“Who Am I” pt. 3


In the Ancient Languages ,”Kipha” meant Dome the heavens over your head

Who Am I

You Judge the Words

Genesis of Your Answer

…….Man created………She became….

[10]……and he is calling Elohim to the dry land and to the confluence of the waters he calls seas and he is seeing Elohim that good….

confluence……a situation in which two things join or come together: .

waters is plural this is talking about the family unit male and female

seas this is a reference to the children that surround the family.

God sees the family as a good thing

[11]  and he is saying Elohim she will cause to vegetate the land herbage sowing seed tree of fruit  making fruit to species of him which seed of him on the land and he is becoming so

He is saying the woman is the tree of fruit [ Tree of life] making fruit to species of him [children].   The tree of fruit is also talking about the woman’s breast that nourishes the children to help them grow.

[12]  …and she is bringing forth the land vegetation and herbage sowing seeds of species of him and he is seeing Elohim that good

She is bringing sowing the seeds of species of him [children].  A Woman’s nature by instinct will provide food shelter and a place to sleep a bed for her children and the man is seeing that the family is a good thing that God created.  King James massacres these passages because they do not want to tell you the truth.  But leave you bound up in tales of Ulysses, spiritual gods that roam the heavens above you constantly fighting each other. All the while pointing out how miserable your life is.  The glue in any society is the family unit and men will kill  each others families over the gods they created.

Man can only create gods from what they see around them in Nature not from something they cannot see.

[13]….and he is becoming evening and he is becoming morning day third…

This is the third day of being in darkness, spiritually dead.  Jesus never raised the dead.   In the ancient Semitic/Aramaic cultures you were spiritually dead if you did not make everyday of life count for something.  Part of your purpose in life was one of family unencumbered by the confluence of mens gods that he created to keep the common person dumb to his governance by rulers and priests that he created.

Lazarus was in the tomb 4 days we are only on the 3rd day and things are happening.

Who am I”

“Who is like God”

“Joined together they became like one of us, Gods”

Def. of Temple [your body, soul and spirit] is a building where you serve a god or gods.

Oneness of Family in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

Peace and Quiet



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