“Who Am I” pt. 4


In the Ancient Languages ,”Kipha” meant Dome the heavens over your head

Who Am I

You Judge the Words

Genesis of Your Answer

…….Man created………She became….

[14]……and he is say God will become luminaries in atmospheres of the heavens to to separate of between the day and the night  and they become for signs and appointments for days and years…

When you see the word to used twice that is talking about the male and female.  In the days of the ancients the moon was equal in power to the sun.

[15]……and·they-become and·they-become in·atmosphere-of the·heavens to·to-give-light of on the earth  and he is becoming so…

They become used twice again the roles of the man and the woman in a family structure

[16]…and·he-is-making Elohim  two-of the·luminaries the·great-ones  the·luminary  the·great to·ruling-of  the·day and the·luminary

the·small to·ruling-of  the·night and the·stars

Man stands taller then the woman the small ruling of the stars are your children.  The first people that children see is the parents who rule like gods.  The woman rule the children. They are the stars you see in the heavens above you these are Philosophical images of the family unit.

[17]…..and·he-is-giving  them  Elohim  in·atmosphere-of  the·heavens  to·to-give-light-of on the·earth

To is used twice male and female to give life to their children their earth.  to sustain life in the family their earth that surrounds them like a dome the horizon in 360 degrees around you.

[18]…and·to·to-rule-of  in·the·day  and·in·the·night and·to·to-separate  of between the·light and·between the·darkness and·he-is-seeing Elohim that good

[19]…and·he-is-becoming evening and·he-is-becoming morning day fourth…

In the kingdom of the Lions, 90 percent of the time the Lioness hunts for food for the pride while the Lion protects the cubs .

Who am I”

“Who is like God”

“Joined together they became like one of us, Gods”

Def. of Temple [your body, soul and spirit] is a building where you serve a god or gods.

Oneness of Family in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

Peace and Quiet



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