Codex 1038 BC “She is left there on Base of Her” pt 2

…..Crossing the River Euphrates to one God..

There is another aspect another dimension to the words, Her and she.  In the physical realm it is well-known that men are the stronger spirit and the woman is the weaker spirit physically.   In the Hebraic eyes words have the same life.  A beginning and an end they are born then they die in season.   They start out as daughters of men’s thoughts and rule with the spirit of the man like a queen.  Words are like seeds you plant them and they sprout and grow up to become like adults.  You nurture and care for your words they grow up to become authority figures that rule next to you. They become authority figure in your spirit because it came from an authority figure. In that respect  This is called blind faith.  I put my common sense away in a box but my instinct was to challenge the words of men.

Case in point; Climate change began life decades ago it was planted in the soil of man and it has since sprouted into a young lady.  She is becoming stronger as the years go by.  The word gained ground from one man, that I know of Al Gore, about 30 yrs ago.  Now you have everyone out there (men) of the church (Roman Catholic, Protestant ect), parents and schools glorifying the Her.  Now like the children’s fairy tale the, ” The Sky is Falling”, the parents the churches the schools the governments are all predicting the future we are all going to die in 12 yrs.

Common sense no one from the past, Men have not been able to control Mother Nature by their own hands for thousands of years.  It is all about slavery to the daughters of men words that became royalty in your eyes.  The reason being you became lazy and did not challenge the word(s).  These are the battles in the spiritual realm that we fight everyday words that became giants, (Gen. 6)

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Daughters are words that bare fruit to others…..children….men

This is the spiritual application of what Zechariah is talking about he is not about a physical woman a human.  When you follow pseudo religions like the big dogs, Christianity and Islam, nations fall into chaos and confusion and destroy themselves and then something else rises up from the ashes.  Men plant another seed and nurture it and watch it grow for decades.  Then one day she comes to your house and you let her in to your dwelling to finally royalty status in your dwelling.

You did not challenge the word and you accepted a stranger into your house and like a virus it made everyone sick in your family.  Because you became effeminate of the truth.  The words of Moses and the stone tablets it is all about words and their control in your house or dwelling and what you create to rule others.


Leningrad Codex Zech. 5 :5 – 6


2….and he is saying to me what you seeing and I am saying I seeing roll one flying  length of her twenty in cubit and width of her ten in cubit

Her is a possessive determiner…denotes importance>> the dwellings of man.

def. roll>roll away…the flaps of a tent to get inside……The measurements you are seeing reflect a tent it is 30 foot long and 15 feet wide>>you unroll a tent to raise it up. the word her is referring to the dwellings the houses that men lived in at the time a tent a sanctuary.  We live in houses or apartments now days.

4……I bring forth her averment of Yahweh of hosts and she enters to house of the thief and to the house of the one being adjured in name of me to falsehood and she lodges in the midst of house of him and  she finish him and >> timbers of him>> stones of him

averment >>an affirmation or allegation.

adjured >>verb FORMAL past tense:  urge or request (someone) solemnly or earnestly to do something.”I adjure you to tell me the truth

In this sentence you have a juxtaposition of images.  Her is the Woman that sits on the right side of Yahweh/Salvation  ie…..

Image result for image of hebrew letter Yahweh


She is not a possessive determiner what this means.  Man creates words of evil ie….open borders these words become like stones and over the course of time they will splinter like wood.  Backstop my analogy against the 10 Commandments of Moses.  It violates every precept ascending from 10 to 1.  Common sense if God was going to save the whole world you would not have heard of the story of Noah’s ark , he would have saved the whole world.  If God was going to save the world then why is America and Europe falling?  Jeshu himself told you in John 17, I did not come to save the world but the children who He sent to me.


5…and he is coming forth the messenger the one speaking in me the one speaking in me and he is saying to me……..

הַ מַּ לְ אָ 

This is the pictograph for messenger, reading from the right to the left, you have two tents, male and female with a line underneath that is the ground you stand on.  The next picture to the left is the tent peg of your tents with two dots underneath represents both male and female and also denotes one God.  The last pictograph to the left is called “Tav”, crossed sticks when the tents of the male and female come together under the dome of one God.

…….lift up you>> please>> eyes of you>> and see you>> what>> the one going forth the this……….

Image result for hebrew word for messenger

The image to the far right is what is called a Kipha a dome that covers your head the heavens, It is a pictograph of an arm ie….

Image result for hebrew word arm


6…….and I am saying>>what>> she and he is saying this  the ephah the one going forth and he is saying this eye of them in all the earth…….

I highlighted the words in red and two are italicized they have special significance from the messenger some will see the connection some will not a season for all things….5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; …..words are like stones

ephah is a measure of weight…how much Authority you give to Mans words over how much Authority you give to God’s words.

Dozens of Christians have been slaughtered by Muslim militants in Nigeria, 3/18/2019

Pseudo religions have been killing each other for thousands of years.  Christians and Muslims have been killing each other over words for hundreds of years.  I stopped the killing when I started to challenge the word of men.  Let the dead bury the dead, I came to give you, your life back from the hands of men.  I will only be with you for awhile.

The past is your present not your future, your future comes from your past.

Image result for early hebrew symbol of god
…….Early Heb….Tav. >>Alpeha…..

Reading from the right to the left, the Woman sits on the right side of man.  Woman was built for the human by the hands of God for man to serve her and together they serve one God.  She was made from the bones of God not from the bones of man.  Seeing is believing.  Man is to cleave to the Woman. Gen: 2…….and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, I am Me from he who sent Me to you. The Tav and the Alpeha one God who watches over Me.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again

 Peace and Quiet



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