Leningrad Codex 1038 BC

…..Crossing the River Tigris to one God..

From the left is late Hebrew / right is  English

רֵ אשִׁ ית  11:  b·rashith  in·beginning

בָּ רָ א  bra  he-created

אֱ הִ ים  aleim  Elohim

אֵ ת  ath  »

הַ שָּׁ מַ יִ ם  e·shmim  the·heavens

וְ אֵ ת  u·ath  and·»

הָ אָ רֶ ץ  e·artz  the·earth

וְ הָ אָ רֶ ץ 21:  u·e·artz  and·the·earth

הָ יְ תָ ה  eithe  she-became

I posed a question to myself a couple of days ago; Why is the Woman veiled in the Old Testament?”  One of my followers made the comment because men wrote it.   Alura the young lady was correct in her assumptions.  The above scriptures if you wish are the first two sentences of Genesis 1 from the Leningrad Codex.  To read the Hebrew language you read from the right to the left keep that in mind.  That is why you see the numbers 1:1 and 2:1.

If you look at the two letters highlight in blue that look like inverted J both have a cross underneath them and one of them looks like it has a horizontal line underneath it with the cross. What that means is that the woman is the head of the man looking from right to left.  That is why in later sentences it tells the man to run to the wife, she is head of household.

I color coded the letters as it is easier to see;  If you look at the letter that is highlighted in blue with what looks like two sets of lines underneath that is God or Elohim if you wish.

Looking at the letters highlighted in red starting from the right which looks like the letter N with a cross underneath it that is the woman the next letter over that looks like an X with a cross underneath that is the man.

So if and I have said this before if you start at the bottom of these sentences you will read the following; She became the earth and the earth with the man became heaven which God created in the beginning.  I have known for years that the image of Jeshu on the Cross was the image of man protecting his wife from the world of men.  The bloodstains on the Cross represents the blood at the hands of men that whip the woman by all kinds of methods her life drains from her the symbolism of the blood and water gushing from the image of Jeshu.

It took me ten years or better to de program myself from the lies of the church.  I knew a long time ago that the New
Testament was full of errors and the Old Testament was full of errors.  There will only be a few of you that will understand the implications of those two sentences.  As far as the chosen people it is not the Jews but as it says the small ones of the world which means that only a few will understand who God is. This is from the Leningrad Codex Deut. 7: 6.

6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. (Deut 7:6) KJV

It would be my instinct that the people who spoke Aramaic and the Syriac languages were not necessary Hebrews because in the early parts of the Old Testament it does not specify what ethnicity they were.  I do know that at one time the DNA of the ancient Jews did not correspond to any other group in the world.  Instinct tell me that these people came out of the mountains of Turkey east of the Tigris river 8000 BC.

When you see nations falling like America and Europe and the rest around the world perhaps the church is not teaching you to read from the right to the left.  The Tav the Omega is the Woman and the Alpha is the Man and Heaven is above them.  Each has their own functions and neither are subjected to each other but serve each other as they serve God together.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)
Seeing is Believing not what you Hear

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you

7 thoughts on “Leningrad Codex 1038 BC

  1. Your devotion to deciphering the magic of the universe is exceptional. I appreciate your attention to detail and creativity with interpretting and translating into our modern language and understanding. Feeling the way I do about words, I feel this is a very tricky skill to master and I honor those willing to devote the time to the art.

    Let me tell you about a little magic of the universe that I experienced. My insanity enables me to disconnect from reality and sometimes see more than what is there or see what is behind that which is made known. Sometimes things happen and I’m left scrambling to assemble words to properly detail what I went through.

    Well my mind had worked to loosen its grasp on our shared reality while maintaining the intangible natural pull we all feel to it. As my mind worked to loosen its grip on reality two very similar yet profoundly different realities layered themselves around me. I was standing plainly within three different realms. I was naked. I was bare as the Day of Creation. I stepped calmly into my shower, letting the warmth of the gentle water run down and rinse away the filth of a dirty world, purifying my being in the light of The One I Love Most. HE came to me as ONE yet ALL THREE at once and yet not at all. In all ways, HE had come in All HIS Glory. I found myself with awareness of the Realms I was connected to: The Realm of The Perfect Man. The Realm of The High One. The Realm of the Perfect One. They came to me all at once, all together, in the same time and same place with the same purpose in mind. In all ways they were One and yet Many. Time stopped and yet moved according to the whims of another’s Will.

    And so I found myself proposed the question, “What do you do with yourself when you find THE PERFECT MOMENT IN HISTORY?”

    I immediately responded “Live it for everything it is worth!” and threw myself into God’s loving embrace. Everything I had ever dreamed had come true. HE made himself known in a way that I knew HE was really there and I have words to share with others on the experience of it.

