“Deborah and Cherubs” Eze. 10 : 6 a

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To my followers click this link and follow along;  There is one God one Man and one Woman this is the oldest Bible in the world.  1000 BC Old Testament.  Never was a building in the Garden of Eden but one Family and one God.

Sometimes you just have to let yourself go as a child. These are the sounds I grew up with.  Sometimes you have to go back to where you came from to get to where you are going like a child.  Head East back to where you came from the Garden of Eden the Laws of Your Nature.

Magic Slim music to tap your feet to.  Old gospel music that came out of the Mississippi river deltas of America that flowed across the land into the cities of Chicago and Detroit in the early 60’s.

Leningrad Codex Ezekiel 10

8…..and he is being seen to (the) cherubim model (a three-dimensional representation of a person or thing or of a proposed structure, typically on a smaller scale than the original………….  What is 3 dimensional, one God, one Man, One Woman the family.)…..of hand of human under the wings of them (children)….your lifting your children into life by your words that came to you from the spirit of God common sense……….

9….. and I am seeing and behold ! four wheels (God) beside the cherubim(Deborah) wheel one beside the cherub (first Daughter) one and wheel one beside the cherub (second Daughter) one and appearance of the wheels as sparkle of stone of topaz.

First born Woman  the Second born was You the Daughter  

First born was Man the Second born was You the Son

topaz comes in a variety of colors, blue, wine red ,  pale gray, reddish-orange, pale green, pink (rare) and opaque to transparent/ translucent.

sapphires come in colors of blue, pink green yellow-orange purple colourless and black

The ancient Semitic/Hebrew used gemstones to point to your eyes, pupils, the different colors the spirit of God was always a translucent color. Black sapphires represented your iris black and round at the temple of the mount of Mary, Patricia, Jennifer, Linda, Elizabeth, Sandra, Ashley ect…..Kim…..Triariani Indah ect…

Accomplishments of Deborah

Deborah was a ruler of the people of ancient Israel, the only woman among the twelve judges. She held court under the Palm Tree of Deborah in the hill country of Ephraim, deciding the people’s disputes.

All was not well, however. The Israelites had been disobeying God, so God allowed Jabin, a king of Canaan, to oppress them. Jabin’s general was named Sisera, and he intimidated the Hebrews with 900 iron chariots, powerful tools of war that struck terror into the hearts of foot soldiers.

Deborah, acting on guidance from God, sent for the warrior Barak, telling him the Lord had commanded Barak to gather 10,000 men from the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali and lead them to Mount Tabor. Deborah promised to lure Sisera and his chariots into the Kishon Valley, where Barak would defeat them.

Accomplishments of Deborah

Deborah served as a wise judge, obeying God’s commands. In a time of crisis, she trusted Jehovah and took steps to defeat King Jabin, Israel’s oppressor.  Thanks to Deborah’s faith, the land enjoyed peace for 40 years.

Strengths of Deborah

She followed God faithfully, acting with integrity in her duties. Her boldness came from relying on God, not herself. In a male-dominated culture, Deborah did not let her power go to her head but exercised authority as God guided her.

I came out of the halls of Christianity 14 years ago because of what man taught me from his altars.  It never made sense to me about how a non existential God.   Who made the earth and heavens which seems to have been around for millions of years.  Created one man and one woman and decided one day to show up on earth as a man.  This is the core of the Christian religion that a God came down from heaven appeared as a man and ascended back into the heavens as a God.  Well its has been millions of years and it happened one day in the year 33 AD.  Christianity predates back to around the early 3rd Century BC.

Islam predicates on the same Philosophy that a God came down from heaven created man and woman but the man was to serve God.  The woman was a servant to both man and God.  Islam pre-dates to around 25th Century BC.

Buddha is predicated on multiple gods and goddesses the man serves Gods through ablutions and sacrifices.  Buddha by its own conception comes into being around 1600 BC.

Besides the Greek mythology of gods and goddesses that ruled your everyday life.  Where did that thought or philosophy come from?

The first organized written religion in the world comes from the ancient Sumerians who lived the river valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the cradle of civilizations.  The conception of philosophical ideas of gods and goddesses spring up out of the ground and rose into the heavens.   It is recorded to have been in existence around the 3500 BC.  Their conception of God was simple.  God came down from the heavens and made everything you see around you made you and me then ascended back into the heavens.  They created 3000 gods and goddesses to guide your everyday life.  From this idea of gods and goddesses flowed the conceptions of man’s religions the same ideas we see to this day.

You would have to ask yourself if all these gods were the real god of your life? Keeping in mind that the first religion recorded from cuneiform script was constructed in a male dominated society.  They created kings and temples to the gods at that time and man was put into slavery to serve the gods.

