amongst other negative effects.

Absolutes of life experiences

First (for me) to answer that question I have to define my world that I live in.  Accordingly to the Eastern cannons of life.  My world extends to the horizon and circles around me a circle of 360 degrees with the heavens above me reaching down to enclose the horizon.  My eyes opened up to the world around me at age 6 when my younger brother died of a brain tumour.  From that point on life was in motion for me.

Within my worldwide view of my world the city I live in.  There are people that are hungry that live in poverty.  I myself, by my own salary live in the poverty zone.  Poor people have been in my city for 59 yrs that I can remember.  Poverty leads to harmful environmental effects none that I can see.  Poor people, poverty, have been with us since time began.  [Dt. 15]

11 For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.

“In thy land” that is the world the horizon that surrounds my eyes and the land therein.  I help those in need within my world which establishes a responsibility between me helping someone who wants to be helped.

So this young man’s question starts to take on water.  Poverty is worldwide, to take on responsibility then you have to overthrow governments by their own merits that perpetuate poverty.  If you think poverty causes environmental damage then the other solution left is to decrease the population by tweaking the metrics of birth and death rates by a variety of schemes devised by the imagination.

Worldwide poverty will never be erased there are to many variables involved.  Nobody has ever erased poverty it my town for over 59 yrs.

Poverty is like a tree that has roots in the ground that stretch back thousands of years to the Sumerians and their governance of their worlds their cities.  You can throw a cause out there and it sounds noble but you have to see the ground it was planted in to arrive at a definitive answer.  An absolute that sustains you.  Most people do not look at the roots of poverty and only assume they can correct it.  If that were the case then it would have been corrected in my world between my birth and death and that has not occurred.

Utopian desires rise with the waves and disappears into the oceans to rise again in the imaginations of children who like illusionary causes.  Sounds good on the surface but they never look under the seas, to see what is lurking in the dark , the effects.

As a youth in church I hated today’s verse. I didn’t want to give my money to anyone and God doesn’t need it. I was so focused on giving  that I overlooked the promise. God says He will “open the windows of heaven and pour us out blessings”. But, notice that today’s verse says there is a condition – we have to step out in faith and bring our tithes to Him. In other words, we have to be obedient to God with our finances.

Bring your money to a god who himself told you the poor will always be with us.  God exists in our minds and he does not take my wealth back that he gave me , knowledge and wisdom and life experience.  Serve your god or serve children or serve your instinct that is within you common sense. Gather the facts then shuffle them around to arrive at an absolute you can work with and watch it grow only it you tend to it or it will die on the vine.

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