Prelude, “Gateway to the Gods”

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I posed to myself a question that has been lingering in the back of my mind for many years now.  Why can’t you see the Woman in the Old and New Testament?  All you ever hear and out of the mouths of the altars is that the Woman brought sin into the world.  Men of the altars are lying to the Women if you are being told this kind of garbage.  I would help you pack and leave that church whatever the religion it is.  I would tell you to run like hell to any of my adopted Daughter in Laws

The spirit just brought a headline to my eyes just minutes ago;

A Catholic priest has been arrested in Texas after he was caught groping a dying woman as he administered her last rites, police said.  This occurred in the state capital of Texas about 4 hours north of me.  I do not have words for this.  When you follow the words of the serpents of Pharos this is what you get.   This is institutionalized religion it kills more families then you can shake a stick at.

To understand my next, blog interpreting Exe. 10, it makes mention of the Cherubims.  I know this refers to the Woman because she is Creation in Genesis.  Through her we are all born sons and daughters.  To understand the Old Testament the images you have to travel in spirit back to ancient Mesopotamia where a small group of men saw the hand of one God in the spirit.

These men migrated over hundreds of years down into the floodplains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that flows into the Persian Gulf.  To understand the images of Eze. what the writer was talking about you walk in their shoes and see through his eyes as what he was talking about. What he was describing using images from what appeared around his world that he lived in.    I live with the old men of Ancient Mesopotamia that came out of the mountains of  into the first recorded civilization the Akkadian empire in the city of Ur. This city has been dated back to 8000 BC.  For point of reference, Abraham was born in the city of Ur.

The men I live with are not Hebrews they have no known ethnicity all I am sure of is they saw the nature of  God in the mountains of ancient Persia the Zagros Mountains. I know this from cuneiform script writings about a slave revolt in those mountains.  This was around 8000 BC.  Refer to the map below;

On of the cities in the floodplains was the city of Babylon which means Gateway to the Gods.  The original city of Babylon has disappeared into history.  It appears back in the history books dating back to 2300 BC. in ruins about 60 miles to the north of modern-day Baghdad.

These people became known as the Semitic people, Sumerians they were made up of people that migrated from the northern coast and the deserts of Africa.  They crossed the deserts of the Middle East over hundreds of years to the lands of ancient Mesopotamia the cradle of civilization.

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The city of UR where Abraham came from is located around the area of between the city of Raqqa and Maras.  Mara as I have mentioned before means Lady, visions of beauty.  It was a center of wealth for a thousand years it was a trading center for the ships that sailed the Mediterranean ocean.

Looking down where the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers comes together and narrows into one river.  That river flows into the Persian Gulf.

If you go further south west along the coast to Arabia lived the Bedouin Arabs. They lived along the coast and the Quraish Arabs they wore nomadic desert dwellers moving across the deserts.

It was here along the coast of Arabia that the men bred fertile woman like cattle to have children and then they sold them into slavery to build the temples and cities of the Sumerian Empire in the land of Gods as it was known. This is 3500 BC. that we are talking about.  When a young lady reaches age 9 she is able to become pregnant before she even has her first period.  The Women were breeders for men to supply them with slaves men and women to build their empires and maintain them.   This practice goes on today around the world in various shades of the spirit it is institutionalized religions of man to build his empire, ie…the Roman Catholic Church they have destroyed nations and shed blood if you did not conform to their gods.  I know that the Aztec empire became extinct because of them and other empires in Africa and wherever they landed people had a way of dying off.  Christianity creates its own institutionalized slavery to their altars creating their own ablutions for you to follow to join their name to yours, ie….Pentecostal, Baptist ect.

All the religions of the world flowed out of this area in various time sequences.  The early Christians, Islam, Judaism and the other great religions of the world, Buddhas, Hindu, Muslim ect…..In the Old Testament it tells of the tower of Babel and how God scattered the languages around the world.  The tower of Babel is a cylindrical tower reaching into the heavens it is pure Aramaic philosophy.   What this means is man’s idea of institutionalized religion to govern societies flowed out of the floodplains to cover the world like a great flood.  Each religion created their gods and ideas of how you should labour for your chosen God.  Some included the trappings of spirituality, instructions on how to feed your inner sense of a god which we all have within us. They all say the same thing god will take care of you if you labour for him.

In the days of the ancients as I have stated before a young lady was fertile around age 9 to have babies she was a virgin untouched by the hands of man.  Once the man broke her hymen and she had babies then she became nothing more than a servant for men.  She started to menstruate.  Nobody would marry her and as it says she became a widow and had to support herself if the man threw her out.  Even the ancient Jewish people are guilty of this frame of mind.

All man’s religions all will tell it you that the woman sinned as well as the man.  Because these men of the altars are institutional liars it is what they have been taught for generations.  They have lost their common sense and they like power.  We all look at the heavenly skies at night like the moon but we never look behind it to see what is on the other side.  The Moon becomes opulent in our eyes and blinds us to institutionalized philosophical ideas of one God.

If you look at the image of the rivers I supplied it looks like a womb with a narrow birth canal that leads into the Persian Gulf.  Water is always an image of the spirit of men.  Aramaic philosophy keep that in mind. This area between the rivers it was also recorded that the black headed people lived there.  This is not the color of a person’s hair but was referring to men’s minds it was evil.  When you are surrounded by thousands of man created gods you become like an animal, cattle that are slow and easy to lead around with a hook in your nose.  Nothing to do with a persons color.  It is what is in your mind how you see the world around you.

When you become institutionalized to man’s religions or governance it blinds your eyes to the lies and you will fight tooth and nail that you are right and usually throw out, “I believe this” .  This is what I believe.  I watched harden convicts in prison go through life in jail and only a small portion of men would walk away and change their life.  The same happens when you become institutionalized in life to governments or religions.  This is what is called generational sin.  The lie travels for eons and history cycles back around to convict the next generation.

I got out of my prison 14 yrs ago and I live in the eyes of the elderly men of renown that realized one day like me the folly of my mistake.

When you see the narratives of the virgin mary or the Jesus on the Cross with the blood.  That is the man’s blood from the womb that have been raping the women for thousands of years.  The women are the breeders for children of mens empires be religious or secular like Socialism.  Muslims have no problem marrying a 9 yr it is an ingrained lie that came out of the towers of gods from the Sumerians thousands of years ago and the desert sands of Arabia.  Christians and Muslims have no problem telling you that the woman brought sin into the world.  If she creates life in her womb how did she bring sin into the world.  It takes two to dance her partner, deceived her, to reveal her nakedness the spirituality of her nature the Tree of Life , the Mother of the Living one the sons and daughters of God’s Creation from the womb of Women.

The Cherubim is the woman who also realizes the folly of her mistake and opens her eyes. She turns from her ways and opens her eyes to reality in the world she lives in.   In the Aramaic it says the woman is the mother of the living one.  God has two functions both male and female.  The living one is her children she give life to her children and to her husband.  The OLd Testament is very, very family orientated.  The lie comes in when you are oriented to the church building and their gods in whatever religion you serve.   I serve one God, no man or government, I am not institutionalized.

The past is your present not your future, your present comes from your past.

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…….Early Heb….Tav. >>Alpeha…..

Seeing is believing.  Man is to cleave to the Woman. Gen: 2…….and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one spirit.  Woman was never told by her Father to cleave to man only man tells her that.  Institutionalized men tell those stories and have for thousands of years.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, nor Hindu, I am Me from he who sent Me to you. The Tav and the Aleph, one God who watches over Me.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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