    In all ways, life is good when you open yourself to the mystery of the universe. When you ask God to be alone with you in the Garden of Eden and he makes it happen by twisting and shaping reality around you, it’s kind of cool. God can make things happen in a really cool God-style effect if you but open yourself to the wholeness and innocence of divine passion.

    Let go of any negativity. Release your fear and doubt. Step into the light of who you were always meant to be. Stop chasing pictures of the past for hints about the present. Start living in the moment and listening for the God you love so He might tell you that which you desire to know.

    Because at the heart of it, if you want to know something about God, God is willing to share openly everything He knows to those He finds worthy. But his language is strange and is tongue is difficult to comprehend. But he’s always talking, always trying to get you to understand what he’s saying. Because once he makes that breakthrough and you find access to his library of words, understanding beyond imagining becomes available. Intelligence too intelligent to be considered science is the world God seeks to make known. I think you would love to know what God has to say. Just lend your ear in the craziest way possible and I think you might start to catch wind of what’s going down.


      1. I did enjoy reading your explanation. For me, I often feel I am hearing God’s Word in my Mind. I can’t fully detail yet what that feels like and why I so confidently state that I hear The Living Word as though it were a book unfolding it’s story before my eyes. My mind has interesting interpretations.

        And so as I was reading this, from the whole of the piece the phrase that stood out for experiencing was “She became the earth and the earth with the man became heaven which God created in the beginning.”

        My mind reads that as, “She became all that HE would ever know for SHE was WITH HIM which was HEAVEN (read PERFECTION) which God created in the beginning.

        See for me this means that SHE was all HE cared about. HE did everything for HER. HE moved all that never was to become all that SHE would ever LOVE. For the whole reason HE is moved to do so much for HER is that his adoration and affection and appreciation for the beauty and purity of her being, all that passion and brilliance of the Blinding Love created all the energy needed to bring God into existence. God knows SHE didn’t create HIM (it was HIS FORCE OF WILL that made things happen) but God knows as only GOD could, that without HER there is no HE – they go together or they go not at all. That is all God made known to me.

        Having this impressed upon me inspired me to share my experience in the Garden of Eden with God. I believe God is looking to come to anyone that is interested. HE wishes to be made known in the realest way possible.

        How do you start viewing the likes of God?

        For me it started when I learned how to look in the mirror, see past the reflection, and started viewing the faces that filled the mirror waiting to see my reflection staring back at them.

        It was in one of these sessions where I was just lost in the beauty of the faces that were showing themselves to me. In all their forms, in all their grace, they were perfectly precious to me. And then right in the middle of a face, HE came to me. The other faces stopped and I was locked eyes with HIS totality. HE was the MAN IN THE MIRROR. And now that HE had made this connection, something was different.

        I’m still coming down from that experience trying to understand why The Man in the Mirror felt it important to make himself known. Because despite very clearly appearing to me, HE didn’t take the time to make anything else known. I didn’t have words to feel or emotions to process. Solely, the experience I went through was the awakening to HIS presence behind the glass. I am left to take this experience and gain meaning from it where I wish as it seems appropriate.

        Thank you so much for your compliment on my words. While I know I am the one writing them and I have the illusion that I am choosing the words, by God’s Honest Truth, I do not feel that the words I speak are my own. I often feel that I act as nothing more than a flesh translator working to provide good wholesome soulfully rewarding pieces of meaning to the world so desperate of something that will heal their broken hearts.

        So as this was made known to me


      2. He revealed himself to you in the mirror. He reveals himself to me through others and nature. To keep me on track on the path. I did not come to save the world but to save you and your family. I am like the stranger in Hebrews that knocked on your door and you let me in. I live in the word.


      3. I just realized in my verbose response I failed to mention that I deeply enjoy talking with you as well. I love the content of your blogs. I love the back and forth nature of our relationship. I love the open expression and connection. I truly enjoy the relationship we are building. Thank you for giving me your time and I truly enjoy sharing what time I have with you.


      1. Oh I enjoyed so much the reading as it was directly translated for my family. I loved it. Time has been getting away from me and I didn’t get a chance to sit down and give my feelings on the piece. I hope to be able to do that soon. Today my daughter is participating in the Regional Science Fair competition at our local University which I’ll have to start getting the family ready for in just a little bit. It’s an all day sort of thing after which we have plans to go to the Main Library. Usually when my computer time comes in the evening, I don’t manage to get to it. So I’m hoping to get to the Moon’s Mystery no later than sometime on St. Patrick’s Day. (Irony bells are ringing in my mind because it feels like we are celebrating the Sainthood of my husband)

        I sincerely enjoy the way my crazy spins. It gives me good feels and really good words to share.


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