What Rose from the Dead? Mans Soul

Great song from 1965 before my world went sideways years later.  When the judge came down and told me I had two choices go to jail or join the Military.  I chose the Military and left home at 17 and half, already married, with a child.  Married 50 yrs now and it has been one hell of a  rollercoaster ride trying to find out who I was and where I was going as a man.  My wife through all the turmoils, I created, stood by my side when others cast me a drift.  So the moral of the story men when you look at that lady standing next to you.  Remember the word helpmeet in the early parts of [Genesis 2:18. And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him].

The Woman never rose from the dead She is the helpmeet the Redemption of Man.  She is the mother of all living things.  Men are born dead from the womb my generation and the generations behind me and generations yet to come.  Until man sees the Spirit of God in the darkness passing over his eyes.  Will he rise from his own tomb and step into the light.  Becoming one with his helpmeet and the Spirit of God.

Today is the great day that Jesus who was born from the womb of a woman rose into the heavens as a God.

Today is also a day to remember, Mohammad who was also born from the womb of a woman rose into the heavens as a God

Both said, “My  Lord forgive them for they do not know what they do”.

Today is a day to remember Ramakrishna, who codified Hinduism in 1836, a Supreme God who has uncountable divine powers. When God is formless, He is referred to by the term Brahman. When God has form, He is referred to by the term Paramatma. This is almighty God, whose three main forms are Brahma; the creator,Vishnu, the sustainer and Shiva, the destroyer

A series of bomb blasts struck luxury hotels and churches across Sri Lanka early Sunday. More than 200 people were killed and 560 injured in the coordinated attacks, which have put the entire country on lockdown.

Happy Easter

For Christianity one man-made Jesus a god

For Islam one man-made Muhammad a god

For Hindu one man-made three gods and other lesser gods

All three cast dispersion on the woman yet all three claim divine authority.

All three shed blood for territorial rights

15 Jesus said, “When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship. That one is your Father.”

I was having a conversation the other day with a young man.  The jest of the conversation was the woman has to know her nature, who she is in the scheme of Life.  One has to go back to the Old Testament.  That has always been my stance.  During the conversation a young lady by the name, Sandra J, joined in and agreed with me. You have to know the Old Testament to know what the New Testament is talking about.    It came to me;

  1. New believer or old believer stay out of the New Testament, KJV it is dangerous because you are not being taught the truth.
  2. The KJV Old Testament has for the most part stayed the same in construct just looks confusing to understand.

So with that in mind,  I will pick out a scripture and show you how to get the bang out of your buck;  I know the young ladies age so I will pick a scripture from the book of Ruth and apply it to a lady I have never meet, Here goes from the book of Ruth, 1st chapter;

  1. First look up the Hebrew meaning of Ruth….Companion; friend; vision of beauty
  2. Next Bethlehemjudah hebrew meaning ,”house of flesh”.
  3. Next Moab in hebrew means, “father”.
  4. Next Elimelech  in Hebrew means , “My God is King”.
  5. Next Naomi in hebrew means, “pleasantness”
  6. Next Mahlon in hebrew means “sickness”
  7. Next Chilion in hebrew means “sickly”
  8. Next Ephrathites in hebrew means  “fruitful”

Applying names to the two verses of Ruth.  I know Sandras age and she is married.  I do not know her husband’s name so for illustration only I will name him , Robert.  From her blog she lives in a cabin .  Using the definitions only;

  1. Companion; friend; vision of beauty….Sandra J
  2. “house of flesh” we are born of flesh ” Sandra and Robert
  3. “father” Robert has or had a father
  4. “My God is King” Robert and Sandra
  5. “pleasantness” Sandra
  6. “sickness” your soul is in darkness
  7. “sickly” your soul is in darkness
  8. “fruitful” this point Robert and Sandra eyes back to Genesis.

What I did was called transfiguration applying the definitions to the person.  Did not change the context or content of the message.  You make a habit of doing this when you read the Old Testament and you will see yourself in a new light .  Now the story has a body of flesh, blood and spirit in the present that came out of the past.

Happy Easter

From the


Rattlesnake King

2 thoughts on “What Rose from the Dead? Mans Soul

  1. Hi Ron, I just read your message. I understand what you are saying by applying your name to the scripture brings new light to our person. I truly believe in the old testament. I believe that there were a lot of strong woman, who had a purpose.
    God early on expressed his intention to protect women. Speaking of the Mosaic Law, instituted in the 16th century B.C.E., author Laure Aynard, in her book La Bible au féminin (The Bible in the Feminine Gender), notes: “For the most part, when the Law covenant speaks of the woman, it is to defend her.”
    Now I do now know a lot about the new testament being rewritten to be dangerous, but I am going to research it to draw an opinion on this matter. I have read the Bible 6 times front to back. I can not remember it all, so I keep rereading it. It takes me one year to read the complete Bible. I thank you for bringing a subject to my attention about the New Testament. I have a friend who is well studied in the Word of God, who I trust, and I have asked him about this subject. Thank you for your words and the experience you have to bring this subject to light.


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