“Patriarchal Societies”

Men have been seafarers for thousands of years looking for fame and glory.  Never staying at home to find their glory in the family structure created by women who know,” Who they Are”.

In a patriarchal society men hold primary power over moral, authority , social privilege and control of property.  Inheritance of property and titles are controlled by the males.  You can see this today in the religious sector where you have a papal succession of control both in the Christian world and the world of Islam and other religions of the world.  Patriarchal societies have a tendency to justify this control by using the innate differences between the sexes.

Socialist come into to the fray and attempt to focus your attention on the gender roles in society that affect power structures between men and women.  They promote an egalitarian point of view where everyone is equal.  This is so far from the truth. There is no equality between men and women.  Each of us are unique by the Laws of Nature by strict mathematical codes that cannot be violated.    Just by one simple fact that no ones fingerprint is the same as any other one in the world.  They are all different and unique, equality then by its own matrix flies out the window into the gutter.

Out of all the animals in the world there is only one animal that might come close to having a fingerprint like a human and that is the Koala bear.  But that is in itself unique to that species for gripping and other endeavors of its life for survival.

The dominance of men over woman goes back as far as 3100 BC, restrictions on reproductive capacities [ different then reproductive rights] and their exclusion from or construction of history.  It was during this time period that we see the inclusion of the word Hebrew emerge.  This was a designation of a group of ancient Semitic people that had no ethnonym, no ethnic group can be associated with that group of people.  Who they were or where they came from no one knows for sure.   This was still a time of agriculture cultures , nomadic tribes,  wandering in the wilderness, before they started to assimilate into city states.

Make a note that the word Hebrew was just a name given to identify a select group of people.  They were different them today’s Israelites.  They were family oriented with a patriarchal stratosphere in the context they provided protection from other tribes and maternal the women made sure that there was food on the table shelter and a bed to sleep in for all.  This is evident in the first two verses of Genesis from the Old Testament Codex, 1000 BC, series “Who Am I”;

[1] In the beginning [he] created Elohim [God]…..>>the heavens>> the earth…..

[2]  …and the earth  [she] became chaos and vacancy over the surfaces of the abyss……and the spirit of  Elohim[God] vibrating over the surfaces of the waters…

By the use of the pronouns [he] and [she] this connotes both a patriarchal and maternal nature of the small nomadic tribes of families of the time.  You can see this merging of ideologies in Proverbs 31 reading from around verse 9 down to verse 31.  This is one of those Proverbs that Patriarchal societies never teach the man or woman to read.  In 50 yrs I have only been in one church building that taught on this subject.

Patriarchal dominance produces gods that man created and the gods produced the man.  It is a socially hierarchical polities , institutionalized violence and separates the uniqueness of the family.  This became highly stratified in old Europe the Aegean, the Balkans and southern Italy.   You can see the recent comments of Rome that the church is to be protected over your family members at all costs.  No where is the family even mentioned.  For sake of argument you see the same narrative in the Islamic religions and elsewhere across the world.

A page from Classical Greece, virtues of male and females;

First of all, if you take the virtue of a man, it is easily stated that a man’s virtue is this—that he be competent to manage the affairs of his city, and to manage them so as to benefit his friends and harm his enemies, and to take care to avoid suffering harm himself. Or take a woman’s virtue: there is no difficulty in describing it as the duty of ordering the house well, looking after the property indoors, and obeying her husband.

— Meno, Plato in Twelve Volumes

Aristotle himself portrayed women as morally, intellectually, and physically inferior to men; saw women as the property of men; claimed that women’s role in society was to reproduce and to serve men in the household; and saw male domination of women as natural and virtuous.

That same ideology carries over today throughout society and families fight families and religions shed blood over institutionalized violence.    Man created mythological gods and mythological gods created men.

I read a blog this morning where a pastor exclaimed he was taking some course on how to love god.  If you have to take a class on god you have no idea who you are.  Perhaps what you are looking for all your life has been right next to you.  Your family, learn how to love your family and I am sure the rest will fall in line.

God only gave us life.  Man split our soul between good and evil and the blood shed has been great like the great flood of times past.  It is up to men to return to their families instead of taking frivolous classes on how to love god or the aspects of how to increase your faith.  If you have to take classes from men then you are lost to begin with.  Man cannot teach family social or moral ideals they only teach us to be a slave to their institutions and women became the maid servants.  History repeats itself and in some cases it stays the same.

Maternal patriarchal ideologies resolves the difference between good and evil and tempers the patriarchal responses of men to those around him.

Who am I”

“Who is like God”

“Joined together they became like one of us, Gods”

Def. of Temple [your body, soul and spirit] is a building where you serve a god or gods.

Who Am I?

“Who do I Serve”

Oneness of God in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

Peace and Quiet



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