“Who Am I” Supplement

Jean Genie words that man snares us with.  Good at telling us how bad we are and what we must do according to his ablutions and sacrifices to absolve our guilt.  Never once does he tell you who you are.  Words are the drug of choice for all of us, I am depressed because he told me so.  So I carry it on my back like a cross and hang myself.  Jean Genie lives on your back let it go.

Who Am I

Dazed and Confused 4 Witnesses You Judge the Words

Genesis of Your Answer

I write from the oldest, Old Testament in the world going back to around 1038 BC.  It is called the Leningrad Codex.  To understand why it is called the Leningrad you have to know some of the history.  When Jerusalem fell in 70 AD towards the end of the first century the Jewish people started migrating to other parts of the known world.  One of the places was Petersburg in Russia.   For all intents and purposes the Russian ruler at the time kicked the Jews out of the country over time.  Took the Old Testament and hid it away from view for hundreds of years.  This was stored in the cellars of the Eastern Orthodox Church an arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

This is the same reason I write from the Khabouris Codex written around the early 3rd century.  The Jews migrated into what we know as modern-day Kurdistan.  This Codex was found at a small church and brought to America around 1967 and put away in the Library of Congress out of view of the public.  What is interesting during the 60,s began the destructions of society in America the family unit.

[1] In the beginning [he] created Elohim [God]…..>>the heavens>> the earth…..

[he] male pronoun, created is only going to leave you with 2 thoughts ;

  1. Man created the words of God or;
  2. Man created God

Both are correct statements of absolutes that exist in the Garden within the Laws of Nature.

[2]  …and the earth  [she] became chaos and vacancy over the surfaces of the abyss……and the spirit of  Elohim[God] vibrating over the surfaces of the waters…

[she] female pronoun…[she became] leaves you with 1 thought.

3.  [she] became Creation with the hands of one God.

Now you are left with a Philosophical paradox.  All three thoughts are true statements;  all three convey a spiritual dimensions of your soul, good or evil.

[she] is lower case this means that you are a young woman.  Once your eyes open to the world around you, stood up as a Woman, then you ascend to the heavens with the 2 paradoxes of Man.    Man created God and his word or Man created God.   There is a difference between [he] creating and [she] became Creation.  Man only creates gods from what he sees not from what he cannot see.  You [she] became Creation: you became Creation when you stood up as a Woman. The Philosophical images of paradoxes of the Tree of Life.

To understand the paradoxes in the first two thoughts; you have to look at the Laws of Nature.

If you look at a snowflake anywhere in the world they all have a perfect symmetrical shape yet they are uniquely different from the others.  They are the same in appearance yet all retain a oneness.  Man has never been able to recreate that uniqueness or oneness in the laboratory.

There is a strict mathematical structure that exists in all areas of Nature.   If you tamper with that structure then your world around you will fall into chaos, chaotic, random, choices of your own Creation[she].  On a macro level [he] tries to create structures adding to the Laws and the result is, look around the world you live in.

Def. of Temple is a building where you serve a god or gods.  Your eyes are the windows of your temples into the abyss.

Who Am I?

“Who do I Serve”

For Me it is simple;

Oneness of God in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

I do not belong to any of the ethnic religious organizational governance 

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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