Leningrad Codex 1038 BC “Seeds of the Trees”

…..Crossing the River Tigris to one God..

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The symbol that looks like an N means tent wall, male or female, this is your outer flesh covering.

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This symbol that looks like an inverted L means tent peg that anchor down your flesh to the Tav, “T” and the black circles to the top of the tent peg denotes God and the two smaller dots to the right means that the woman came first to God reading from the right to the left.  Common sense woman had to have been born alive to birth others.  She sits on the right side of God and the man sits on the left side.

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The image to the right is a Basket and the image to the left is called Nun or seed a male heir.  This is early ancient Semitic/Hebrew pictograph language going back 2000 yrs.

Keep in mind that the symbols represent what you can see in nature.  A peach tree produces a sweet fruit that comes from a seed.

So in the garden you have two trees one is the tree of good and evil and the other one is the tree of life, so you have two seeds.  The tent of the woman sits to the right of God that is representative by the two small dots.  She is the seed of the Tree of Life.  That leaves only one seed and the man was told not to eat of it, ie….

Gen 2 KJV

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. [ Gen 2:KJV]

So the other seed is the knowledge of the tree of good and evil rests with the man.  A couple of seconds later Woman comes into view in the Garden and Man convinced her he was a God.  No different then what we see today in my generation and the generation coming up their generation and their generation each one is a New World.

Gen 1 KJV

11 ……..>> the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind>> whose seed is in itself >> upon the earth>>

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The reason I went backwards in the scriptures was to show that the function of God is both male and female the female was born living and breathing before man open his eyes to her beauty her nakedness not what was in her heart.  Because at this point of creation no one had a name.  Man came from the dirt of the Earth when as it says God breathed life into his nose.  Woman came from heaven from the seed of God sort like the over amped story of the virgin Mary.  She was living and breathing God already put spirit in her the seed of the Tree of Life the Mother of all living things.  Reading from the right to the left she serves God and man serves Her and the heavens were we all come from.  I will leave it at that.

So the next time someone in the serpents of the Pharos tells you that the seed is semen tell him he is a fool and have him depart from your presence.  Man made everything sexual and dirty in the garden and taught women and children how to become dirty.   Remember I am talking present tense using images from the past not words.  Seeing is believing you can not always trust what you hear when you step away from your Nature.

In the Laws of Relativity the 4th Law scientists theorize that Time and Space can become stationary, compressed to a singular point.

The past is your present not your future, your future comes from your past.  So in that respect the past and present are at a singular point in your presence.  The 4th Law of Relativity that time is stationary in the present the early Hebrews with pictures proved that thousands of years ago and no one has yet to disprove it .

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…….Early Heb….Tav. >>Alpeha…..

Reading from the right to the left, the Woman sits on the right side of man unless the man teaches the woman and her children to sit somewhere else.  Woman was built for the human by the hands of God for man to serve her and together they serve one God.  She was made from the bones of God not from the bones of man.  Men teach bones >> in the tabernacles >>  Serpents of the Pharaohs>> oppression >> to subjugate everyone to the tabernacles of man.  Seeing is believing.

I am nether Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, I am Me from he who sent Me to you. The Tav and the Alpeha and God who watches over Me.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)
Seeing is Believing not what you Hear

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you