“Who Am I” Christianity’s Holiest Week

This is Christianity’s Holiest Week everybody will remember what God did.    He sent his only begotten Son down to earth to walk amongst the human beings.  To save humanity from ourselves and from other gods that men created.   He sent an emissary down to earth and picked a woman out of the crowd and told her that the King of Creation would impregnate her with his seed.  She would bear a son and who would become the saviour of the world.
Staying true to his word and the Laws of Nature the boy needed a Mom to nourish him until he was ready to fly into the history books.   He left home at 12 disappeared for a couple of years.  Left his mom out of the narratives later in life and only taught to the men and made them some kind of spiritual proteges.  From there sprung the Roman Catholic Church and the mainline Protestant churches we see today.
A great week to rejoice and we all go around ending our prayers in the name of Thor amen.  I was talking about the mythological God Odin the only thing I left out was his wife;  Frigg who was the mom of Thor.  The high goddesses of Aesir.  Men like to create magic it sells as good as does sex.  They are powerful aphrodisiacs to lessen the strains of life that surround us on a daily basis.
Mythology of Christian god and a god of Islam.  Battle of the Titans
Zeus and Odin

Greek mythology has a lot of history, there has been a lot of gods, they all have differences and similarities, but the most powerful gods are Odin and Zeus. Zeus was born into greatness, he made his way to the top, and Odin, he had to earn it, he is one of the most dangerous gods ever. The gods, Zeus and Odin are similar in the ways that they maintain power and are strong gods; however, they are different in the ways that they are rulers of different gods and that Zeus is a supreme ruler.

Zeus and Odin do have similarities. These two powerful gods are equal in strength, power, and magic. For instance, both of them will not give up in accomplishing something that they want, they will not stop fighting until they are victorious and get what they want. For example, Odin said “I spent 10 years leading the Olympians in a battle with Titans – and won. Odin was also thought of as a magician, for he knew the secrets of the Runes. Therefore, they both are very similar.

These two gods, Zeus and Odin are alike because they both help and support the people that they rule. They are not only similar because of their equal strengths, but of how they maintain power. They are strong gods and they do a magnificent job of maintaining the power that they own. As the myths say, they are good at what they do. “ Zeus was the protector of the Greek kings and their families, the guardian of mortality, and the source of prophecies.  Zeus had a lot of responsibilities, and he tried his best to accomplish all of them. On the other hand, Odin also had some big responsibilities. “ Odin made the Earth and Sky. He created humans and all living creatures and ruled over them.  After Odin contributed to the world by showing off his skills of what he could do by creating living creatures he earned great respect, like Zeus. As a result, the powerful gods were highly appreciated.

Odin, is not only the ruler of Asgard, he is also the chief. Odin is the father of the gods. “ Chief of the Aesir gods; the god of war and death. He is sometimes called All-Father , the father of the gods.” The creator of the gods was probably the busiest one, since he had to take care of his sons, the gods. Of course, he did his best, and the people appreciated it.

Zeus is also one of the most powerful gods. He is a fighter. Through his entire long life he has done some significant things that stand out. One time he wanted to marry Hera, but she didn’t feel the same way. After trying countless times, Zeus still got rejected by Hera. One day the powerful god turned himself into a bird and went to Hera, he pretended to be injured. One of the reasons Hera did not want to marry Zeus was that he was already a true immortal, and he had a lot of control. He would be in a lot of danger since other gods that don’t have that much power would want to take over what he rightfully owns.  Zeus was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the Pantheon of gods who resided there. “ He was also the keeper of laws and was responsible for making sure that both gods and mortals followed them.”

There was a lot of women that thought Zeus was handsome. He had a lot of children, some of them were Artemis, Hercules and Persephone. On the other hand, he had six siblings, two of them were Poseidon and Hades. After all of the hard work that he did, it really paid off. Zeus was seen as the protector of gods and humans.

In conclusion, these two gods are highly respected and admired because of their actions that have helped and have brought joy to people. Zeus and Odin are similar in the ways that they maintain power and are strong gods; but they are different in the ways that they are Rulers of different gods and that Zeus is a supreme ruler.

I always had a problem with a god that had one son and put his seed in a mortal women by some magical elixir and out came another god.  The other problem I had in the church’s you never saw the woman in Creation.  I always asked myself,”How Come”.  Why did the men of the spiritual clergy always point out my faults but touched lightly on theirs.
Yesterday I was engaged in a conversation with a young man over the same issues why does the church not teach about the women’s role in Creation.  Below are his answers which is a typical male oriented religion, you decide;
Ron, personally I don’t it’s necessary to read the old testament to know one’s role as a woman. the new testament even involves women in the work of GOD, much more than the old testament does.
I believe the old testament doesn’t give women much spiritual consideration in the things of GOD, the way the new testament does…there are many things, even the most spiritual clergymen won’t be able to answer. only GOD can answer everything, but he might not answer us till we meet him at the other side of the river.

If you do not know your role or identity as a woman in the Laws of Nature or as a Man in the Laws of Nature then you are nothing more than a slave a maid servant a concubine to the rulers and priests that shine over you.  You are neglecting your god given rights.  Your Paternal rights and Maternal rights you just handed over the deed to your sexual identity to the gods you serve.

I know for a fact in historical records that the New Testament was written by one man who worked for the Roman Catholic church in the 3rd century AD.  The New Testament is a made up story of magical divination of gods that go back to the Sumerian religions you see this in Gen. 6.  This occured around the 35th Century the first recorded organized religion.

Believe in Christianity or even Islam that creates magic from the ancient texts of the ancient Semitic/Aramaic Hebrew cultures.  Then you need to say this prayer from a man of the clothe to resolve the unanswered questions in your soul;

Pray With Me
Yahshua, forgive me for being a dumb disciple, for the times when my heart goes hard, and the eyes of my heart are closed, and the ears of my heart are stopped. God, keep working with me, leading me in Your will, healing my heart and opening my eyes and ears to Your grace. In Jesus’ Name! Amen.  Pastor Ray Patrick who undoubtedly has a college degree and a dream to fulfill, he wants your money and keeps you stupefied.

Staying within the Laws of Nature there are Moms and Dads why did an immortal god come down to earth to impregnate a mortal woman with his seed to bear his son.  It is outside the strict mathematical codes and structures of life.  Ask your spiritual clergy that question; Why did he impregnate a mortal woman?and the best answer you will get,  Because he can.  He made me a man why would he violate his own rules.   If he can violate them so can I.  For within me are two seeds, good and evil.


Image result for image of the aramaic aleph

This image in ancient Semitic an Aramaic means ,”Aleph” it means the old Bulls teach the younger bulls.  Of course the cross is the woman who has equal strength she bears the labors of Creation tempered by her nurturing spirit and emotional support to all, her family, her pets, her plants, her garden it is her nature to care for creation.  Men take that away and sear their consciences and their spirit.

Who Am I

 You Judge My Words

Def. of Temple [your body, soul and spirit]  is a building where you serve a god or gods.

Who Am I? 

“Who do I Serve”

One Family in Nature

One Man

One Woman

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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