Sapphires and Topaz ” Eze. 10 : 8

To Our children’s children’s

To my followers click this link and follow along;  There is one God one Man and one Woman this is the oldest Bible in the world.  1000 BC Old Testament.  Never was a building in the Garden of Eden but one Family and one God.


This song was written in the early 70’s.  It is talking about when the old blues, gospel, music that came out of the south, the Mississippi Delta music that died around 1959, it left the radio stations.  America was ramping up the Vietnam War, young people were dying and the rock invasion from England came ashore in the early 60’s.  50 yrs later, Socialist are trying to overthrow the government with contrived lies.  This is classic Aramaic thought, the past is your present the only thing man can predict in the present is the weather outside your door.  Nobody has the power to predict tomorrow.  The hardest thing to teach is the concept of the Family unit the oneness of God the oneness of the Husband and the oneness of the Wife in the ancient Hebrew concepts of life the Nuclear Family.   This song speaks volumes from the past to my present where America goes is anybody’s guess, she has birth pains right now,  in labor, trying to retain her spirit.  Europe is having its own birth pains right now where she goes again is anybody’s guess.

Leningrad Codex Ezekiel 10

12….and all of flesh of them and rims of them and hands of them and wings of them and the wheels ones full eyes round about to four of them  wheels of them…….

The flesh of them (your children are strangers to good and evil) rims (their eyes are watching and listening to you) hands of them (children) wings (your words of judgement lifts up the life of your children) ones (sons and daughters) four of them, two eyes, two ears, words you speak whirling around in their mind…

Recap..3..the cherubim (ones) standing to the right of the house……Using a simple analogy…as a young lady you were a cherub listening to mom.  When you got in trouble she might have said, “Wait till your Dad gets home”.   You perhaps you heard the same thing from your Grandmother and perhaps your Great Grandmother.  For illustration only say all the Moms are gone they all passed away.  When your seraph (burning fires) little boys are hell on wheels at a young age.  Maybe it is your cherub ( guardians of Eden, Judges) young daughters are usually tempered by the mom.

You remember the words of your Mom, Grandmother, Great GrandMother tell you when you got in trouble, “Wait till your Dad gets Home”.  Oneness of God stands above the ones ( Mom, Grandmother, Great GrandMother) as their words like a wheel swirl around your mind before you speak to your children.

These are not angelic beings Cherubims or Seraphim for two reasons the ancient Semitic/Hebrew did not angelized these words into some unearthly beings from the heavens.  The early Jewish, Islam and Christianity created a hierarchy of angelic beings for most times political governance as well as religious marketing.  Words like, “Wait till your Dad gets home”, or “Be Nice” words have their own spirit that travels down through generations when spoken by your Mom reaches your ears and then when you grow up you pass it down to your children.  This is what you call eternity.  Common sense no one in their right mind can tell you what happens after you die they are speculations of men that are trying to sell you something.  I can not even tell you what will happen after I die.  I can only teach you your present conditions from the past.

For my readers in India the young people that read what I write.  India has always been monarchical rule for decades and they are in Labor pains trying to come out  from the chains of the past.  They see a lie in their country and maybe do not understand all the variables of life but they know something stinks.  The only way India will grow is through a unifying idea, words that will bind the country in the midst of multi ethnic religions.  Large populations will never achieve that level of cohesiveness to many ideas, words swirling around your eyes and ears.

The narratives of the ancient Aramaic people were always about small units the family.  Not the governance by mans governments or religious aspirations on the family to have them become servants to the king.

I teach straight Eastern Philosophy oneness in God oneness in the Family and the brethren that live under the roof. No more no less.  The oneness of the Family that has traveled down the pike for generations to generations, one God who created everything.  Simple as that ,no marketing, because it is in your heart your spirit behind your flesh behind your eyes where no one can see your heart.

Follow me or not makes no difference to me, I did not come to save the world only you the Guardians of Creation the cherub who grew up into a beautiful Woman into the Tree of Life for those around her.

Sometimes GrandPa talks a lot back to the words.

10: 4…she is full of brightness of glory of Salvation (Yahweh)—-” Eyes of Topaz and Sapphires

13….. to the wheels to them he is called the roller in ears of me…..(God’s words rollers the flat ground you stand on and the flatness of the heavens above you head)……

For Me it is simple;

Oneness of God in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

As a man my salvation and redemption lies in the realization that no one could have been born without the womb of the Woman.  As it states in the Aramaic language the woman is the “Mother of the Living One”.  She is not subjected to man; she is not a servant to man.

If you going to believe in God you should have some facts.  If the object of your faith is a church then it is institutionalized slavery to religion.  The oneness of God is a spirit that resides in the Laws of Nature around you.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, oneness of God who see’s my Nature

The life we leave our children our legacy their inheritance their oneness in God.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, The Tav and the Alpeha oneness God who watches over Me.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels

Lord chose me,

I chose you

You chose me