“Transfiguration of Words ” Eze. 10 : 9

To Our children’s children’s


To my followers click this link and follow along;  There is one God one Man and one Woman this is the oldest Bible in the world.  1000 BC Old Testament.  Never was a building in the Garden of Eden but the oneness of the Laws of Nature, one Man one Woman.

Just cannot get enough Blues it speaks to the heart and soul and spirit of men and women.  the heart of America the floodplains of the Mississippi Delta regions along the,”Big Mo”.

Leningrad Codex Ezekiel 10

13….. to the wheels to them he is called the roller in ears of me…..(God’s words rollers, the flat ground you stand on and the flatness of the heavens above you head)……the flatness of words

14…and four faces to one faces of the one faces of the cherub and faces of the second …….

If you have been following along now we are going to see a transfiguration in the faces using words.  Keep in mind the Woman is the head of the household she judges and affirms what is going on.  She teaches her husband and the husband to affirm or judge the children.   The husband protects the Woman, provides for needs and her children (food and shelter and a bed to sleep in) and carries out the judgement of the Woman.

Four faces to one….The is Woman of the house that remembers the words of her Mom, Grandmother and perhaps Great, Great GrandMother and words she knows of the oneness of God within her spirit.

one faces of the cherub… there are two daughters one is affirming and one is judging in this case the cherub is judging…..

14 conti…….faces of the human and the third faces of the lion and the fourth faces of the vulture…..

Faces of the human now you have the Husband in the image with the Woman already given a body. You have two heads, four eyes, four ears and two mouths and the words of the Laws of Nature the oneness of God.

Faces of the Lion, Woman judged the Man carries out the judgement.  Faces of the vulture, judgement speaks to the soul of the person it goes to their bones penetrating their flesh like a spear.  The faces of the Laws of Nature, the Ladies that have judged you before you became a Woman and the Man who carries out the judgement in the oneness of one spirit.

You have seen the Nuclear Family unit and its imagery in words written a long time ago by men.  These men had no ethnic religious affiliations or governments.  They knew the Laws of Nature and the oneness of God.  These were the chosen people these were not the male dominated religions that sprang up out of the floodplains of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  To apply it on a Nation it becomes easier.  Using America as a backdrop.  The old gospel music came from the Mississippi Delta regions the floodplains.  The Family unit died in 1959 when rock and roll came into the shores of America, her house a stranger.  The men did not protect her they sent her men off to another war to die for some contrived cause killing 50,000 young men and women.

America is the woman and she listened to the Ladies of long ago that came to her eyes and ears from ancient Mesopotamia.  She had two children two cherubs……one that grew up in the Laws of Nature in the oneness of God with no ethnic religious affiliations to government and the altars of men.  The other one grew up and lost his nature.

Now the second born is running around yelling the sky is falling, redistribution of wealth, introducing new gods into the land and the children will receive no inheritance only the fires of judgement, that will pick at their bones eating their flesh to the bone, their minds, and their soul.

If you look at the narratives of Cain and Abel siblings of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sara; the first child was Ishmael and the second child was Isaac.   The firstborn seraph was Cain, the firstborn seraph was Ishmael, they were jealous of what Abel, Iassc had acquired because the second child always receives the inheritance because they listened to their moms.  Who taught them their nature as a man from the Laws of Nature the oneness of God.  The first born will always kill no different then the male oriented religions that sprang out of the stomach of America because they did not listen to Ladies the spirit of within Her heart.  The firstborn seraph grew up on the vast plains of Americas mid sections and the second born grew up in the Delta regions along the Mississippi river.  This is the spirit and soul of what America was and will return to one day, perhaps not in my lifetime.

Here you have three images all tied together from the past to the present of and to the Woman and the fourth image would be Deborah the Judge and the Two images of Esther .  You have Six images of the Woman and the 7th image being her beauty in the Song of Songs and overhead her is the Laws of Nature the oneness of God.  First you have 3 images that transfigure into 7 images.   Within Her soul she has two cherubs one is affirming and one is judging.  Refer to Zach. 5 the woman with the two baskets.

Swords always have two sides words have have many sides but at the end of the day they can cut only two ways to the bone good or evil.  Depends on what you see in images swirling in your mind your soul that lifts or bends your spirit.

Sometimes it is just the words that you hear that moves your spirit and soul to new heights. 

For Me it is simple;

Oneness of God in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

  As it states in the Aramaic language the woman is the “Mother of the Living One”.  She is not subjected to man; she is not a servant to man.

I do not belong to any of the ethnic religious organizational governance of the  Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, oneness of God who put words before my eyes to reveal My Nature as a man in oneness with words that inspired me to stand up.

The life we leave our children our legacy their inheritance their oneness in the Laws of Nature

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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Lord chose me,

I chose you

You chose me