Christianity the basic criterion for salvation in the afterlife is the belief in the oneness of God , Angels of God, revealed books of God, all messengers of God, as well as repentance to God, and doing good deeds. Though one must do good deeds and believe in God, salvation can only be attained through God’s judgment. Jesus ate his last supper got crucified then abandoned his earthly body and went to heaven, age around 33, took him to heaven from Jerusalem.

According to the Quran, the basic criterion for salvation in the afterlife is the belief in the oneness of God , Angels of God, revealed books of God, all messengers of God, as well as repentance to God, and doing good deeds. Though one must do good deeds and believe in God, salvation can only be attained through God’s judgment.

The Islamic texts describes life for its immortal inhabitants as: one that is happy—without hurt, sorrow, fear or shame—where every wish is fulfilled. Traditions relate that inhabitants will be of the same age (33 years), and of the same standing, male or female. Islam dates back to about 2500 BC.

Muhammad which is different than Islam in nature, but the same.  Mohammed died around 621 AD.  God took his body from Mecca transported his body to Jerusalem and then took him to heaven, age 61 yrs old.

According to the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the Pali canon, at the age of 80, the Buddha announced that he would soon reach parinirvana, or the final deathless state, and abandon his earthly body. After this, the Buddha ate his last meal, which he had received as an offering from a blacksmith named Cunda, 1600 BC.

All three gods will kill each other for divine rights and to all three gods the woman is guilty and a servant to man.

What kind of god would come down out of heaven to market himself?  Then all three returned to heaven, all three created angels, and all three had some concept of evil.  In Islam you can be evil and you still go on to eternity.  In Christianity, if you are evil you go to hell.  In Buddha, if you reached a certain state you go on and reach parinirvana.

All three never really talk about the women.  The women brought sin into the world.  All three are institutional religions to maintain governance on society.

In the Semitic/Aramaic concept of life comes from certain Eastern cannons.  Life is always in the present the past becomes your present.   There is no concept of heaven or hell as far as the afterlife is concerned.  For the simple reason no one can attest to theses places.  No one has come back from these ethereal worlds.

In the Semitic/Aramaic concept, you are either good or evil.  There is one God, one Man, and one Woman.  God did not come down to walk around His creation (man), just to go back to the heavens.  We can see God in the Laws of Nature all around us.  To be birthed into this world requires the Woman who gives birth and life to all.  The woman is the one who nurtures the sons and the daughters of man.

I teach the pure philosophy of one God, one Man, and one Woman.  The oneness of Man and the oneness of Woman with the oneness of God. Man is an individual and Woman is an individual and they can only live in harmony when they come to the realization of one God.  God does not require sacrifices of me or ablutions to the temples of man.  The only requirement of me, is to become a slave to one thought (the oneness of God) that exists all around me in nature.

He has never come to earth and stood before me and said, “Here I am”.  Institutionalized religions give you that baloney and make you think you that your flesh is your spiritual being.  Words have their own spirituality and gain power if you do not understand the context of the word being used.

For Me it is simple;

Oneness of God in Nature

Oneness of Man

Oneness of Woman

As a man my salvation and redemption lies in the realization that no one could have been born without the womb of the Woman.  As it states in the Aramaic language the woman is the “Mother of the Living One”.  She is not subjected to man; she is not a servant to man.

Using Aramaic Philosophy with me as a backdrop:

First man born was ron and the Second born was Ron.

What this means is that when I was born, I was named ron as a baby, then I grew in age as the man, Ron (uppercase) and came to believe in the oneness of God.

First woman was mary and the Second born was Mary (common female name)

What this means is that when I was born, I was named mary as a baby, then I grew in age as a Woman, Mary (uppercase) and came to believe in the oneness of God.

Together as a family we would join our minds together in the idea the oneness of God.  Joining our children to the idea there is only one God and they become like us;  We are like gods to the children they see our authority in the oneness of God.

I teach from the Leningrad Codex Semitic/Aramaic Philosophy of life;

Gen. 3 : 24….and he is driving out >> the human and he is causing (to) tabernacle from east to garden of Eden>> the cherubim and >> flame of sword the one turning her/self to to guard of ways of tree of lives…

The mature woman is the cherubim with children to protect their lives from other grown men,  she was born a cherub like I was born a son.

What this is saying is that the mature women who have babies will guard their children from men with their lives even over the man’s life.  Unless she has been made servant to the man.  Common sense, this is what I teach.  Whether you believe or not is not up to me to say.  That is between you and your spirit in the oneness of God.

If you going to believe in God you should have some facts.  If the object of your faith is a church then it is institutionalized slavery to religion.  The oneness of God is a spirit that resides in the Laws of Nature around you.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, The Tav and the Alpeha, oneness of God who see’s my Nature


The life we leave our children our legacy their inhierentence their oneness in God.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, The Tav and the Alpeha oneness God who watches over Me.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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