The Moon’s Mystery

Exploring Alura

My crazy loves to spin. And oh how it is spinning today.

So apparently while I was in the midst of losing my mind and the resulting chaos revolving around that loss, the heavens were positively screaming to be heard.

Did anyone else see the signs and put the pieces together?

Is anyone else observing the weirdness that is manifesting post signs?

Back in 2014, we started ourselves off with the First of A Tetrad of Blood Moons. Historically and religiously, blood moons have held much significance. They have been interpreted as signs from above indicating significant events to come. The tetrad of blood moons is a much rarer occurrence and therefore holds significantly more meaning. Supposedly.

So anyways, on April 15, 2014, The First Blood Moon appeared. This is notable because it falls one day after the beginning of Passover. Passover is celebrated for several reasons, chiefly being as…

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